How do I photograph my child on the swings, on the beach, at sunset, playing with bubbles...

We have all the answers inside our Photography Guides - created for busy parents who want to photograph their kids better on the go! 

Picture this: 

You're at the local playground, your kids are having fun at the swings and you want to take some great looking photos of them having fun. But it's all looking a bit blah - they're flying sky high and yet it doesn't look remotely the same in your photos. 

But what if you could whip up a guide that will have all the answers?

  • composition ideas specifically for that activity - so you know what to do whether it's the swings, picking fruit or underwater photography
  • clearly explained examples and inspiration photos - so you can capture more, better, VARIED! photos
  • where to position yourself and how to angle your camera for best photos - so you know exactly how to achieve a particular photo rather than getting frustrated



A Parent's guide to everyday photos

An essential collection of practical photo guides created for busy parents who want to photograph their kids better on the go! 

What's covered in our Photo Guide collection?

Guides for when you want to capture your kids doing their regular things...

Guides for when you are  out and about...

Guides for your   summer adventures...

I created the guides because I would have killed for having an easy reference like this when I was starting up.

 I still get sad thinking about all those memories I could have captured, and hours spent frustrated, not understanding why a photo just wasn't turning out how I wanted it! 

And these guides, it's a bit like having me in your pocket, suggesting what to capture, from what angle and how!

I just devoured every single guide and I love them! I now have Ania in my pocket! What a brilliant resource! 

Steph B.

Love them! Love the reminders of best angles to shoot and things to be mindful of in all the different situations and I LOVE the bingo sheets, it really helps to get the kids involved - we finished the play park bingo the other day 

Gemma H.

I love the fact that it’s split by themes, which makes it super easy to get a quick refresher. I’ve used it with the husband to explain and illustrate what I meant without getting too boring or technical.

Aubelia B.

a foolproof method

Each guide follows our signature tried and tested approach, following 4 steps:  

Step 1 : The shot list : What to photograph? 

This is where we help you plan for what you may want to capture, breaking it down into types of shots and highlighting any 'mustn't miss' photos

Step 2 : Composition and your positioning

This is where we give you specific advice on how to position yourself and your camera best to capture specific shots and what composition elements to look out for in that particular scenario

Step 3 : Light

This is where we give you specific advice with regards to light conditions you are likely to encounter and how to handle it as well as how you can use the light to enhance your image further

Step 4 : Camera and lenses

This is where we help you set your camera up for success and where we can advise what lenses to pick and camera settings to pay attention to. 


Full size PDF guides

Practical, specific, actionable photo instructions for specific activities, Each activity and photo variations explained in depth with advice on what to photograph and exactly how to go about it.

The Pocket Companion

A 'light' version of the guide optimised for mobile viewing so that you can simply glance and get all the key prompts without zooming in and out and trying to read small print in the glaring sun. 

Bingo Sheets

Mobile size optimised sheet of single word prompts for each activity - to whip up when you're out and about and inspiration dries up. 

Having those in your pocket means that you're never without advice on how to capture something!

Planning a trip somewhere like the flower fields? No problem:


>>> Pick a relevant Full Guide from the collection and read through it before you set off.

>>> When you're there, open the Pocket Companion guide on your phone so you can quickly reference back to just the info you need - all the key points presented in a visual way, slimmed down and formatted for an easy viewing photo format.

>>>And then, get your kids to help complete the Bingo sheet! EASY! No stress, and no faff.

Look INSIDE the guide 


  • Everything you need, in your pocket, when and where you need it most
  • All the concepts and topics clearly explained and illustrated
  • Everything applies specifically to taking photos of kids - this is not another general 5 tips for... kind of guide. We're Photography for Parents. We know! 
  • Everything is illustrated with amazing photo examples and diagrams that help you visualise how you need to go about to capture the photos.
  • They teach you to think like a photographer - about what you want to capture, what you see and how you can make your camera capture it well!
  • The big guide is there when you want to plan for the the activity and understand things in depth. The pocket guide is there to give you the core info, without any embellishments and with easy to relate to graphics. The Bingo cards are there so you never miss an important shot!
  • The guide comes in separate files for each topic so you can just download what you need for the day and go! 
  • It’s like having a PRO photographer looking over your shoulder and advising you on what to shoot and how!
  • This will never be a resource that sits neatly filed at the depths of your computer - they will be your daily companion
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When you just need the ONE thing

  • single topic full guide
  • no Pocket Guide
  • No Bingo card


How do I get my chosen guide or collection?

After you purchase the Guide, you will receive an automated email with a link to download all your files. Give our system 5 min to get it over to you and if for whatever reason you've not received it after, please get in touch at

Who is it for? 

These guides are specifically designed for parents, interested in taking better photos of their kids. We are parents ourselves, so we know the pressure points, how kids are in their normal lives and what are the most important thigs to get right! 

Do I need a level of photographic knowledge to use the guide?

The guide follows 4 steps - the first 3 steps : What to photograph, Composition and Light can be easily applied to the photos by anyone and on any camera - even your phone. The final step - Camera and lenses will contain a little more technical information in some of the guides, simply because to achieve certain effects you need a little bit of camera know how. This will vary from subject to subject as some are just more technical than others but it's usually it's nothing advanced and the majority of the info in the guide will still stand on its own. 

Do I need a camera to use it? 

Ideally - yes. But the majority of the info - excluding some of the technical elements in some of the topics - can be applied to any camera, even your mobile phone. 

Do you do other courses? 

YES WE DO! If you're new to Photography or your camera know how is a bit patchy, but you want to learn how to consistently capture beautiful images of your kids - check out our Photography for Parents Fundamentals! 

Can I get the Pocket guide alone? 

No, you can only get it when bundled with the full versions.

Can I get individual topics rather than the collection? 

Yes you can! If you only need one or two topics, purchasing them separately may make sense, but if you want more, the collection is a much better option! 

Love, Love, Love it!!! So much value and I really like having the pocket guides and bingo sheets as a quick reminder when out and about too

Jenny J.

I really like it, the technical bits are useful reminders and the examples are fab inspiration. 

Catherine M.

I use my phone for most things so have downloaded the pocket guide for quick reference and I love how visual it is. 

Sian T.