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The Ultimate Summer Photography Guide


Summer is: ice cream, paddling pools, trips to the park, the smell of suncream, hot weather, relaxed days, exciting days, lots of play time, flying a kite, building a sandcastle, discovering new trees to climb, playing with chalks and melting in the summer heat.

But how do you photograph it well?

What is The Ultimate Summer Photography Guide?

Ever went out for a day out with your kids and the camera and then found yourself taking the same photo over and over again? Or being so wrapped up in the moment that you literally forget what other angles you could try or what to set your focus to or what kind of more creative photos you might want to take? The Ultimate Summer Photography Guide is like a trusty friend that will remind you what to photograph and more importantly, provide the info on HOW to capture it, even if you're a beginner. 

It comes in TWO versions: 

The FULL Ultimate Summer Photo Guide

Photography instructions for 25 key summer-time activities and unmissable photos to capture : from days at the seaside to splashing in your own paddling pool, from zooming around on bikes and scooters, to lazying about on a picnic, from catching the sunset to picking your own fruit ( full list of topics here). Each activity and photo variations explained in depth. 

Summer Photo Guide companion

A 'light' version of the guide optimised for mobile viewing so that you can simply glance and get all the key prompts without zooming in and out and trying to read small print in the glaring sun. 

It's a bit like having me in your pocket for the summer, helping you set up your photos and suggesting what to photograph.

what's inside? 

20 summery topics - activities you are likely to indulge in the summer!

We help you answer questions like :

  • How do I make the water in my photos sparkle? 
  • How to deal with hard summer light 
  • What to capture on your tip to the museum? 
  • How to photograph the golden hour
  • How to protect your camera from water when staying by the pool
  • How to capture your family by the campfire 
  • How to photograph beautiful landscapes


How do we do it?

it's a 4 step process 

Each topic in the guide follow the same tried and tested approach we introduced in a Summer Photo project last year. We know this approach works and we know it can really help you expand your photographic range, capture more varied photos and even serve as a prompt for those days when you don't really know what to do with your kids! 

Step 1 : The shot list : What to photograph?

This is where we help you plan for what you may want to capture, breaking it down into types of shots and highlighting any 'mustn't miss' photos

Step 2 : composition and your posititioning

This is where we give you specific advice on how ti positin yourself and your camera best to capture specific shots and what composition elements to look out for in that particular scenario

Step 3 : Light

This is where we give you specific advice with regards to light conditions you are likely to encounter and how to handle it as well as how you can use the light to enhance your image further

step 4 : camera and lenses

This is where we help you set your camera up for success and where we can advise what lenses to pick and why

This will make capturing your family in summer SO MUCH EASIER! Like following a recipe! 


  The Ultimate Guide will be released on the 4th of July   - just in time to cover the whole of your summer! 

The Ultimate Summer Photo Guide, the pocket companion and Fundamentals Of PhotoGraphy for Parents Bundle


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