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If you enjoyed what you're learning with us in this spring bootcamp, if you want to continue growing your photography and bridging that gap between the magic you see and what you capture in your photos, if you you want to learn how to use your camera to take MUCH better photos of your kids I have a special offer for you. 



starting on 5th May 2024



Bonus 1 : Spring Photography bundle - including all the videos from the course in downloadable format, a PDF version of the course and a PDF guide to Photographing your family in Bluebells ( they will be coming up in a couple of weeks) 

Bonus 2 : Clicking Joy - a collection of 20 photography guides to help you capture your kids everyday adventures

this offer will end on Monday


What is Photography for Parents Fundamentals?

Our flagship course which offers a solid foundation in photography and gives you everything you need to start taking better photos of your children – from camera know-how to composition and understanding light.


This is the course for you if :
  • You love taking photos of your kids but the end result doesn't feel as beautiful as the moments you saw in real life
  • You have a camera, but no idea how to use it and make the most of it to help you consistently capture your family in different environments and situations 
  • You want to get better at capturing the kind of photos that tell a story of your kids childhoods  - recording moments big and small - from first steps to those sticky jam kisses, from wild antics to quiet moments - the stuff that makes them-them.


We can promise you this: 
  • This course will give you a solid camera know-how so you will learn once and for all how to use it well
  • This course helps you switch from snapping photos to using the knowledge of photographic composition to capture your kids naturally and beautifully
  • This course will give you a great base on which you can grow your passion for photography - many of our students go on to build their own photography businesses


  • Course type: Instructor-led or self paced 
  • Course duration: 6 weeks
  • Course format: Online course with Interactive weekly live classes, personal photo feedback and support group
  • Course dates: Course starts on Monday 15th January 2024


If you have bought an online course before, then gave up half way through because ... life.. - well, we are a bit different.  This is A LOT more than a bunch of random tutorials. This is a proper, well designed, supported and paced course that genuinely delivers.


The one with all the materials:

5 core course modules,  introduced on a weekly basis, plus a bonus wraparound module ( more on that below) - courses accessible  online and in pdf version  

The one with all the people:

You're not going through the course on your own - as part of the course you join an online peer support group, moderated daily by the instructor, where you connect, get help and go through this journey together with other parents like you.

The one with all the answers:

Every week we run an live online class which is where your instructor goes through the key parts of your course, answers live questions and demonstrates techniques and additional illustration photos. The Live classes are run in the evening ( after the kids are in bed) and are always recorded in case you couldn't join in live

The one that's all about you:

Every week comes with homework to help you practice the elements we introduce in the modules. You submit those images to your instructor on a weekly basis and receive thorough, photo-by-photo, video feedback from your instructor - so it's all about you and your progress, nobody else's

The one with the bonuses:

A PDF workbook to help you go through the materials and practice the skills, handy cheat sheets formatted for your phone so you can whip them out on the go plus a Bonus wrap-up module with swipe files of photo ideas for children at different ages, handy checklists and more! 

The one after it's over:

We don't just leave you on your lonesome after the course is over - you get access to a=our Alumni group - a Photography for Parents Clique if you will - which is where we continue supporting you, answering your questions, encouraging you to take photos through weekly and monthly challenges and peer support


  • How to finally, actually, properly use your camera - no more cryptic buttons and the 'oh no! what have I pressed now?!' panic. Life's too short to be intimidated by your camerant
  • The precise steps and 'recipes' to help you capture all sorts of different situations - whether your kids are indoors on a dark and dreary day or tearing through the park in the sun
  • How to see the world and your children through a photographers eyes and learn to compose your photographs on the fly so they truly reflect the beauty you see
  • How to get great photos CONSISTENTLY - I mean the spray and pray method is fine, but wouldn't it be nice to have confidence your images will turn out the way you want them? 
  • How to learn to notice and capture the little details, the big picture, the whole story of your children growing up. BEAUTIFULLY.


What level of Photography knowledge will I need? 

For our Fundamentals  course, you’ll be absolutely fine even if you’ve never picked up a camera before. If you have, but aren’t 100% comfortable with your settings, you’ll find the course will help you structure your knowledge and you will quite likely pick up a few new tricks as well.

