Gifts for a PhotographHER – Father Christmas approved

With less than 5 weeks left till Christmas and Black Friday in full swing, we thought we'd help by rounding up some gift ideas that might make a PhotograpHER happy - whether you're buying for yourself, a photography fan in your life or hinting to Father Christmas. Today - part 1 of our roundup - gifts for a photographer that are not actual cameras or lenses. We will cover those tomorrow in a separate roundup of what's good to buy right now. 

IMPORTANT - this is most emphatically NOT an affiliate post, we have NOT received NOR asked for any payment for the recommendations or other form of reward below, they stem ONLY from our own experiences and items which are popular in our community. With exception of our own products ( PFP courses, vouchers and merchandise) we have no vested financial interest in all other recommendations at all! 

Before we dive into our list, let me just say that one of the best gifts you can offer to someone interested in photography and capturing their kids beautifully would be a Voucher for on of our courses - there is currently 20% off all our course vouchers and they are valid all the way till the end of 2022 and can be bought in instalments at no extra cost if you prefer. What other gift can you give, that will give a person a transformative skill for life and help them record their kids growing up, being their unique selves BEAUTIFULLY??

Gift ideas: 

Fast reliable memory card- SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB 

Not all cards are created equal and photographers know they want a card that's big enough that they don't need to worry about running out of space for photos mid shoot but also fast enough to not cause a lag when recording photos ( or video) - this card is both! Every photographer I know can always use a fresh SD card and this gift will always get used! It's £12.99 at Amazon at the moment

Memory Card Holder 

Since we're on the subject of cards - you really do need somewhere good to store them! We like this anti-shock aluminium case with a cute butterfly design ( £7.99 on amazon) but this little leather wallet from Etsy (priced at £15) would also be a great buy.

Memory Card-to-phone reader - from £5 to around £25

Many cameras these days allow you to transfer photos wirelessly from your camera to your phone for easy sharing. But if your camera doesn't do that, a simple workaround that lets you bypass the computer is a card reader for your phone. There are about a gazilion of them on various sites, at prices ranging from literally £5 but take it for my personal painful experience - if you don't want to risk corrupting the card and the whole thing breaking, it's worth paying a little more. I trust the SanDisk own brand reader ( £22) and I have also used the Anker brand one (£21) and they both were worth the extra few pounds. And of course make sure you get one that's right for your phone connector! 

MotherClicking Genius Hoodies and Tshirts!

Photography for Parent's own merch! Super cosy and soft hoodies, sweatshirts, tshirts and mugs - from £10. Our hoodies' insides have that soft and fuzzy feel that retains warmth so well, and honestly, I have been living in mine! 

Spare battery for the camera (and charger?) 

A spare battery and charger ( maybe one that you can plug in a car?) will always be welcome by any photographer. It's one of those things that you don't think about until you find yourself with a dead battery in the perfect photo moment, but having one can be a life saver. Now the question - branded or unbranded? There are lots of third party battery makers for all cameras, and the quality is, well, variable. But there are also big brands or well established brands which produce replacement batteries that are cheaper than originals - Duracell is one of them. They might not hold the charge quite as long as the branded alternatives, but they are not far off! 

A new camera strap / clutch

By default, the straps our cameras come with are pretty poor. They tend to be too narrow to hold the weight comfortably without digging into our necks, and frankly there are so many great alternative options, I never ever bother with mine.  My preferred way to carry a camera is either strapped to my hand with a wrist strap hold ( this Peak Design hand clutch is great - Clifton Cameras £23) or on a cross-body wide, padded strap ( Peak design makes great ones, Black Rapid is the choice for many pros, but Joby makes a good one that comes in female fit to account for the ahem, boobage - Joby £47.99). 

Peak design hand clutch 

Joby Female strap

Silicone lens protectors

If your lens cap keeps getting lost, this may be the thing for you - brightly coloured, tightly fitting, harder to loose and fitting multiple lenses - these little protectors are great and at just £9.95 from Cameraclean- a steal 

Photography magazine subscription

If like us, you are obsessed with photography, a subscription to a Photography magazine may be a great option. Amateur Photographer is a weekly magazine with lots of great content and a quarterly subscription will set you back only £24.99 from KelseyMedia

Adobe Photography Plan subscription - Lightroom and Photoshop

Since we're on the topic of subscriptions - now is the time to get yourself a subscription to Lightroom and Photoshop from Adobe. Normally priced at £9.98pm, this deal on amazon works out at £6.67pm if bought as a yearly package. And from then on, you have ALL the tools to enhance and transform your images. 

Vouchers for a photo printing service

You take great care over the capturing of the photos, but what good does it do if they just sit on your computer or phone! Print those babies! Vouchers for a printing service to create photo books or wall art will always be greatefully received by a photographer. 

We like Colorland ( Groupon has a great deal on those - £14.99 for 100 page A4 book? Yes please! -  and this is tried and tested by multiple PFP community members who say the quality is really nice! ) 

For wall art such as canvas and large prints, try Blurb ( several Black Friday deals available right now) but we also love the quality of Whitewall Prints

Camera bag / sling / backpack

Finding the right bag for your camera is no easy feat. It needs to be strong enough to keep your valuables safe,  light enough, with conveniently placed access but also one that doesn't scream - 'expensive camera here, please rob me!' And if it's not black polyester ugly - it's a definite bonus! The perfect bag for you will also depend on how much equipment you carry at any one time. So here are our suggestions : 

If you only carry a camera plus no more than 2 lenses on top of that, a sling bag may be the perfect bag for you. It sits across your chest and is easy to bring it in front of you to access the camera when you need it. We love this Peak design sling bag  - their designs are exceptionally well made and stand the test of time. Other brands worth considering are Lowepro, Crumpler, Thinktank - they have been making safe camera bags for years and you can trust their designs, even if ( let's whisper it) they may not be quite on the 'stylish' end of things. 

If you need to carry more gear at one time, save yourself some shoulder pain and opt for a backpack instead. SOOO many options here - the stylish Tog Bag and Mini Tog bag - great London based company) , The more budget friendly vintage look Amazon basics backpack , the small Caden, or the pricy but fab Peak Design Everyday Backpack. There is so much choice out there, you just need to work out your budget and decide if you need it to be carrying just your camera or camera and all your other bits and pieces ( you know - the snacks, nappies, tablet etc) and choose accordingly. Alternatively, it may be worth to just get a camera insert that will keep your bag nice and safe in whatever bag you decide to sling it into - we like this Koolertron orange number. 

Peak Design Sling

Mini Tog Bag

Amazon Basics Vintage

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Caden Backpack

Koolertron Insert

And lastly: 

Did I mention our Photo vouchers? 

Our Fundamentals courses for beginners, Advanced courses for those who are more than occasional clickers, Editing in Lightroom and Photoshop for those who want to breathe extra OOOMPH into their images and Shooting with Flash for those who want to learn how to tame the mighty flash - all available in Voucher form ( valid till the end of 2022!)