And so it begins – the ‘must find the perfect gift’ season, the ‘will another World’s Best Dad Mug’ do, the ‘but is it on sale?’ season.

To answer those three questions – we think our courses – online and in-person make for perfect gifts for any new or seasoned parent with an underused camera, no, the mug will most likely not do and YES, our courses are most certainly on sale. And not just any sale – the best sale! – our prices will just not get lower this year!

Here is the lowdown :

Online courses :

Our Fundamentals, instructor led course which will be starting in January is now only £89 ( down from £149 normally!)

Can’t wait for January? – get a self-study version for just £69 ( down from £99)

Our Level 1 ( Fundamentals) and Level 2 ( Advanced) bundle deal is even better now – just £180, and with our editing courses added in – £225 ( you’d have to pay £300+ to get all these 3 separately!)

Find out more about our online offers HERE

In person courses: 

All London and Surrey locations discounted to £129 ( down from £169) for a single level course

OR, if you want to get Level 1 and Level 2 bundles together – just £259 for the two

Check out our course dates and locations and book HERE

Gift Vouchers? 

You can get any of the above courses as gift vouchers – PERFECT as gifts for new parents!

Get your vouchers HERE

Any questions? Just get in touch!

Happy Sales Surfing!

Ania @ Photography for Parents