The days are getting shorter and maybe you’ve got less time or chances to get out with your camera, so I’m here to tell you about what you could be sinking your teeth into now to progress your photography education.


It’s not just for pros, it’s not cheating and it’s more than slapping a filter or two on Insta, It’s an ESSENTIAL skill even for any hobbyist or aspiring photographer.

But I can give  you 3 great reasons why you should invest in your editing skills.

  1. Ability to fix things – editing is not a magic but it’s quite amazing how it can save images from the chopping floor ( or the delete button). Cropping, straightening, bringing images from under or over exposed back to normal, correcting odd white balance, sharpening, brightening, removing bits etc – the ability to do all those skillfully is what can help you salvage and use / print images which would have been otherwise unusable. And that’s just to correct things!
  2. Ability to express yourself better in your photos – OK, so you may be rolling your eyes at this, especially if you’re not thinking of yourself as an ‘artist’, but hear me out – think about how we experience reality – so many senses play a role, from touch to temperature, from being selective in our focus to experiencing emotions. Your camera can’t and won’t always pick up on those. Won’t understand that the white balance it applied fails to render the warm glow of later afternoon sun on your skin, that the contrast between the brightness and the shadows may have felt deeper, that some things are best stripped of colour and turned to black and white because it’s then that the true, naked emotions shine. Knowing how to use your editing skills to express what you saw, what you felt, that’s what learning editing can give you.
  3. Organising, selecting, culling your photos – you may be thinking I must have got the thread post, but the software we teach – Lightroom – is a superb photo organisation tool as well as Editing suite. It will help you create a solid, practical workflow – from uploading the 500 images you took in a single afternoon to having them filed correctly, with the right keywords, selecting the best of the best and archiving culling the rest. And then printing? Creating photo books? It’s all there.

I could go on an on about it. The fact is – if you’re not doing anything to your images after taking them, you’re not letting them live up to YOUR vision, to their best. And you’re missing out. Don’t kid yourself, pretty much every great image you’ve admired has been edited.

Our course – 2 ways

You may already know we do have an online editing course. It can be taken in 2 ways – either as a self-paced course – where you just go through the materials at your own time, whether you rush through all 4 modules or take your time. The benefit of the self paced option is that it’s a bit cheaper and you can take your sweet time completing it, the cons… unless you’re really disciplined in your learning, taking your sweet time to complete something often means never completing it.

This is where our Lightroom Live version comes in – same materials, but we take you through them at a good pace over 4 weeks. We release the modules one at a time on a weekly basis so there is no temptation of skipping bits and fast forwarding to the juicier parts, we run through them with you live in a weekly webinar – scheduled for Wednesdays 8.30 pm ( and recorded if you can’t make it live) and we have a Facebook group to support one another. The next Lightroom Live will be starting on Monday 19th Nov.

Things you need for this course :

Adobe Lightroom on your computer. If you already have it and are using older, stand-alone versions – anything from version 4 upwards is fine.

If you’ve not got it yet – you can now purchase Lightroom as a subscription from adobe. Since there are a few options available, our recommendations is to go for the Photographer’s plan which includes both Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop as well as 20GB storage.

Our course focuses on the Lightroom Classic CC version as it’s still the most comprehensive one, but I will be demonstrating equivalent controls in Lightroom CC as part of the webinars. Don’t worry about going for the big storage option as yet – you can always upgrade – they’re offering up to 10TB storage upgrades later down the line.

The when and what and how much

  • Course schedule : 4 week course, starts Monday 19th Nov, live webinars – Wednesdays – from 8.30pm
  • Cost : Self-paced : £85 ; Lightroom Live : £109 ( if booked by Sunday 11th Nov) – £129 thereafter


  • Do I need a specific level of photographic knowledge before I start?  – No, you can do this course even if you’ve not started our photo courses yet. It’s a separate skill.
  • Can I just do it all on my tablet? – well, Lightroom CC does allow you to do some ( but not all ) edits on portable devices but we’re focusing on the desktop version – Lightroom Classic CC, so access to a laptop or a desktop would be preferable.
  • Do I need to buy the software as well as the course? – I’m afraid so – the software is not included in the price of the course
  • Will the training be applicable for another piece of software? Like Corel or Affinity Photo? – yes and no. Yes, the skills are transferable and controls may be similar but I would always advise doing a course on the piece of software you will actually be using.
  • Does the course include Photoshop skills too? – Not just yet. The Photoshop specific course is in the works but not out yet ( expected date – spring 2019) so this is Lightroom only.
  • OK, so what’s the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop – the best way I can describe it, – Lightroom is all about working with the image and being true to it, bringing the best out of it with both holistic and targeted precision tools. So you can correct, amend, enhance it, convert it to a different colour scheme. It’s non destructive to the files and makes batch edits easy. Photoshop takes it further – it’s a tool that allows you to add things in, splice things up, merge and layer – it’s certainly more powerful, but the learning curve is also a lot steeper. I’d recommend it as a second step in your editing education. Personally, I spend 90% of my time in Lightroom with perhaps 10% in Photoshop when specific images need particular effects added in / things edited out.

If you want to benefit from the discount offer, click on the button below – and remember, the discount offer runs out on Sunday!

Can I book it as a gift?

Yes – Gift vouchers, valid for 12 months are available so if you purchase the self standing or Lightroom Live course now as a gift voucher, the recipient can join the nearest or any subsequent course in the next 12 months – we tend to run them 2-3 times a year.