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Creativity exercise – see the bigger picture!

There is a certain trend amongst new photographer, especially when it comes to photographing children and that’s to get very very close to them. It’s partly because we like to see these details : the chubby little toes, the gorgeous eyelashes, the gummy smiles – you name it. It is also partly because we are […]

5 things to do to make your snow photos look great!

“Did you SEE that Mummy! We can go an build a snowman! And play snowballs and …” Here are out 5 top things to do if you want your snow photos to look beautiful. 1. Change your White Balance to ‘cloudy’  Your camera doesn’t really understand pure white ( and pure black for that effect […]


How well do you know your camera?

How well do you know your camera? Does your camera have no secrets from you or do you know how to make it do exactly what you want it to? Do you know your way around all your buttons and dials, or are the number appearing on your screen filling you with dread? Take our […]