If you’re relatively familiar with the camera’s manual settings, but want to try out new techniques and develop your composition – our Advanced, Level 2 course is the one for you. If you’re not sure where your knowledge puts you, just get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

What do I need for the course?

  • A camera with manual controls – it doesn’t have to be a DSLR, a mirrorless or a bridge camera are absolutely fine – get in touch if you’re not sure if yours is up to the job. These days, most cameras beyond the simplest of point-and-shoot ones ( does anyone even buy these anymore?) tend to do just fine. 
  • Ability to spend approximately 2h per week ( not necessarily in one go) on your photography practice + 2h for a weekly evening webinar. 
  • Access to the internet ( that’s a given but we had to mention it )
  • A child / children you can practice your photography on

What happens in the course? How does it actually work?

The course consists of 6 modules, each focusing on a different aspect of photography - 5 core modules and a bonus last module witch advice on follow on practice and development. The course is incluse of a 1 week break after the first technical modules to allow for extra practice and ironing out any issues. 

Every Monday morning, we will release the module's core materials for you to access and read at your leisure. You don't have to be online when they are released - when you log into your learning space, the materials will be waiting for you. The modules include little 'Ttry it now' exercises which you can follow to immediately put in practice what we explain in the materials.

On top of that, you get given weekly homework - nothing strenuous, we usually ask for a few photos which illustrate the skills we teach in that module. Usually, our students tend to spend weekdays on the module and the little practice exercises and do the home assignmemt at the weekend. We give you personal, detailed video feedback on those homework photos. Our students often say that this feedback is one of the absolute best things about our course. 

Every week, typically on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, we run a live webinar class, during which we cover and expand on all the key elements of that module, we answer your questions, we provide additional explanations and illustrations. These sessions are scheduled in the evening and always recorded, so that even if you couldn't join live, you can always relay them. 

Finally, there is also our private Facebook group - for the students of your course only. The group ia a great opportunity to share your images, ask questions, chat to your fellow course mates. It's also where we post any additional materials and info and / or run little additional video demonstrations when needed. 

Each course is run by an experienced instructor - professional children's photographer who is your main point of contact to answer your questions, provide your feedback and talk to in your FB group and in webinars. They're there to help and nurture and cheer you on in your photo journey. 

What camera do I need? Does it need to be a Pro camera?

No. You DO need A camera. And your camera needs to allow you to make changes to some of the manual settings ( going beyond the ‘landscape’. ‘portrait’, ‘fireworks’ modes). You’ll often be able to tell if your camera has those just by looking at it - if it has a wheel with letters M, A, S, P or M, Av, Tv, P on it you’re good to go. Some modern cameras do not have that though, but still let you change those settings, so just drop us a line with your camera’s make and model and we’ll happily advise. We even have a few cameras for rental if you need. 

what if i don't have a camera? 

We can lend you one free of charge for the duration of the course. All we require is a security deposit which comes back to you after the camera comes back to us. But we're also happy to help you buy your one - to suit your budget and needs. 

what if the course ends up being a wrong fit for me? 

If you don't get on with the course, if you don't progress - we'll give you your money back. Easy. 

But be warned, our students love us and they progress well and fast, so the chances for that happening are pretty slim.

If you end up on a wrong level - we'll offer to move you to the right one or if you prefer, give you your money back. 

what if my circumstances change and I can no longer participate in my booked course? 

Just talk to us - we can usually defer you to the next available course or even further.

Will I improve? I’m not an ‘artist’ type

Ah. The question not many people actually ask, but nearly all want to know. Obviously - I don’t know you or your ability BUT I have seen over 1000 students go through our courses ( in person or online) and every single one of them improved. Some improved more than others, some really got the ‘photography bug’ and moved on to start their own photography businesses, some just kept it as their hobby and a way to get better photos of their kids. Not everyone can become the next Annie Leibovitz but everyone can learn how to use the camera to deliver the kind of results they want ( like that blurry background in images or being able to capture your kids on the move - sharp!) and everyone can learn how to master their camera and principles of composition and light which make your photos much stronger. So yes, you will improve, even if you don’t think of yourself as an artist.