Before and after – how things can change

But does it work? Will it actually make a difference? Can I – me – improve?

If you’ve seen our site or our social media before, you know we love to show what our students can do. We flaunt them because they are wonderful and the photos they take fill us with pride and also because we were there to witness their journey from the beginning. Before they knew what they were doing. Before we helped them find their way around the camera. Before we showed them to see what their camera sees and capture their children in a different way.

If you didn’t see their beginnings, it’s easy to think that maybe they were very good to begin with, maybe it wasn’t anything they learned but simply the mythical ‘eye’ they ‘just’ have. It’s easy to think all these things and use it an as excuse not to push yourself.

But I’m here today to show you the before and afters ( with their permission) so you can see that nobody starts from great photos.

Ally Beasant

Ally is one of our newest students – she only just started our courses in the Spring but look at the change! I love the second image – the change is just stunning. It shows a good understanding or angles and light and careful composition. Can’t wait to see more from her in our Alumni group!

Vicky Mcinally

Vicky Mcinally attended first our in-person class, then followed it up with a step up on the online course. Her progress was so wonderful to witness – I love the way she captured her daughter’s birthday picture – all aglow from the flame, beautifully composed, full of atmosphere – just perfect. Same goes for the flying petals image – look how perfectly timed this one is, the eyes so sharp and beautiful.

Sarah Honey

Sarah has been with us for a while – she started with just our Fundamentals course and then just stayed and practiced with our Alumni group on Facebook, getting her skills sharper and sharper. I love how the juxtaposition of her the photo she took of her daughter and then after completing the course – her son, at a similar age show quite how far she got!

In her own words: “I did the entry level class at a face to face class and it was brilliant, so friendly and informative. I was a complete beginner and learnt so much, I have since joined the Alumni Facebook group which is brilliant for keeping up your skills, since January this year I have grown massively as a photographer learning masses from the other group members. I would highly recommend this company and their courses to everyone, just be ready to become addicted!”

Victoria Draper:

What I love about the contrast between the before and after pictures in Victoria’s case is how much she progressed in terms of composition and storytelling. Anyone can take the kind of snap that was her “before’ photo – but the other two – look at the colour, the way she focuses our attention on her boys, the sharpness of lines and colours. That’s what I call change!

Sarah Gibson

Sarah was our online student who is now in process of getting her own photography practice started. She progressed so much – i love how looking at the same type of subject – little baby feet – shows just how in a completely different league these two images are! First – oddly distorted with an orange tint, second – beautifully sharp, great light, lovely composition.

Shalini Chandru

Shalini did our in person class – in Queens Park with Kitty Phillips. Her skills have grown lots with our courses and there were loads more photos I could choose from to show how different the ‘after’ is for Shalini, but these two – same age, similar pose, just a difference of a course done between them and two such different outcomes. This is why our students often say ” I wish I had done your courses sooner, before my kids were born”.

Sarah Collins

Sarah is our online student – she completed both level 1 and Level 2 courses with us as well as the editing course. I don’t think there could be any mistaking which photo was taken before and after the courses. The daffodil image is just beautiful – dreamy but sharp, beautifully framed, delicate.

Lorna Wall

Lorna is another one of our online students. It’s been so great watching her progress and her skills grow. You couldn't tell but in both images she was going for a similar effect – nice, dreamy Christmas light in the background and the child in the front. The second image has it all, the first…maybe not so much ….

Alexandra Head

Alexandra is one of our recent students who took an in-person course just a few months ago. There is certainly a huge difference between the early and the later photos – of the same child! I’m loving seeing Alexandra’s photos pop up on our Alumni group – such a lovely sign of development and progress.

Amanda Vickers

Amanda has been with us for a little while – if you follow our accounts you would have seen her photos featured on several occasions. I love how these two images, side by side – both bath photos -show her growth – the first one shows a sweet smile, but the second tells more of a story, shows more character, the quality is miles better!

in her own words:

“I have tried photography courses before but nothing which has informed, inspired me and given me confidence like the PFP courses. The content is pitched at just the right level and everyone is so friendly and helpful. The related Facebook alumni group is also fab for keeping up practice (weekly challenges) and being inspired by others – a very friendly, supportive group. I still have a long way to go but I am now proud of my photos and it enables me to capture beautiful memories of my little boy who is growing up so quickly!! I would highly recommend.”

