My changing bag. It’s got nappies, wipes, a sippy cup, some snacks for the little one, oh and a camera. Don’t worry, it’s got its own little padded home within the bag so it doesn’t need to touch anything icky, but live in my changing bag it does.

You see, for me, and many many other Mums and Dads I know, motherhood means the privilege and joy of capturing our children’s lives through the lens. Documenting it, freezing in time all the feelings and the happiness and the bonkers and the mundane.

We carry the – sometimes really properly heavy – cameras because we know that we want to remember not just the moments when our kids are freshly scrubbed up and beaming their most presentable smiles – but the ones when they’re quietly engaged digging in mud with a stick or squealing in delight at the sight of a squirrel or upset at their older sister not giving them enough attention or when they’re quietly dozing off after an afternoon’s play or when they’re running as fast as their little legs will carry them to greet Daddy at the door.

This is their childhood, right there, in those daily rituals and fads that may last just a week but consume them completely. Those are the days we want to remember, and this is why I carry a camera in my changing bag.

If you want to carry a camera in your changing bag, or some nappies and a packet of wipes in your camera bag ( we don’t judge your priorities! ) there are some great options out there:

Camera Inserts

Inserts are great as they keep your camera safe and snug, away from the crumbs and raisins and can easily transport from one bag to another. Because when I go photograph my own kids, I tend to just take a camera with the one lens attached ( I leave the rest of my toys at home), I tend to go for the smaller insert, one which will still leave space for all the kid-stuff. If space allows, or your kids have outgrown the nappy stage, by all means go for the slightly larger one so you still get to sneak in an extra lens or a flash gun. One thing I’d say – whatever you buy, make sure it can be closed from above rather than just open – saved my bacon a few times!

Some of our faves: Ape CaseKoolertronTenba – some lovely options on Etsy as well.

Versatile camera bags

Remember the times when camera bags used to only come in ugly polyester black? Well, a lot of them still do but we’re not the biggest fans – for one, you look like you’re advertising your camera to everyone out there, two, there usually isn’t any space in them for anything bar your camera so you need to get another bag for your other stuff, and three – why go for an ugly bag when you can get one that looks like a proper handbag, safely houses your camera plus some more and wouldn’t look out of place in a trendy bar. It just makes it easier to actually take it with you everywhere!

Lots of brilliant options out there, from budget to high end:

Koolertron, Jo Totes – Abby Marsala, Cheeky Lime , The Hampton ,  Kelly Moore Sues 2 , Le Petit Reporter

Camera Backpacks

Sometimes you just need 2 hands or don’t want to just be weighted down on one side – camera backpacks are the way to go. Those too used to be ugly grey-black affairs but it’s 2018 and we can now have stylish AND practical things and that includes backpacks. Our faves are below:

Caden ProfessionalJo Totes Bellbrook , Cheeky Lime Leather Backpack


Most of our choices can be bought from the UK either through UK stockists or ordered directly from the manufacturers who do worldwide shipping ( Cheeky Lime) .

Trusted UK stockists include :

Camera Couture, Photo Specialist, Mooli London, as well as Amazon UK

Do you have a favourite camera bag? Let us know in comments!


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