Once you get into photography, your list for Santa will never be short on options. Here is 5 things we think make wonderful presents for a photographer. If you haven’t got one of these yet, there is still time for Santa to get you one ( or more ) of these…


Photoshop Lightroom from Adobe

We love Lightroom. It’s a powerful yet intuitive software that serves professional photographers around the world – with a price tag that even amateur photographers can afford. Buy it as a self standing software product with a one-off payment of £99. Or even better, get it bundled up with full Photoshop and a tablet version of Lightroom  on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography subscription for a whisper over £8 pm


A practical and beautiful camera bag

If you’ve looked for a camera bag in most camera shops you would have seen the bulky, black or khaki nylon bags. Practical – yes, beautiful – no. Luckily for all female photographers out there, there are plenty more options available now which merge both practicality and style. Check out brands like Epiphanie, Cheeky Lime, Jo Totes to name just a few. In the UK, you can buy them via CosyCameras or LoveCases



A nifty-fifty wide aperture lens

If you haven’t moved on from your kit lens yet, now is the time. Affordable prime 50mm or 35mm, wide aperture ( F1.8) lenses for Canons or Nikons ( other brands are available too!) will transform your photography! Dreamy bokeh, creating beautiful blurry backgrounds and really isolating those details – all that with a new lens. Retailing around £100 depending on the brand. 


Good sturdy tripod

You want one that’s sturdy and secure, one that won’t wobble on uneven surfaces with good swivel head. It should also let you switch between horizontal and landscape modes effortlessly. For a true pro grade, expect to spend upwards of £200 but for an enthusiastic amateur, we like this budget Manfrotto model.


Wireless memory card

Download your photograph to your phone, iPad, computer without having to take your card out of your camera or fiddling with cables! Several options up there – Eye-fi, Flash-Air, or Transcend – the way they work with your devices may differ slightly from one to another so worth reading up before you buy…ehm…point Santa that way

And finally, a little cheeky plug for ourselves – if you do have a camera and love taking photos of your kids but want to get more out of your camera and get more thoughtful and more creative with your photography – do check out our courses – online or face to face – now both available with 2 advancement levels.