Beautiful, autumnal photos of your family without the overwhelm?  Yes please!

If you have kids and a camera and love taking photos, 

it's a no brainer. 

Join our online Autumn Photography Bootcamp to learn how to make the most of the beautiful autumnal colours, textures and light and leave with great photos of your kids in just 5 days.  

And it's free!

Autumn Photo Bootcamp

starts Monday 16th Oct 2024

5 days

Starts Monday 16th Oct, fully online

5 lessons

All about photographing kids and families in autumn

5 challenges

To put your new skills in practice

There is a reason why autumn is family photographers busiest season. The colours, the beautiful scenery, the gorgeous light - it can look absolutely stunning in photos. 

EXCEPT, sometimes it doesn't. You were aiming for a lovely whirlwind of golden leaves, you got...well, dirt in the air....

But you can do better 

And a lot of it has nothing to do with the camera ( or phone! ) you're using, and everything to do with understanding where to position yourself, where the light is and what angle to pick.

And this is where we come in.

Photos by Jo Payne, Helen Taylor , Kirsti Fordham, Katherine Green

Autumn Photo Bootcamp :


We give you 5 practical, instantly actionable lessons with daily challenges - all non technical and jargon free, so that even if you're a complete beginner, you can still end the week with a load of fantastic images and plenty of big ideas for capturing your little ones. And it's FREE! 

ALL YOU NEED is a child / children you can practice your photos on and a camera  (a camera-camera is best, but if you don't have one, a  phone camera will suffice!)

Ready to take great autumnal photos?



IMPORTANT : Nobody likes it when they don't know where their data - like your email - is going. Same here. So this is to let you know that the email you provided will only be used to communicate with you about the Bootcamp and related courses and resources . YOu can always unsubscribe as soon as the bootcamp is finished! 

Hey, I'm Ania

If you join our course, you will be seeing a lot of me! I'm the founder of Photography for Parents, award winning photographer and photography educator. I'm also a Mum of 2 spirited girls and when I say spirited, I mean, not the kind that sits politely and poses. So I made it my mission to teach parents how to capture their children naturally, in their own environment, as they are, and who they are. This is what we teach in our courses and this is what we will be encouraging here. 

Will you jon me?

Here’s how this works: 

At Photography for Parents, we KNOW that the only way to get better at photography is to dust off that camera and have a go. So we structured the course to make it as hands on as humanely possible with bitesize lessons, daily achievable challenges and support from us on hand.

Here is what that means : 

5 days  
5 lessons 
5 challenges

Every day for the duration of the bootcamp, we will give you a fresh lesson, that in one way or another is about capturing Autumn and your family in it.  Every day will come with its own mini challenge which will help you put your newly acquired knowledge to test straight away. Nothing too taxing - easily achievable for any busy parent. 

lets connect - support Facebook group

Finding motivation by yourself is hard, and we also know, nothing gets the creative juices going quite like a lot of inspiration and friendly advice. 

This is why, our bootcamp comes with a pop-up support Facebook group - a place to share inspiration, ask questions, chat to us and more. 

live feedback and advice                          

Speaking of advice and chatting - I will be coming to you live over the 5 days: 

running Q&A sessions  

- chatting about what works and what doesn't in photos

- answering your questions 

Oh, and then there is the Autumn Bingo! >>>

Our Autumn bingo is a printable set of one word prompts all about capturing autumn - perfect for engaging your kids and ensuring you leave the week with a gallery full of fabulous autumnal photos of your family.


Do I need a fancy camera to take part?

In short - NO. Ideally, you will have A camera - it definitely doesn't need to be big or fancy. However, if all you have is your phone camera - you can still join - we won't be going into anything technical at this stage, and most of what we will be doing will work for phone cameras too. This week is about teaching you to see things a bit differently, and that you can do with any device. 

Do I have to join the Facebook group?

Yes - we will be posting our materials inside the group so if you want those, you need to be there. Having run those courses for a while, we know that participation is key to succeeding - if we're all honest with ourselves, how many downloadable PDFs have we all got in our lives, only to file them neatly in some folder and never to go back to it again. That's not what this bootcamp is about - we want you using your camera, we want you taking photos and we want you to see how quickly you can improve. That's why we create an ecosystem that supports it best and the Facebook group is a vital part of it. 

