Photo by Helen Roberts

Are you a parent? Do you have a camera? Will you be taking photos of your kids this summer? Then you've got a treat for you - our online Summer Photo Project is opening its (virtual) doors again! 

The (home) school is DONE and with lockdown eased up, now it's time to finally get on with Summer! Our summer this year may not look like all the others, but Ice cream faces, muddy knees, sprinkler high jumps, beach days, park days, flower fields, paddling pools,  bike races, picknics in the park - can still MAKE the kids summer! Join in the fun with the camera and capture their summer beautifully!

We're here to help!


Join our Summer Photo Project

all about photographing kids and get clicking



For the next 5 weeks  we will be helping you capture the best summer photos of your kids EVER!

Every week we will be giving you a new resource module with lots of things built in to help you photograph your beautifully, naturally - whatever your camera or skill level. And the best thing - it's free!!

what's included?

  • 5 weekly modules with mini lessons - each dedicated to a slightly different photographic skill. 
  • What to photograph and how? - mini Idea bank for capturing new images each week
  • Weekly Summer Bingo - a fun way of getting your kids involved and capturing a wide range of images
  • Brilliant Facebook group to keep you going through the summer, ask us questionas and share your images 
  • A chance to win a place on our flagship Photo course in September!

Photo By Lindsay Cook

Wait, did you say BINGO?

Yup, a printable weekly sheet full of photo prompts for you or your kids to tick off to GUARANTEE a summer's worth of varied, fun, exciting images at the end of August. 

Parents love it, because it gives you something to focus on. Kids love it because - well - it's a bit like a game! 

'It's like a Mummy's treasure trail!'

If you join us, you  could be capturing photos like these: 

3 more reasons to join us: 


Because NOBODY learns just by watching. The format of the Summer project is very much about having a go - whether you're a complete beginner or further along in your photo journey. Every week will come with a specific photo challenge so you'll know exactly what to focus on - and have some fabulous photos to cherish at the end. 


You will be joining our dedicated FB group where you'll be able to share your photos, get advice, ask for help and get inspired by your fellow bootcampers.


Free, no charge, gratis, no tie-ins, nothing. Just click on and join the fun! 

How to join us:

1. Click on the button below to be redirected to a registration page

2. Complete the registration 

3. Dig out a confirmation email from your inbox / spam / junk / promotions folder - you need to add us to a safe list to make sure that all the messages regarding this course will be getting through

4. Relax - Put your feet up till Monday - we'll email you again to let you know your first module is open! 

lets have some fun!

Nobody starts out a photographic genius. But we can get better and better. Check out the before and after images of our own students. You will be amazed how much things can change!

If you flick through your photo collection, you are likely to see quite a few photos that look distinctly  like one another. We tend to find one or two angles that ‘work’ and produce satisfactory results and just limit ourselves to them. The thing is, however nice they are, they rarely tell a powerful story and can get a little bit…dare I say…boring?

This little creative exercise doesn’t require anything apart from 15 min of your time. Try it! It may just help you shake things up!

1. Get yourself a timer ( the old fashion kind or on your phone  – we’re not fussy)

2. Pick a time of the day when your child is calm, preferably preoccupied with something, or for babies – asleep.

3. Make sure your camera is ready, you checked your light settings to make sure the photos have the best chance of coming out bright and then…

4. Set the timer on for 15 minutes and take as many VARIED photos as you can. Move around your child, shoot from above, from behind, from the floor. Go very close and move a few feet away. Shoot the little details and take in the whole scene. Notice the light and how moving around your child will change things.

5. When the time is up, stop shooting and review your photos.

Most people will  exhaust their ‘go-to’ poses in the first 5-10 minutes so the last 5 minutes is the time when you push yourself and are forced to find different angles and perspectives. Some of the photos will turn out great, others not so. It doesn’t matter, if you discover even just a couple of new angles, this will be worth it.

Give it a try!