This summer, take  AMAZING  photos of your kids

This summer take  AMAZING  photos of your kids

Get yourself and your camera ready to capture your family this summer! 

Picture this: a summer full of fun, laughter and adventure and you there with your family, capturing all those beautiful memories on your camera. And if you're feeling unprepared - we've got you : 

presenting :

  Summer Photography Bootcamp  

AKA, how to photograph your kids this summer so you capture all the key moments and all the fun without fuss or overwhelm!

Summer Photo Bootcamp

At a glance

WHEN: Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June 

WHAT : 5 daily lessons, each tackling a different aspect of capturing summer, with 5 challenges to get you ready

HOW MUCH : it's FREE! SO Nothing, nada, nic, gratis, zero to pay

Learn with us: 

How to take photos in summer light: 

No more squinty eyes, overexposed photos, or harsh shadows! Learn to recognise the light you have and adapt accordingly! 

Water play! and how to capture it well! 

Paddling pools, sprinklers, pools, seaside, rivers, lakes - there is no summer without some form of water play! But capturing it can be tricky AND dangerous for your camera. Until you see our tips that is...

Daily summer moments

Summer is not all about that one week of holiday! It's also the afternoon ice-cream, playing with bubbler, flying kites, the local playground and zooming on bikes or scooters. Why shouldn't you capture those just as well? We've got plenty of ideas for photographing those! 



learn to photograph your kids' summer adventures beautifully

Why do we call it a bootcamp?

  The only way to learn photography is to do photography.

NOT watch other people do photography, NOT read about photography, NOT think about photography, NOT even dream about photography. 

It just doesn't work that way. 

You have to take photos - see what works and what ( inevitably ) doesn't. That's why all our courses - free or paid, always have a strong 'doing' focus, rather than just serving you pretty documents that will not ultimately get used.

So if you join this bootcamp, be prepared to take photos.

Here is what people said about our last bootcamp:

I absolutely enjoyed every lesson this week, love the way you have explained the techniques and have literally opened my eyes into seeing the way I take photos from the artists point of view. This course proves you can actually learn and improve your skills no matter the age/ experience/ subject. 

Roxi R.

I've learnt so much! Really intrigued and impressed, such basic things to notice and think about that'll drastically improve a photo! Really enjoyed this course (my first ever).

Loved it! It's been so useful and inspiring! Definitely makes you see things from a different angle and pose yourself differently when taking photos. Definitely encourages you to see the details. Thank you for the lovely lessons and feedback. 

Militza N.

Hi, I'm Ania Wilk-Lawton

I'm the founder of Photography for Parents, an award winning photographer, a Mum to two spirited girls and most recently a fur-mum to two naughty kittens. I teach parents how to take overwhelm out of photographing children and help them get some stunning shots of their family. And if you join us for this bootcamp. I'll be the one helping you take better summer photos! 

Ania xxx

Get ready to capture your best summer photos: 


What level of Photography knowledge will I need? 

This mini course is suitable for anyone from complete beginners and up. Because we know we have diverse audiences, we keep the technical side light and concentrate on the changes that can be made without digging deep into the camera know-how. 

do I need a camera?

Technically no, a lot ( but not all) of what we teach can be used on any camera - including your phone camera. If you do have a camera, I would recommend dusting it off and having a play with it as we go through the course. You will thank yourself for it! 

Do I need to be online at specific times? 

No. The materials for each lesson will be released the evening before the day so you can prepare. I will be doing little live sessions in the Facebook group where the majority of the action will be happening, but they can be watched at any time during the week. The main point of these courses is that you need to actually have a go and try things out and take some photos , so we try to make it as easy as possible and to fit around people's daily routines. 

is it really free?

YUP - it's free!!

Who are you again? 

Hi! Nice to meet you! We're Photography for Parents - in a nutshell, we educate parents on how to use their cameras better and capture all the precious memories of their kids growing up. We have been doing this for over 10 years now, we have seen several thousands of parents improve their photography with us beyond what they thought was possible. If you're new to this, we'd recommend having a look at our flagship Photography  for Parents Fundamentals course which will give you all the key camera know-how, composition and light skills in a supportive, nurturing, instructor led setting. We have a course starting on the 13th June and if you finally want to learn how to master that camera - this is your cue! 

let's do this.

summer - here we come!