Do I need to be online at a specific time?

No, you don't. Your daily lesson will be released in the evening, the night before and from that point on, it will be accessible throughout the week ( and for a few days after). I will be speaking to you live in the FB group , and if you can catch me live - that's great! - but all the videos will be viewable later so you can always watch me on replay. 

Do I need to be online at a specific time?

No, you don't. Your daily lesson will be released in the morning and from that point on, it will be accessible throughout the week ( and for a few days after). I will be speaking to you live in the FB group daily, and if you can catch me live - that's great! - but all the videos will be viewable later so you can always watch me on replay. 

Do I need prior Photo knowledge?

No, you don't. We make this course deliberately non-technical so that anyone can join. We know that every time we run a bootcamp, we get a real range of people who join - from complete beginners who only ever use their phones, to seasoned 'clickers'. Everyone gets something from the course - from learning the basics, picking up a few tips and tricks on how to make your photos better, see your kids in a new light to inspiration and prompts to just take photos you wouldn't have thought of before. 

How much does it cost again???

Nothing. Nada, Nic, Null, Zero. There is no hidden cost, no 'trials' - it's Free - simple as that. We are a Photography education company and we run full size paying courses that go a lot wider and deeper into the art and craft of photographing children, and while we do hope that having a taste of our courses might make you consider joining us, this mini course is really, truly free. We even remind you to unsubscribe from our emails if you don't want to hear from you beyond the bootcamp. 

Here is what our past Autumn Bootcamp participants told us: 

That was such a good autumn photo bootcamp again! I especially enjoyed the lessons about leaves kicking/throwing and the lesson about flat lays and will definitely print many of the photos taken this week in our 2021 photo album!

Jana B

I'm really enjoying the course, following the lessons and reading them the night before is great! The advice you give is great, and I'm glad it's not full of detail I don't understand, the perfect level for me!  Definitely learning new things. Really enjoying it! 

Zoe V

First bootcamp I've done and totally new to photography (just using my phone at the minute), but loved every second. I've a long way to go but feel like I've learnt so much already over the past 3 days and my pics have already improved. Loved seeing lots of pro pics for inspiration too. Shows what you can achieve and is really motivating.

Emma G

I’m loving the bootcamp. It was last years boot camp that got me started on photography and I am now an level 2 grad and happily shooting in manual. The lessons are a brilliant recap and gives me focus on my shots each day

Sarah L

I have always loved taking photos and it’s been great to take part in my first bootcamp to learn more. I love the daily challenges and the materials are so helpful. They are explained really well too thanks! I feel like I’m starting to improve and think more about the photos I’m taking

Kate M

I’m loving all your materials and the fact that the daily tasks are perfect for everyone incorporating a challenge element for the alumni. Bingo is fun too!

Louise P

4 reasons why you should  join us : 

Our Autumn bootcamp has become a bit of a tradition - this is the 6th year we're running it! It has become such a fixture in our community, I start fielding questions about whether or not it will run from as early as July. And there are few reasons for it:

  • Newbies and beyond : the program is equally accessible by those who are new to photography and those with some experience under their belts. We concentrate on what you see and how, rather than the technical ins and outs and everyone gets something out of it.
  • It's all about doing : we call it a bootcamp for a reason - even if you already know about something, it's the DOING it that makes a difference. This program is all set up for having a go and trying things out. There is always a new angle to try or new way with light to discover.
  • Inspiration station - the materials come with simple explanation and great illustrative images but the inspiration we get from our community sharing the images every day through the course is OFF THE CHARTS
  • All about capturing your family - we are Photography for Parents and what we do best is helping you capture your family beautifully, so you can bet that what we do in this bootcamp is no different. This is about capturing your kids, your family in autumn - pure and simple.

In brief - those who are new to photography learn a lot. Those who are already comfortable with their camera get to try new takes on old themes and EVERYBODY takes great autumnal photos. 

Come learn with us and photograph this autumn beautifully!

5 days full of photos, all about capturing your kids- you don't want to miss it!