Lesson 4 – a treasured Christmas decoration

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Lesson 4 - a treasured Christmas Ornament

Pocket reference guide - click to download: 


In our Friday giveaway you will be able to win some of our Course vouchers including our flagship Photography for Parents Fundamentals course. Here is all you need to know about it! 

This is our Flagship Photography course which over the period of 6 weeks takes you through all the key areas in photography - especially when it comes to capturing children. The course is and instructor led course delivered online and includes a lot of personalised support as well as a support group on top of the info. We also have an amazing Alumni community that helps you to learn way after the course has finished.

If you would like more info - here is the course page : https://photographyforparents.co.uk/online-courses/ 

If you have a camera, but not sure how to use it - this is the course for you. 

If you have a camera and have some idea on how to use it, but want more consistency in photos - this is the course for you.

If you don't have a camera but want to learn photography - this MAY be a course for you - we have some rental cameras available - get in touch for more info)

In short - If you want to learn how to capture your kids in their natural environment - this is the course for you.

errr.., no. SO MUCH MORE.

Every week we give you a new module that covers an important building block in photography, but that's just the start of the fun.

On top of that, we have a weekly live class with your instructor - a perfect opportunity to ask questions, see additional examples and demonstrations of techniques.

Every week comes with an assignment which you get personal, photo by photo, specific and detailed feedback on your images - so you are improving at your pace, with advice specific to YOU.

Plus : a support peer group just for your class cohort and a supportive Alumni community afterwards!  

All the key camera know-how - from knowing what focus mode is best for different situations, to knowing how to capture a great portrait or catch your wriggly child on the move - sharp.

A strong understanding of light - light in most British homes sucks - we know, so we help you understand it and work with it so that you can really make the most of it and still capture great images - indoors or out!

Composition - but not just some arbitrary rules of composition - we show you how the composition is like the language of photography - the way you compose your photograph is all about what you want to communicate with your image. It's my absolute favourite! 

...is what the majority of our students say. 

Seriously. If you don't believer me, just ask in the group - anyone who's a PFP grad.

Also - check out our FB testimonials.