We turned 9!

10 years ago I had a baby. 

And she was perfect and magical and despite not sleeping much and eating seemingly nothing she somehow thrived and filled my days with love. I lost myself in that new motherhood experience - it changed my life it ways I never expected and appeared to make my heart grow to twice its side.

Baa Baa black sheep, have you any fun?

But as me and her were learning to find our new ways in the world, and by world, I mean baby groups and and the occasional baby class with baa-baa-blacksheep on repeat, I found myself missing some parts of pre-motherhood me. I had always been active and creative and an educator and I was craving a challenge, a stimulus for my brain. 

If I couldn't find something that would give ME that experience, damn it, I'd create it.

Photography felt like a natural fit and something that was a gift to both the parent - who would get to explore a creative passion - and the child / family - who would get their lives photographed beautifully. 

So around the time my daughter turned 1, Photography for Parents was born. First as a tiny little local class for local parents - to begin with, under a different name - Time for Mums. 

But then, like a proper child -  it grew and changed, found new challenges and many unexpected joys, went online, found a community and lo and behold - here we are ( looking forward to the teenage years when we rebel and find an unsuitable boyfriend! ) 

Our people:

It could never have happened without our amazing instructors who put all their passion and knowledge into their stidents - Katia Muscara, Penny Carolan, Kitty Phillips and Johanna Shannon Little - these ladies are AMAZING and we wouldn't be the same company without them. 

And it would never be the same without the amazing community of YOU - being so active and supportive and inspirational in our Student and alumni group! 

Thank you to every single one of our students - who entrusted their photography education to us and shared their photography journeys with us - I am grateful to every one of you and appreciate you giving us your custom

And what better way to celebrate than with a sale!!!

First of all, there is the big one - £100 OFF our our Fundamentals Course  - the flagship course which most people start with and which will give you everything that you need to start taking better photos of your children. From the very first lesson!  

The special course fee is only £129 ( full price £229) but that discount is available to the first 9 bookers only. ( 9 bookers, 9th birthday - coincidence? Not, we thought it'd be neat that way.) EDIT: I'm afraid all 9 places at this price have already claimed yesterday! BUT since the sale is still on, next next 9 places are priced at £139 - if you're too slow to catch those, they'll go up again!

GO HERE to find out more about the course and grab one of those places!

If you're more advanced with your photography or want the next step on from our Fundamentals course, grab £50 OFF our Advanced course !

The discounted fee is £179 ( down from £229) for 6 weeks of lots of learning, breaking into full manual, learning emotional storytelling and composition beyond the basic rules. Our students tell us the course is transformative and 'the best money they ever spent!.

GO HERE to find out more and book your discounted place!

Photo editing is a completey essential skills for any photographer these days. And no, it's not the same as slapping a filter or two on. We take you by the hand and teach you editing from the ground up - understanding not just the 'how', but also 'why' so you can learn how to create the effects you want from your photos.

To help with that, we give you £25 off our Photo Editing course 

 GO HERE to find out more and book your discounted place!

Natual light is beautiful. And amazing. And we all love it. But sometimes, it's November afternoon, on a rainy day, in a north facing bedroom of Britain, and you just.need.more.light. And why not have a little creative fun while you're at it. And make your images TOTALLY natural. 

To help with that, we give you £25 off our Shooting with Flashcourse

 GO HERE to find out more and book your discounted place!

But tick-tock - the sale will end on Sunday 21st July! 

And one more important nugget of information - while the links reference boking our nearest courses, they can be deferred to a different date for up to a year at no cost. SO there's no good reason NOT TO grab those prices! 

And on that, note, if you're looking for me, I'll be grabbing a large piece of cake to celebrate with! 

Happy Birthday us!