Serious about taking better photos of your children - start here:


Introduction to children's photography


starts Wednesday 6th April

Does this ring a bell: 

  • You want to take better photographs of your children, but you just aren't sure how? 
  • Maybe you avoid taking photos on your camera (or just snap on your phone) because you're often disappointed with the outcome? 
  • Or maybe you're just getting started and would like to fast-track to beautiful images?

Clickstarter was made for you.

It's a 5-day mini course designed to improve your photos using the essential photography building blocks. 

It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner, or have a bit of experience behind the viewfinder. We ARE NOT going to be using a bunch of technical jargon.


Instead, we'll transform how you THINK about photography so that you can transform your photographs. We will teach you how to SEE better, how to turn a spotlight onto your child and what THEY are about. 

By the end of Clickstarter, not only will you see a dramatic improvement in your photographs, you will be more confident in capturing photos of your children that actually reflect who they are. You will more easily notice and capture the little things (and the big). And you will be taking a variety of photos instead of the one or two go-to compositions you have relied on for far too long. 


When : August 9 - 13

Where: online, through a private Facebook group

What you need:
Ideally a camera - and pretty much any camera will do - we are not going into anything too technical in this course.  Smartphone cameras are a possibility too, but be aware that your options may be limited compared to others with cameras. 

Does it work? Oh yes it does

"This has been amazing. I have learnt so much in this week and can already see such an improvement in my photos. You presented it in such an easy to understand way. The task for each day made it so fun. All I want to do is get my camera out and take pictures to practice what I've learned! 

Katie M. 

What you get:

  • A 5-day course with daily lessons and daily challenges 
  • Dedicated support Facebook group 
  • Clickstarter workbook to download and keep 
  • a chance to win our Flagship Photography for Parents course - just for taking part!
  • PLUS : video lessons, live critiques, photo surgery session AND MORE


What will we cover?

  • We will help you with your composition and storytelling and especially things that work when you're out and about with your family
  • Learning how to create that soft, blurry background
  • We will be looking for and capturing some beautiful light to really make your images sparkle! 
  • CRUCIALLY - we will be focusing on how it all applies to photographing children and your families! 


A little bit about me ( and Photography for Parents) 

I'm Ania, the chief clicker at Photography for Parents and the person who will be helping you find your way around the camera in this course. 

Photography for Parents has been teaching parents how to take beautiful, heartfelt, capture-the-moment-to-forever-tug-on-your-heartstrings photos for more than a decade.

All our courses are about getting your camera out of the closet and getting you clicking. Doing is better!

We give you specific, targeted, easily applied guidance to capture your children in this moment to remember forever. 


"The course has been great at alerting me to really simple changes I can make to improve my photos tenfold. It's also been a great opportunity to actually learn how to use different features on my camera as, again, a few simple tweaks have made a huge difference!! I have learned so much!"

Alexa L.

Thank you so much! I wish I’d had this before I’d had my babies, but better late than never!!! It’s given me a totally new insight into taking photos!

Carly M.

Being new to a camera, these lessons have helped figure it out! The daily tasks are manageable yet challenging and it's been great to have a focus to my practice! Thank you for a great week - I'm looking forward to putting these new skills into practice!

Carly M.

Check this out : a small sample photos captured by our past students!  

You could be on the way of getting images like those yourself!

More Questions? Here’s some of the common questions we get.

I’m a photography novice. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! This is the perfect course for you. We will be going over some of the basics that everyone taking a picture should think through! We aren’t going to be doing a lot of training on your actual camera because we know, from a decade of experience, that improving images lighting, framing and composition is the best first step.

I am not very creative. 

If you follow the 5 lessons and practice, we are 100% confident that you will see an improvement in your pictures regardless of the level of creativity you believe you have. Remember, you will be in a Facebook group of others learning along with you. Sometimes, our creativity just needs a bit of inspiration and practice.

I don’t have a lot of time these days. 

We hear you! That’s why we’ve made each lesson concise and easy to absorb. You’ll need 15 -30 minutes for each lesson. Practicing can take as much time as you want. Even taking a few pictures a day will help you grasp the lesson more fully. 

Can I keep the materials?

Yes! This course comes with a printable pdf Clickstarter workbook which you'll be able to refer back to at any time!