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Welcome to our Spring Photography Bootcamp!

Over the next 5  days, we’ll be helping you learn how to capture your children beautifully. Every day, we’ll be sharing a new lesson with you, each focused on a particular aspect of photographing your children or solving a common photo problem. But as we promised you BOOTCAMP, each will be coming with a challenge – something for you to do and capture every day.

What's in this course?

Think of this course as an intro to Children's Photography - we will be showing you simple steps and practical ways to improving your kids photos whatever your camera and skill level. Given the scope of this free course, we won't be delving much into the technical aspects (beyond the basics needed to solve specific problems) and instead we will be focusing on areas that will make a big difference to your images by imoroving your composition, storytelling and more.

We make no secret of the fact that this bootcamp is a taster of sorts for our full, 'proper' courses and that we hope that you will like what you learn here enough to consider those, but equally, there is no pressure whatsoever to do so, and you still learn a ton, whether you continue with us later or not. 

How will it work?

In photography, there is no better way to learn than just DO. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or already ‘dabble’ in photography – what we want you to do is to get your camera out EVERY DAY out of those 5 days an capture something. And not just capture – but post it to our Facebook Group to learn , inspire and grow.

Your camera and photography skills

We have a large diverse group starting this bootcamp so there will be a big variety of cameras and photo skills on show. What I want to say to you is – it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice with a normal camera or if you’re advanced with lots of fancy gear. You’re here because YOU want to take great pictures of YOUR family. Don’t let the fact someone may be further along in this journey take away from documenting and sharing this. Your family, your kids will love cherishing and looking back at these photos so make sure you shoot, share, ask, get help- we’re here for all of those things.

Some of you will already be further along in this journey and you may find that you already know a lot of what we’ll be covering. To you I want to stress the BOOTCAMP part again – knowing how something is done doesn’t equate actually doing it. So even if it’s simple and you’ve done it a million times, still have a go and take that shot – you can always find a new angle and perspective on the same theme. And then go and help a newbie who might be struggling with the very same thing.

I’ll be there – helping you in that process, cheering you on and answering your questions – don’t be afraid to reach out to me! .

OK, I think I went on for long enough now, I hope you’re ready for your first lesson!!

Let’s GO!