Even if you are intimidated by your camera, your kids don't like to sit still and you pretty much just resigned yourself to snapping their childhood on your phone.


Photography for Parents Fundamentals 

A 6 week Photography course designed to help you learn all the key photography skills that you will need to drastically improve your children's photos - from camera know-how, light and composition, specific recipes to help you capture typical situations and getting it all right on the fly - yeah, our kids don't sit still either.


Learn the steps and techniques to taking photos that capture your children for who they truly are. Go from snaps to photos you'll be proud to frame for your walls in a few short weeks. 

Perfect for any Mum or Dad or grandparent out there who wants to capture memories you will treasure, not just phone snaps. 

Just listen to Hannah:

"Absolutely, without a doubt, the best money I have ever spent on anything kid related. I so wish i had done these courses 6 years ago, just before my 1st was born.
I recommend this to anyone who has kids and likes to take photos of them, so pretty much any parent, ever! My photography has improved significantly and I'm just sad the course are over, i have loved everything about them!"

Hannah Slater

Because this matters. 

Because we just don't get do-overs with kids. There is no such thing as second-first steps.  Because all their little quirks, all the big and little moments that shape their lives and their childhoods are something that only YOU as parents see and appreciate fully.  And they are the thing that make them who they are.

There is simply no outside photographer who can come in and capture those unique things because nobody knows your children like you do.


  • How to finally, actually, properly use your camera - no more cryptic buttons and the 'oh no! what have I pressed now?!' panic. Life's too short to be intimidated by your camera
  • The precise steps and 'recipes' to help you capture all sorts of different situations - whether your kids are indoors on a dark and dreary day or tearing through the park in the sun
  • How to see the world and your children through a photographers eyes and learn to compose your photographs on the fly so they truly reflect the beauty you see
  • How to capture beautiful, print ( or let's face it - instagram) worthy images of your children the way they really are, their personalities, their unique beauty, their big and little moments 
  • How to get great photos CONSISTENTLY - I mean the spray and pray method is fine, but wouldn't it be nice to have confidence your images will turn out the way you want them? 
  • How to learn to notice and capture the little details, the big picture, the whole story of your children growing up. BEAUTIFULLY. 



Before I set up Photography for Parents, over 10 years ago, I was a professional educator and course design pro.
Photography for Parents marries my 2 great loves - photography and educating. #livingthedream 


If you have bought an online course before, then gave up half way through because ... life.. - well, we are a bit different.  

This is A LOT more than a bunch of random tutorials. This is a proper, well designed, supported and paced course that genuinely delivers.


The one with all the materials:

5 core course modules,  introduced on a weekly basis, plus a bonus wraparound module ( more on that below) - courses accessible  online and in pdf version  

The one with all the people:

you're not going through the course on your own - as part of the course you join an online peer support group, moderated daily by the instructor, where you connect, get help and go through this journey together with other parents like you.

The one with all the answers:

every week we run an live online class which is where your instructor goes through the key parts of your course, answers live questions and demonstrates techniques and additional illustration photos. The Live classes are run in the evening ( after the kids are in bed) and are always recorded in case you couldn't join in live

The one that's all about you:

Every week comes with homework to help you practice the elements we introduce in the modules. You submit those images to your instructor on a weekly basis and receive thorough, photo-by-photo, video feedback from your instructor - so it's all about you and your progress, nobody else's

The one with the bonuses:

a PDF workbook to help you go through the materials and practice the skills, handy cheat sheets formatted for your phone so you can whip them out on the go plus a Bonus wrap-up module with swipe files of photo ideas for children at different ages, handy checklists and more! 

