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How are we going to do this?

Lesson 1 Module 1

Welcome to our Daily Photo Project - or as I call it - a way to keep my sanity and make space in my mind for a little something that's ME in the mids of all this madness. 

If I come up with a snappier title for what this whole thing is about, I will change it - you're welcome to contibute! 

So this is a strange new world we have all been thrust into, huh? I think that the enormity of it all is yet to sink in for most of us, but the anxiety has already kicked in. And with all of that, us - parents are looked up to for safety, reassurance, entertainment, education, and snacks. 

But we need our sanity too, and for me, going micro, focusing on one thing at a time, and finding a moment to ponder on what I am seeing and feeling is hugely therapeutic.

I also think that whether we are seeing it yet or no, this is a historic time in our lives, something that our children will reminisce about and something that's worth documenting for history's sake. 

So how do we do this thing?

If there is one thing we're good at, it's teaching you how to photograph your children and families in general better. So for the next few weeks ( at least till the schools are closed), we will be running a daily photo group - every day, we'll give you one thing to photograph as you go about your day. It may be as simple as a color, or a bit more conceptual like a feeling. ALL totally doable even if you're self-isolating. 

Every week, I will give you a new batch of small resources to dip into that will follow a particular theme. Nothing complicated or technical, just a way to help you follow that week daily prompts. 

What I want from you is simple - to join in our Facebook group or on Insta #photoparentsdaily. Be active, be supportive, become a part of a community. 

We will get through this, we will learn a lot about ourselves and our relationship with our families and the world at large ( while social distancing), let's get this documented???

First things first:


It will be THE  place to be for this Photo project - a place to ask for advice and feedback on your photos, where we'd be posting additional resources and information, where you'd get to connect with us ( Photography for Parents) and your fellow participants AND where we'd be sharing our daily project entries.

Second of all:  

As much as I'm making the resources and my time and support free, I would love it if you could donate £5 or whatever you can to a Foodbank.  I really worry about those who have to rely on food banks at the moment and I worry that the numbers of families in that situation are only going to rise. So please hit that Donate button right now - it takes you to my local food bank fundraising page, but it also has a search option to find one that's local to you if you prefer. 

Done? OK, let's get this party started! 

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