Wednesday 17 Oct – Sunday 21 Oct


The autumn is here and is looking AM-AH-ZING! You simply MUST get out there with your camera and capture your little ones in all its glory.

But if your attempts of photographing your family this autumn have so far have failed to capture the magic, you need THIS!

5 days of hands on autumn flavoured child and baby photography with daily challenges, daily lessons and a virtually guaranteed array of lovely images at the end of it! FREE!

It will be non technical, beginner friendly and perfect to help you capture all the ingredients for great autumnal photos. We’ll be covering finding that perfect light to highlight all the autumnal tones and colours, learning what it does to people and how to use it to your advantage. We’ll be capturing the big picture and the details to help with your storytelling. We’ll be helping you nail that perfect autumnal portrait and getting creative with your family storytelling. In short – it will be worth it.


  • YOU NEED a camera. Nothing fancy ( though if you have one of those – great). How else will you practice what we teach? You just need something more than a phone.
  • YOU DON’T NEED photographic experience or camera know how – this bootcamp is suitable for beginners wishing to capture their families better so we made it non technical and all about the composition. If you already have some photographic knowledge – even better 🙂
  • Focus on autumn

    Our focus is family photography with an autumnal flavour – helping you make the most of photo opportunities this season!

  • Hands on learning

    Because NOBODY learns just by watching. The format of the bootcamp is very much about having a go – whether you’re a complete beginner or further along in your photo journey. Every day will come with specific photo challenge so you’ll know what to focus on – and have some photos to cherish at the end!

  • Plenty of support

    You will be joining our dedicated FB group where you’ll be able to share your photos, get advice, ask for help and get inspired by your fellow bootcampers!

  • For beginners and those more advanced

    This bootcamp is not about technique – it’s about having a go and actually picking up the camera daily – so whether you’ve never gone out of Auto or shoot in manual – you’ll still get a lot out of it!

  • It’s Free!

    Free, no money, gratis, no-tie ins, nothing. We make no mystery of doing this bootcamp to show you how much fun you could have in our courses but there is absolutely no pressure to sign up! A tasty taster 🙂

Our previous bootcamps were so popular, we had to close bookings early. Don;t get caught out!


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