The one after it's over:

we don't just leave you on your lonesome after the course is over - you get access to a=our Alumni group - a Photography for Parents Clique if you will - which is where we continue supporting you, answering your questions, encouraging you to take photos through weekly and monthly challenges and peer support

What Aoife thought: 

"What an amazing group and course. I’m so delighted I found PfP. Without doubt the BEST decision ever... I did it at just the right time when the kids were small and the memories which I have captured have been amazing. My photos are so precious to us and I know will be wonderful memories for the kids to look back on as they grow up. If you love photos and want to capture some precious memories.... get in touch... you will have such an amazing photograph journey with lots of support and encouragement"

Aoife Crawford Bonner

Photographing Children: 

Fundamentals of Photography for Parents


  • 5 core course modules
  • Support Facebook group
  • Weekly online Live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images
  • BONUS:  extra module with ideas bank for photographing children of all ages 
  • BONUS: PDF course workbook
  • BONUS: Printable and mobile friendly Cheat Sheets



We have a nearly 90% completion rate on our courses! 
That's students who not just signed up, but actively participated, submitted homework, joined in the webinars.
this is against the general average of just 10 - 18% for most online courses out there! 

But will it work for me? - our guarantee

We know our course works. We have seen a few thousands of students go through our courses and really improve.

BUT, if you find that you gave it a go, gone through a couple of modules and it just doesn't work for you, you haven't learnt anything new, it's the wrong level for you, you haven't improved - we will simply refund you in full. Simple as that! 

Just look at Andrea's photos! 

Let me just tell you this. The most common thing we hear from our students is :

"I wish I had done it sooner"

Because the longer you wait, the more irreplacable moments you miss, the older the kids get, the more they change. There are no do-overs with kids, no second-first steps, no second- first smiles. It just doesn't work that way. And if you change nothing about the way you do things...well, the results wont change

Photography for Parents Fundamentals


2 ways to learn with us:

OPTION 1: Fully immersed : 

where you get all the materials, all the personal support, all the bonuses. It's THE best way to learn and get the most of our course if you ask us! 

OPTION 2: Light Touch

All the core learning materials and bonus materials but excluding some of the interactive elements such as our live class, personal feedback on your images as well as the support group - perfect for the more independent students  

Light Touch

Core learning resources and follow on  Photography for Parents community 


  • 5 core modules in Pdf form
  • Bonus Idea Bank Module
  • Access to Alumni Facebook Group
  • Weekly Online live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images
  • PDF course workbook
  • Printable cheet sheets

Are you ready to get started? 

You are reading this because you want to take better photos of your children. You want to capture the memories - big and little ones. and you want to capure them in a way that shows the same magic you saw with your own eyes. 

But to get there, you need to make that first step - change the way you approach your camera and photography, move away from snaps and start creating photographs that last. 

This is where we come in. Join us - we'll help.

What photographic knowledge do I need to start the course?

I can't tell if I need a Fundamentals or Advanced course

What do I need for the course?

What happens in the course? How does it actually work?

What camera do I need? Does it need to be a Pro camera?

Will I improve? I’m not an ‘artist’ type 


Module 1: See what your camera sees

Our first module is dedicated to breaking you our of the snapping habit and giing you a fresh perspective. We show you how your camera sees the world differently than what you might expect in three major ways - the optics. the focus and the light.

Major Takeaways:

At the end of the module you will have gained full control of your focus - no more guessing game and kids turning out all blurry, you will also gain an insight of how to use your lens ( there is a skill to it) and how to let the light help make your subjects stand out.

What's included:

  • The importance of focus and what it does to our brain 
  • Taking control of your focus - the Where and HOW your camera focuses
  • Mastering focus formula - a process to help you determine what settings to use for each occassion
  • To zoom or not to zoom and how it changes what and how your camera sees
  • Learning how your camera sees the light and how to make it better, especially with tricky light
  • learning how to shoot against the light - like a bright window and NOT end up with the person looking all dark

Module 2: On exposure and all things sharp and blurry

In our second module we take you off the auto setting and dive deep into learning about exposure - i.e. making sure that your images are not too dark or bright or blurry. BUt not only that, we pay special attention to how to make some of the things in your image sharp and others blurry through the use of specific compbinations of settings 

Major Takeaways:

How to work your camera in priority ( semi-manual) modes, how to capture detail or portraits with a great separation of sharp and blurry to make these elements stand out. 

