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FREE access to our Introductory Photography course - the Clickstarter

Free access to Clickstarter - our introductory photography course that will give you a kickstart ( see what we did here? ) into children's photography and set you up just right for the Fundamentals course .

Inside :

  • 5 lessons - Video + text + inspiration images
  • no technical jargon, focus on composition and storytelling
  • you don't even need a 'proper' camera - phone cameras are fine!  
FREE - Check out our guide to cameras and lenses

Do you know your mirrorless from your your DSLR? Or your prime lens from your standard lens? Or whether or not you should care about Full frame and crop sensor? Or as a beginner, what level camera do you ACTUALLY need? 

Well, we've got you - we created a guide to cameras and lenses that answers those questions in a simple language that demistifies the technical jargon.

Clicking joy - A busy parents guide to everyday photos

How do you photograph your child on the swings, on the beach, at sunset, playing with bubbles.We have all the answers inside our Photography Guides Collection - created for busy parents who want to photograph their kids better on the go!  Filled to the brim with practical, hands on advice for specific situations and available also as a handy pocket guide - desigened for optimal reading on your phone. It's like having us in your pocket whenever you need photography advice!