Amber Parker Wilson

The combination of these two shots made me smile – I see the “failed Christmas lights” shots all too often and the ‘after photo certainly shows why it pays to put a little know how and technique into it. The resulting image – any many other Amber had taken since her courses with us is just perfectly capturing the mood and pinpointing a time in the baby’s life. I love it. Amber attended our in-person workshops.

Emma Ager

Emma attended our in person workshop with Katia Muscara last year and since then we got to watch her little boy grow as she remains active in our Alumni group. What a difference a few months make – the quality change from the early to the recent bath photo is pretty striking. I love the angle she used in the second image, the careful focus on the eyes and how lovely and bright it is.

Becky Farrah

Becky is our online student – she completed both level 1 and Level 2 classes with us last year and the two photos here are just a perfect example of how easy it is to have a bad photo of your child and how little it takes – once you know what you’re doing – to have a beautiful one. Becky has gone really far – so proud of her!

Bernadette Earley

How can you go wrong with a picture of a peacefully sleeping baby you ask? Well, it’s enough to compare the two side by side to see exactly why it’s worth investing a little time in learning photography. Bernadette is one of our online students and we have featured her a few times already through our social media but it’s nice to remind ourselves that even the most talented individuals started somewhere.

Hannah Slater

Hannah slater has not been with us all that long but wow, her progress has been staggering. She completed our online courses and has been very active in our Alumni community and her photos – well, the quality just speaks for themselves. I love this shot of her son ( the second one) – it’s playful but soulful and serious all at once, super sharp and just beautiful. Fabulous job.

Here is what Hannah had to say about our courses:

“Absolutely, without a doubt, the best money i have ever spent on anything kid related. I so wish i had done these courses 6 years ago, just before my 1st was born. I cannot thank Jo and Ania enough for the teaching and support that this course offers. Jo took our weekly webinars and is so passionate and knowledgeable about photography and also teaches in a way that is so easy to understand. 
I recommend this to anyone who has kids and likes to take photos of them, so pretty much any parent, ever! My photography has improved significantly and i am now looking forward to doing the editing course. Im just sad the course are over, i have loved everything about them!”

Jo Fowler

When you make the trip to the Lavender fields before you know what you’re doing and after. The second shot just screams ‘summer’ – I love the movement and how the lavender looks thick and abundant. Jo attended our in person classes and has been active in our Alumni community – it’s been a real pleasure watching her grow!

Kerry Anderson

Kerry is another one of our students for whom I could post hundreds of examples of how her photography not only improved, but actually jumped forward in huge leaps. Kerry started off as our in-person student, then followed by a level 2 online course and ever since, she’s consistently been taking stunning photos of her children. I think the two I put here side by side are just wonderful in terms of demonstrating how you can go from ‘meh’ to something that cannot fail but to make you smile.

Laura Lane

I’m watching Laura and her journey with such pride. Since completing our courses she too has moved on to a career as a professional photographer and I’ve absolutely loved seeing her images of hers and other families pop up in my feed. The two images here are just a such a lovely comparison – while the first one captures a sweet moment, I feel like the second captures the boy’s character so much better.

Lindsay Cook

Lindsey is one of our online students who’s still very active in our Alumni community after completing her course. It’s been a pleasure watching Lindsay’s photographer’s eye get honed and her technical skills improve. Let’s face it, we all have a photo in our home archives like the ‘before’ photo here, but what I love to see is how much better the second image is – it has a lovely symmetry and clean lines and a lovely candid quality to it.

Morgan Wallace

Morgan joined us for our online course last year and since then grew and grew, She has lots of fun photographing her two girls – I love how she’s able to bring out their playful side. Morgan’s improvement has been fabulous to watch – and I think you’ll agree this image of her daughter is just beautifully captured.

I could go on and post so many more before and after stories. There have been hundreds and hundreds of parents who took our courses and made real, fast and permanent improvements to how they capture their families, and sometimes taking it to the next level and taking up professional photography. All they have in common is that they took the decision to learn with us. Will you?

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