What's included:

  • understanding the mechanics of your camera - how does a photo actually happen inside
  • taking your camera firmly OFF the Auto settings - learning the key factors ( aperture, shutter speed and ISO) and how they interact with one another
  • How to capture portraits and those precious detail shots beautifully 
  • switching to Aperture priority and controlling your aperture - the how and the why
  • taking control of what in your image will be sharp and what will be blurry - hello full control over blurry backgrounds, blurry foregrounds and pin sharp subjects in between. 

Module 3: Capturing movement 

One of my favourite modules, dedicated to helping you capture your kids in motion - whether they're wriggling babies, speey crawlers,  wobbly toddlers or perpertual-motion-machines that most children are. We learn how to match your focus settings, your shutter settings and your composition to capture great movement photos. 

Major Takeaways:

Learn how to capture your children on the move, SHARP but also how to use blur and speed to really showcase and highlight movement. Big AH-HA moments here! 

What's included:

  • switching your camera to shutter priority and mastering MOVEMENT
  • learning how to capture moving things SHARP - yes, that includes those fast movingbaby arms and legs
  • learning how to capture moving things BLURRY - and why would you want to do it?
  • learning how to highlight action and energy and speed  in your images and how to help yourself with composition
  • creative techniques like night time light trails or panning or creative blur
  • how to use your focus settings on top of your shutter settings to help capture things sharp

Module 4: And then there was LIGHT

We should call this module the AH-HA module because there are so many discovery moments here. Learning how just turning around or taking 3 steps to a side will change the light in your image completely and take your image from MEH to WOW. Learning how the kind of light you have will result in a completely different look. 

Major Takeaways:

How to find good light in your o=home and outside, how to use light in a way that enhances your images, how to find great light for a portrait and how to find beauty in the shadows. And if you have never thought about either of these, this is probably why your images so far are not consistently great

What's included:

  • Learning to see the different QUALITIES of light and how they influence your images
  • discovering how to find good light in your home and outside
  • learning what kind of light might be best for moody portraits and light and light abd airy baby shot

  • learning to see the light - really see where it comes from, how it affects your child and how to bend it to your will
  • learning how sometimes just turning around will make the hugest difference to the way your image looks
  • getting creative with light : bokeh, light flares, startbursts, halo effect and more! 

Module 5: Photographic composition and storytelling

Although we introduce elements of photographic composition throughout the course, this is the module entirely dedicated to it. We look at composition not just as a set of arbitraty rules, but more as something that helps you express what you really see and feel. We look at photographic storytelling and helping your images get look more impactful and stronger

Major Takeaways:

Good photographic composition principles to help you really show the magic you are seeing. At the end of this module you will say goodbye to boring flat photos and will instead start taking rich images with lots of depth and eye catching composition. 

What's included:

  • understanding how we 'read' photographs and how to compose so that the magic YOU see translates into what the others see when they pick up that photo
  • fundamental rules of photo composition - we started you off with the rule of thirds but there is MORE
  • Good crops, bad crops, crazy crops and everything in between
  • storytelling through your photographs - how to make your images mean something and show something real, beyond 'my child looks cute here'
  • getting creative and expressing yourself through photographs 
  • learning to go beyond your usual compositions and discovering different styles

BONUS Module 6: Idea Bank : Photographing children at different ages

This last module is a bit different. We us it to give you lots of ideas for photos with children of different ages - from photographing milestones to capturing what's unique about them at a particular stage and really getting into their world to capture where they're at. The module is packed with ready to take ideas and will let you take all that you have learned in the first 5 modules and apply it in real life sitautions. We also help you think ahead to the next steps in your photography education - should you want to continue. 

  • 5 core course modules
  • Support Facebook group
  • Weekly online Live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images
  • BONUS:  extra module with ideas bank for photographing children of all ages 
  • BONUS: PDF course workbook
  • BONUS: Printable and mobile friendly Cheat Sheets