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Finding beauty in the mundane

Lesson 2 Module 1

Welcome to the new normal. The weather may be getting nicer, but holidays, trips away and visits to various interesting places are out. We're home, and ( if you have one) in the garden, and maybe out for a small walk in nature ( away from everyone else).

But life still goes on. Beauty still emerges. Love is still given and received and children's laughter still resonates. In this surreal experience, there is plenty to still see and document. It may feel mundane, but it's still worth documenting. And that's what we're starting with this week. 


Every day is an adventure NOT

If you've ever set foot on Instagram, I'm sure you have stumbled into a myriad of inspirational quotes and someone #blessed will have uttered - When you have kids, every day is an adventure! 

Yeah. Right. 

Like today when my daughter watched Hey Duggee, played half-hearted game of hide and seek and then we had dinner. 

My point is, however much we might try, kids bring with themselves some high energy days and some very very mundane days when seemingly nothing happens. 

Notice my use of the word 'seemingly'

Because as all those non-adventures were unfolding, actually lots of things were happening. Things that are easy to miss when you rush past them to the next structured activity. 

Here are all the things that happened on our day. 

  • While she watched the bloody dog and his band of squirrels, she snuggled up to me, in the way she doesn't often do anymore and I noticed how she absent-mindedly still plays with her hair, pulling on it and stretching it gently. And that lock of hair, that gesture, took me right back to the breastfeeding days. 
  • We played a little hide and seek game and her impatience in waiting to be found and peeping through the curtains made me chuckle.
  • She performed some daring sofa acrobatics - this child is never still, and especially when tired, appears to not be able to keep herself straight, folding over as if her spine was made of jelly.

But you have to learn to look past how 'normal' and unphotogenic this all seems, and let yourself just watch. Connect to their world. Pluck the beauty out of the mundane.

And that's what I want us all to pay attention to this week.  We're goung to start by focusing on the details. One small thing at a time. Just one, to avoid overwhelm. In the coming weeks we will make time for the bigger picture too, but this week, we're zooming right in and zeroing in on the details of our Beautiful Mundane. 

Every day this week you will get a little photo prompt from me. You will see, this week, they are all about the detail.

And to help you capture those, I'm giving you some tips on first of all - WHAT to capture, and secondly, on HOW to capture those details. 

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