Natural, beautiful photos of your kids that capture them as they are? Yes please!

Join us to learn how to quickly improve your kids photos in just 5 days and with no technical jargon! And it's free!

The clickstarter - OUR introductory photography for parents course 
STARTS ON MOnday 27TH March

You look at your kids and you see magic, beauty, heartwarming moments. Then you pick up the camera and the photos are at best ...meh

You wonder : Is it you? Is it because you don't fully know what  all your camera's dials and buttons do? Is it worth even bothering with the fiddly camera? 

The answers to the above are : NO it's not you, NO it's not because you don't know your camera fully  (although this will help as the next step) and yes, its worth persevering with the camera if you have one, but if you don't - just start with your phone.

THE BIGGEST CHANGE YOUR CAN MAKE TO YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY is to take off those Mum or Dad goggles and learn to SEE differently. Because your camera sees the world differently to you, did you know that? And that's where we start. 

Photos by Jo Payne, Helen Taylor , Kirsti Fordham, Katherine Green

Introducing :  


A free 5 day mini course from Photography for Parents

AKA your shortcut to better children photos

We give you 5 practical, instantly actionable lessons with daily challenges - all non-technical and jargon free, so that even if you're a complete beginner, you can still end the week with a load of fantastic images and plenty of big ideas for capturing your little ones. And it's FREE! 

We're starting on Monday 27th March

ALL YOU NEED is a child / children you can practice your photos on and a camera  (a camera-camera is best, but if you don't have one, a  phone camera will suffice!)

3 reasons to join Clickstarter

There are many many more reasons why you would want to do that, but these 3 stand out: 


You will learn great practical ways to improve photos of your kids

We've been teaching parents how to photograph their kids for over a decade, trust us, we know a trick or two to help you get better faster! And you better believe, this is not your usual '5 simple ways...' - each day you get a proper lesson, with well designed outcomes and exercise!


You will get inspiration for great spring time photos

It just happens that spring is just around the corner. I promise we will make the most of it to help bring a bit of seasonal flavour into the course!  And what better backdrop could you think of! 


You may even win a prize just for taking part

We call it a Bootcamp because we are all about DOING - taking part is crucial! Doing photography is the only way to learn photography and if you do take part, you may even win yourself a prize at the end of it! 

Here’s how this works: 

At Photography for Parents, we KNOW that the only way to get better at photography is to dust off that camera and have a go. So we structured the course to make it as hands on as humanely possible with bite size lessons, daily achievable challenges and support from us on hand.

Here is what that means : 

5 days  
5 lessons 
5 challenges

Every day for the duration of the course, we will give you a fresh lesson, focusing on a specific photo skill, chosen especially for how they relate to photographing  children. Every day will come with its own mini challenge which will help you put your newly acquired knowledge to test straight away. Nothing too taxing - easily achievable for any busy parent. 

lets connect - support Facebook group

Finding motivation by yourself is hard, and we also know, nothing gets the creative juices going quite like a lot of inspiration and friendly advice. 

This is why, our courses come with a pop-up support Facebook group - a place to share inspiration, ask questions, chat to us and more. 

This is also where we will be putting the learning materials, chatting to you live and providing further guidance so you do have to be there to participate. 

feedback, advice and more!                           

Speaking of advice and chatting - I will be with you daily over the 5 days: 

-  providing live feedback on selected images ( don't worry, I wont do that to your images unless you ask) ,

- advising you through open Q&As 

- providing additional bonus materials

- and for the lucky few, maybe even rewarding you for participation! 

Hey, I'm Ania

If you join our course, you will be seeing a lot of me! I'm the founder of Photography for Parents, award winning photographer and photography educator. I'm also a Mum of 2 spirited girls and when I say spirited, I mean, not the kind that sits politely and poses. So I made it my mission to teach parents how to capture their children naturally, in their own environment, as they are, and who they are. This is what we teach in our courses and this is what we will be encouraging here. 

Will you jon me?

Does Clickstarter work? Oh yes it does.

Here is what our past Clickstarter participants told us:

"This has been amazing. I have learnt so much in this week and can already see such an improvement in my photos. You presented it in such an easy to understand way. The task for each day made it so fun. All I want to do is get my camera out and take pictures to practice what I've learned! 

Katie M. 

I’ve really enjoyed it, I’ve had my camera for a few years now and I wish I could have done this course when I first got it it would have saved me a lot of trial and error (and a lot of crap photos.)

Caroline G

I’ve really enjoyed it. I didn’t realise how much I could improve in such a short space of time. I’ve also noticed how much better camera photos look (as opposed to phone). Thanks a lot! 

Marie A.

Ania, i really want to say a massive thank you!! I did your Xmas bootcamp, too, and in both I learned something every day, and definitely had a few lightbulb moments. I really appreciate your hard work, and also the fact, that you personally look at the bootcamp photos and take the time to comment. 

Natalie M

I have had my “proper” (!) camera for years without knowing how to use it. I’ve loved this bootcamp. It’s made me pick up my camera and learn. I’ve taken (I think) some lovely photos of my baby . I’ve got the learning bug. Ow. Thank you 

Melanie L

I learned something every day which I have to say I didn't expect considering the course was free!! So I have to say thank you very much, it is much appreciated. The tasks every day were perfect motivation because its so easy to not make the time when life is so busy..

Helena H


Do I need a fancy camera to take part?

In short - NO. Ideally, you will have A camera - it definitely doesn't need to be big or fancy. However, if all you have is your phone camera - you can still join - we won't be going into anything technical at this stage, and most of what we will be doing will work for phone cameras too. This week is about teaching you to see things a bit differently, and that you can do with any device. 

Do I have to join the Facebook group?

Yes - we will be posting our materials inside the group so if you want those, you need to be there. Having run those courses for a while, we know that participation is key to succeeding - if we're all honest with ourselves, how many downloadable PDFs have we all got in our lives, only to file them neatly in some folder and never to go back to it again. That's not what this bootcamp is about - we want you using your camera, we want you taking photos and we want you to see how quickly you can improve. That's why we create an ecosystem that supports it best and the Facebook group is a vital part of it. 

Do I need to be online at a specific time?

No, you don't. Your daily lesson will be released in the morning and from that point on, it will be accessible throughout the week ( and for a few days after). I will be speaking to you live in the FB group daily, and if you can catch me live - that's great! - but all the videos will be viewable later so you can always watch me on replay. 

Do I need prior Photo knowledge?

No, you don't. We make this course deliberately non-technical so that anyone can join. We know that every time we run a bootcamp, we get a real range of people who join - from complete beginners who only ever use their phones, to seasoned 'clickers'. Everyone gets something from the course - from learning the basics, picking up a few tips and tricks on how to make your photos better, see your kids in a new light to inspiration and prompts to just take photos you wouldn't have thought of before. 

How much does it cost again???

Nothing. Nada, Nic, Null, Zero. There is no hidden cost, no 'trials' - it's Free - simple as that. We are a Photography education company and we run full size paying courses that go a lot wider and deeper into the art and craft of photographing children, and while we do hope that having a taste of our courses might make you consider joining us, this mini course is really, truly free. We even remind you to unsubscribe from our emails if you don't want to hear from you beyond the bootcamp. 

Come learn with us and capture your best ever family photos! 

5 days full of photos, all about capturing your kids- you don't want to miss it!