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You know already that you can win one of our courses in tonight's prize draw. If you're new to us, you also hopefully got a gist of what we are about and what a learning experience might look like with us. But if you're not sure, let me just give you the lowdown on our Fundamentals of Photography for Parents course 

What is the Fundamentals of Photography for Parents course?

The Fundamentals of Photography for Parents is a 6 week course designed to help you learn how to work with your camera and how to capture your families in a natural environment.

We built it up to cover not just the camera skills ( knowing what the buttons do, without understanding why and how you might use them is pointless) but also all the other elements that come together to help you capture a beautiful moment skilfully - understanding composition, understanding visual storytelling and understanding light. Between these 4, you have the fundamentals of photography covered.

Who is if for?

Any parent out there who wants to learn to take better photos of their kids! But specifically, level wise, the fundamentals course is suitable for levels from complete beginner ( 'I've never used a camera other than on auto' or 'I only just got my first camera') to intermediate ('I've dabbled a bit and self taught myself stuff but it seems patchy' or 'I've done a short course that taught me the camera basics but don't feel confident when capturing my kids).

If you're beyond those, I'd recommend going straight for our Advanced Level 2 course where we teach you the secrets to shooting in full manual ( no, not just how to do it, but how to have a strategy for any environment, how to override what your camera thinks is right and get creative instead. That plus several other advanced topics like low key photography or capturing emotions. It's a big one, I promise. 

If you're not sure which level may be right for you, here is a handy questionnaire that can help. 

How does it work?

What you don't know about me is that way before I started Photography for Parents, I was a Learning designer concerned about how people learn and what makes a good and effective learning journey. Thanks to that, our courses these days have a near 90% completion rate vs around 15% for other online courses on average. ( and if you think that's low, think of all the online courses you started but never finished or even opened!)   

The reasons our courses work so well is a combination of well designed instruction materials ( you may have got a glimpse of that through this bootcamp ) and a tonne of support available for you. Here is how the course works:

The course consists of 5 core modules, plus a bonus, idea-bank module. It's spread over 6 weeks, including a break week after the first 3 weeks. And here are the key components:

1.The core materials:

Each week, on Monday morning we open a new module which focuses on a specific building block in your photography education. We start with camera know how, followed by composition and light. You don't have to be online when your module opens, you can simply access the materials at the most convenient time for you, either directly on our site, or in the form of a downloadable pdf. 

More time means also far less pressure than in the Bootcamp! 

2. The live class

Each week, we run a live webinar class in which we go over the week's materials, answer your questions, show additional examples, explain techniques and chat to you. These are held in the evenings - typically from 8.00 or 8.30 pm and are recorded so that if you can't access them live, you can always rewatch them

3. The home assignments and personal feedback

Each week you get given a home assignment to help you practice what we cover in that particular week. You submit your images to your instructor and receive a personal, video feedback in which your instructor goes image by image to provide you in depth feedback. ( a bit like what I did in my live feedback video in Bootcamp - you can still watch it  here ) This means the advice is fully tailored to you and your progress.

4. The support group

Each individual course run gets a dedicated support Facebook group which is where you can connect with your course-mates, communicate with your instructor and get additional help and support. Our courses are limited in numbers per group to ensure that you get the right amount of support and instructor time. 

After you complete your course, you are invited to our long standing Alumni group where we run weekly and monthly themes and where you will find lost of likeminded parents sharing their love for photography.  

Between those 4 support elements, you are guaranteed to progress and get better week on week. Did I mention we have a roughly 90% course completion rates and everyone who joins in progresses, and progresses well! And that's a promise! 

What do you need?

A camera. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, but you do need to be able to use manual and semi manual modes - usually marked with letter such as A or AV, S or TV, M and P. If in doubt, ask us! 

OR NOT - we can rent you a camera! The rental is free of charge, we only ask for a security deposit  which comes back to you when the camera comes back to us. 

Who are our Instructors?

We have some amazing instructors waiting for you! Michaela Strivens, Alannah Hebbert, Alex Tandy, Lisa Friday - they are all seasoned pros specialising in photographing children and families with years of experience under their belt. They are very skilled at capturing children in their natural environment, being their authentic selves, showing their true personalities. There is a wealth of knowledge gained both in their professional lives and as photo parents themselves! But as well as being amazing photographers, they are also fabulous teachers - understanding, patient, encouraging and able to make complex concepts easy to understand. 

When? How?

All our courses for this year are now fully sold out - sorry. We are now booking classes starting from January. Both our Fundamentals and Advanced courses as well as Photoshop will be starting in January, closely followed by Editing in Lightroom and Flash ( February) . BUT if you book a course with us now, you have until the end of 2022 to take your chosen course! 

If I don't win, is there an offer???




it will only be available for an hour afterwards OR until the number of discounted spaces runs out.  SPEED is your friend!


£259   £129 or 2 instalments of £64.50  or 4 instalments of £32.25

50 %



£259   £159 or 2 instalments of £79.50  or 4 instalments of £39.75




£179   £129 or 2 instalments of £64.50  or 4 instalments of £32.25




£179   £129 or 2 instalments of £64.50  or 4 instalments of £32.25




Single course: £179   £129 or 2 instalments of £79.50  or 4 instalments of £39.75

Photoshop bundle ( level 1 and 2) : £199 or 2 instalments of £99.50  or 4 instalments of £49.75