Join our Online Autumn Photography Bootcamp!


Wednesday 23rd Oct - Sunday 27th Oct

it's free!

Just so you know, due to the immense popularity of our previous bootcamps we are limiting the number of seats on this one. Once the allocated spaces are gone, they're gone for good!

There is a reason Autumn is the busiest time for many family photographers! 

The colours, the light, the textures make for AH-MAZ-ING photos!

Ready to get some of your own? 

As parents, we want to document our kids growing up, and we snap all the time - spring, summer, autumn, winter. 

But autumn is a bit special - it can photograph so beautifully, you could easily be creating stunning photos with all the colours, light and textures Mother nature gives us. 

Except, it's not so easy, is it?

You look back at your photos and instead of the crimzon and gold, you see dull browns and dirty yellows. Instead of crispy leaves kicked high up in the air, you get blurry mess. And instead of smiles, you get tantrums. Yours or the kids'.

And you googled...

...and you got all the '5 tips for great Autumn photos' and you trawled Pinterest only to amass a pile of over-edited, profesionally shot photos that bear no connection to doing it with your own kids. 

And still...

So why bother with this, surely this can't be this different? Another over-promise with little usable, specific content, all to grab your email address? 

Well, you would be wrong, because this is different. This is specific, actionable, well illustrated learning that encourages you to get hands on. WITH a support group where you can ask us a question, get solution for your problem and actually get inspired with photos that show you how to photograph your own kids - with no studio, assistants etc. 

AND we even remind you at the end to unsubscribe if you no longer want to hear from us. 

But what IS this bootcamp?

Over a period of 5 days, we give you 5 photo lessons and 5 photo challenges - each focused on a different way of capturing your family and making the most of autumn.

It IS a bootcamp, so it's all about joining in and trying things out for yourself. NOBODY learns photography just by watching! 

And we make it EASY:

We give you 1 lesson a day, with all the info clearly laid out and well illustrated so it's easy to just pick it up and have a go. Even if you haven't got all day to experiment. 

We make it accessible to all:

It doesn;t matter if you are a complete photo novice or a more seasoned click-mama. The lessons are designed to be NON-TECHNICAL and all about the softer photo skills - composiotion, light, storytelling...

We make it FUN

Our Photo Bingo returns! Can you make it through our quirky autumn inspired photo list?   

We make it worth your while

You have a chance to  WIN ONE OF OUR COURSES  just for joining in. Just a little incentive to ACTUALLY join in. Because action = learning. Win - win if you ask me! 

There is a reason why Autumn is THE busiest time for many family photographers. The amazing colours and light make it ideal for taking stunning, rich and vibrant photos. Why not learn how to take them by yourself? 

check this out : a small sample photos captured by our Autumn Bootcamp participants last year!