Got questions about our courses? We’ve pulled the most often asked ones together to make things easier:

Course set-up – online classes

How are the online courses structured?

Our Findamentals ( Level 1 ) and Advanced ( Level 2 ) courses consists of 6 Core Modules each – the modules are interconnected so each level needs to be taken as a whole. In addition to the corematerials, the course also includes weekly live online classes and an online support group.

Our Editing course consists of 4 modules and can be taken either as an instructor led course or as a self-study course depending on your preference.

Our Shooting with Flash course Is an instructor led course consisting of 4 weekly modules, supported by a weekly live class and an online support group.

What is the difference between Instructor-Led and Study Along classes?

Instructor-led option gives you access to the core course materials – weekly modules including pdf downloads, with materials released on a weekly basis. In addition to that, it also allows the students to benefit from personal support via our support forum, interactive webinars and a dedicated private Facebook group moderated daily by one of our instructors. These support features allow our students to get answers to their questions and receive feedback and personal advice on their photos, submitted as part of their homework. We find that students who take full benefit of the full participation option usually progress faster and achieve better results than those who don’t.

Study along option provides access to the core course materials – weekly modules including pdf downloads, with materials released on a weekly basis just like in the full participation option, but with no access to support forum, webinars or Facebook group. It’s best for those who are good at self directed learning.

How does a Bundle option work?

Bundle Option gives you great savings when purchasing Level 1 and Level 2 at the same time. In terms of access to your modules,  you enrol at the closest Level 1 course to your booking date. For your Level 2 you can choose either the next available course or defer till later in the year – you have 12 months after your Level 1 course is finished to start your Level 2 course. If you purchase the Editing course at the same time, you will have immediate access to that course.

Do I need to be online when the course starts?

No, the course modules are released on a weekly basis and it’s best to read them and follow the exercises on a week-by-week basis, but we keep the course forums open at least a month after the last course module is released  so you can add your contributions when you’re ready and they’ll still get seen. Each week, you‘ll be able to download the module contents in the form of a pdf ebook, for future reference.

How do I get support?

In the Full Participation option each course group is assigned a private forum which is moderated daily by on of our instructors – this is where we answer all questions on the content of the modules, photographing techniques, technical queries on your specific equipment and also where weekly home assignments are set and given feedback. In addition to that we have a private Facebook group for the members of your course only – this is where you can have a quick chat with your instructor and fellow students and get inspiration and quick help and answers to your questions. Finally, we host a weekly live class to help with specific questions and use live video tools to jump in and help with a particular issue you might help or demonstrate a technique. You will ALWAYS get your questions answered.

Study Along students do not get access to this resource.

I booked the course but now can’t attend - due to personal / child illness etc

Just get in touch – we may be able to transfer you to the next available course  or suggest other alternatives. We know kids and life in general can be unpredictable so we try to be as flexible as possible.

Cameras and experience

What kind of camera do I need ?

To fully benefit from the course you will need a camera which gives you the option of changing the manual settings – most of our students have DSLR cameras but even many of today’s compact cameras now allow it too – if in doubt, please just get in touch prior to booking – we’ll be happy to advise. We can also rent you an appropriate camera free of charge for the duration of the course or advise on what equipment to buy – either new or used.

Can you lend me a camera for the course ?

Yes we can. If your current camera isn’t quite right for the course, or you’re just considering buying a new one, we can rent you a simple DSLR camera for the duration of the course. We will charge you a small deposit that will be fully refunded once the camera is back with us. If you would like to rent a camera, you must book it online before making your booking – we only have a limited supply of our cameras and book them for our students on a first-come, first serve basis.

Please note our camera rental is only available for face-to-face classes, we do not currently lend cameras out for our online sessions.

Is my camera good enough?

We usually recommend that our students use DSLR cameras as they offer the best control over their functions. DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex which essentially means a camera that uses mirrors to direct light from the lens to the viewfinder. Usually chunkier than compact digital cameras that use electronics to detect and process light, DSLRs allow you to manually manipulate all the settings and also switch lenses to get the desired result.

As the technology moves forward, some high end compact cameras (bridge cameras) are now featuring manual and semi-automatic controls, similar to those on a DSLR, as well as interchangeable lenses. You will know if your digital camera is a bridge camera if amongst its settings you will find one called “aperture priority” – often marked with a letter A or Av and one called “shutter speed priority” often marked with a letter S or Tv. If you are still unsure about your camera, just get in touch – we will be able to help.

How much experience do I need ?

We get a real variety when it comes to our attendees – some students have only just bought a DSLR, some have had it for some time but have never got round to using it. Other students have more knowledge but lack practice and input from a photographer. The 2 levels of  our courses make them suitable for all these cases.

Our approach is structured and methodical so there is time to learn everything from scratch. For those with a level of knowledge already there, the input form the photographer and necessity to force themselves to take more photos is a real advantage. At nearly every class we have students who have done a photography course before ( usually 1 or 2 day weekend course) and they all say they still benefitted greatly from the course. What sets our course apart is the week-by-week progression with access to the photographer – we build the skills up one by one and with each step there is practice and feedback which helps you learn more efficiently, ask questions and resolve any queries. You get tasked with home assignments week on week and take photos in class with your baby as well, which motivates you to challenge yourself and be more creative.

If you’re already comfortable with your camera controls and would like more of a challenge – our Level 2 course may be a better fit for you.

If you are not sure if your experience exceeds the level of the course – please get in touch – we’ll talk and advise accordingly.

Booking Process

How do I book a course with you?

You can book all our courses from this website. Booking online is quick and easy and pay either via Paypal or by credit/ debit card. We do require payment at the point of registration.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Any cancellations made up to 21 days before the start of the course can be reimbursed in full ( minus 5% payment processing fee).  After that we regret but we are unable to issue further refunds. As an alternative, we can transfer your place onto another person and we can offer you a place at our course at a different date. Of course certain things ( illness etc) cannot be foreseen – if that’s your case, contact us and we’ll try to find a solution.
If we need to cancel a planned course due to external circumstances, we will always offer you a refund or a space at a different  date.

Do you run any special offers?

Yes, we frequently run special offers – including Early bird specials or 24h-only offers. All discount codes issued by us need to be entered at checkout and the discount will be deducted from the total due. You can be alerted to any new offers if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter

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