Who is it for?

Those graduating from our Level 1 course and other photography enthusiasts who already have a certain degree of photographic knowledge. We expect that you will be familiar with your camera’s semi-automatic settings and have some knowledge of Aperture / Shutter/ ISO.

Next Course : 

starts: Friday 14th July 2017

  • full participation  :£149
  • study along £99
  • L1  & L2 bundles – from £159

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Our Level 2 course covers:

Over 6 weeks, the course builds on the elements introduced in our Level 1 course and extends the knowledge by introducing new techniques. We teach how to shoot in full manual and gain more creative control of your images. See the full module listing below:

Module 1: Going Full Manual – the training wheels are off. We discover the reasons to switch ( at least some of the time) to shooting in full manual and the creative control it gives us. We learn how to use your camera in full manual and its applications.

Module 2:  Exposure / Aperture and Shutter techniques in Full manual. Now that we understand how to manipulate our settings fully, we introduce a few advanced techniques for capturing motion, managing light and dealing with tricky environments.

Module 3:  Getting serious about composition. We begin to move you towards expressing yourself more with photographic composition and developing your storytelling capabilities. We introduce more advanced composition considerations and ‘rules’

Module 4: Expressing emotions and moods through your photography. We look closer at what it means to capture genuine emotions and how to use the composition, colours and styles to deliver desired results.

Module 5: Chasing the Light. We learn how to use light as a key element of your composition and introduce more advanced light techniques to help you achieve interesting effects.

Module 6:  Course summary and introspective into children’s photography artists and styles. Advice for further development and next steps on your journey.