Summer Camp online

For parents who want to have fun with their children while improving their photography skills.

Something for the kids. Something for you, dear parent!

The kids are nearly done with school - and what a year it’s been! Time to dive into summer for some fun! 

But if the last year taught us anything is that keeping kids entertained is hard! What on earth will we (parents!) do with all that boundless childhood energy over the long summer???


Photography for Parents Summer Camp online

Photography for Parents is turning into Camp Counsellors and sending you a stream of fun stuff to do with your kids. But it gets better - as photography educators (it is what we’re good at!) we will show you how to take great photos of your kids having fun with our activity ideas!

It's a win-win, right?!

So what's the plan?

Weekly activity suggestions: For 5 weeks (starting 26 July), you will receive emails with entertaining summer activities for kids of all ages

Photo Advice: Along with suggestions for fun stuff to do, we will be giving you tips on how to photograph your children while they are engaged and enjoying their play. 

MORE tips on Instagram! Follow along on Instagram too, where we will also post summer inspiration and useful tips to help you improve your photography while keeping kids happy and busy. 

Giveaways! Yup, if you join in the fun we'll be slinging free stuff your way! 

There aren't many opportunities for parents to go to camp - so join us at Summer Camp online this year! It's free and it's going to be fun!  

I'm packing my backpack, but ... how do I join in? 

INSTAGRAM : Summer camp will run primarily on Instagram - follow our account @photoparents and hashtag #pfpsummercamp to get our activity suggestions, photo prompts and A TONNE of inspiration! If you want a super light weight experience that is literally ALL you you need to do.

EMAIL : BUT if  you want our expert advice on how to photograph your kids taking part in our suggested activities, and photograph them well - you'll need to sign up below to receive emails with downloadable pdf lessons on each activity - whether it's to learn how to take a cracking sprinkler photo or how to nail those sunset silhouettes. And if you're familiar with our materials, you know: they're GOOD. 

Need a few more details?

This is a no-pressure sort of camp. You don't have to complete a set number of activities. There's no daily check-in or roll-call. Also, nobody needs to sleep in a tent (unless you really want to). 

We'll provide the activity ideas and you use those that appeal - at your leisure! (Again, it's summer! And there's been enough stress lately, so let's just have some fun!)

Activities will be suitable for a range of ages, and will be photographer friendly. The ideas is to make it fun for you and your kids. 

Wait, I have a couple questions: 

Do I have to have Instagram?

Not if you don't want to! Our activity ideas will be on Instagram, but the more in depth photo tutorials for those ideas will be provided to you by email. We will however be sharing some helpful tips and lots of inspiration on our Instagram account, so we'd love to have you join us there.  (Fun fact - if you type in your browser you can see our feed without signing up ) But you can also sign up for a free Instagram account and keep all your settings anonymous and private - that's a good options too.

 Will there be a Facebook group?

Aaaah, I see you must be a veteran PFP Bootcamper. While we do indeed usually run our courses and specials via Facebook groups, this time we decided to take a slightly more low key approach to the whole thing and have a play on Instagram. Who knows, maybe TikTok next! ( is that where all the kids are at?)

Do I need a camera?

No. But you'll have more fun if you do! Here is the thing - you can absolutely join in just for the activity ideas and just do that. You can join in with the activities and snap on your phone. BUT if you dust off that camera, AND follow our photo instructions, you can virtually be guaranteed that you'll end this summer with a fantastic photo album, full of joy! 

Will you teach me how to shoot in Manual?

We could! But not in this course. Our Summer camp is all about having a bit of fun with photography - remembering the big 'why' when it comes to photographing kids and focusing on seeing differently and taking it one activity at a time. Yes, there will be some technical pointers on individual activity tutorials but the aim is not to focus on the camera know-how. Come September, our regular courses which balance the technical with the creative will restart again and if you want to learn what your camera does and how ( and why you should or shouldn't care - that's one ones you want! )

Best Ice cream flavour?

Rum and Raisin. With real rum. And no raisins. Actually, hold the cream, pour the rum in a glass with ice cubes and some pineapple. Close enough?