Kids Photography

What to capture this week?

Lesson 3 Module 1

OK, so we're capturing details, but what details? Where do we start from? 

We're not used to slowing down and taking in the little things so if you don't find it comes naturally to you, asking yourself this question will help.

How does it feel?

I'm watching my child. I'm taking my time to let my eyes register what she's doing, how she is, the details and the wider setting - but how does it feel? 

How does it feel for her?

And how does it feel - for me?

I am a strong believer that if you feel something, anything  - a little tenderness, a lot of love, the wonder, the beauty, the frustration even!  - you should photograph it.

If you ever find yourself wishing the moment would stop forever, freeze it with photography.

Pay close attention to what you're seeing and observe all the little bits, and the big picture and make sure you capture it - in one, or multiple photos ( more on that in a moment) 

If in doubt, start with a feeling. 

Look for something sensory 

The ability of our brain to recall sensory experiences is amazing. Lemon Lemon Lemon juicy Lemon Lemon...

Is your mouth watering yet???

Just the thought of how something lemony feels in our mouth makes our brain produce more saliva to 'process' it.
But it's also a way in which you can make your images stronger, create more of a response.

When you're observing your child doing not much at all, are they experiencing something sensory?
Sticking their tongue out to help themselves concentrate? Playing with sand? Twiddling a soft toy in their fingers? Absentmindedly messing with their hair?

Look at how their body responds to it - do they stick out their tongue to help them navigate a tricky lego construction phase? What are their little fingers doing?

Can you zoom in at the detail level and really notice the sensations they get through their fingertips, through their skin as they are fully engaged in the activity? What are they looking at? what are they touching? 

But there are other questions worth asking: 

Is what you're seeing unique? To your child, or to the situation? 

We'll be doing a bit more on the photo-documentary approach but even for this litle project, I want you to start asking yourself - is it unique?

Is it a phase in their life that they're likely to grow out of - like the squishy nappy bum or fascination with lego?

Is it a feature that is bound to change soon, like the curly lock that'll start straightening out soon or the beautiful bow of the baby lips? 

Is it something that's important to them in their world right now? 

Is it special or defines the strange enforced domesticity we're finding ourselves in? 

If so, those are the things you want documenting. 

Start with a feeling, follow with unique. Let's have a look at how to make those details stand out now. 

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