If you want to take better pictures of your kids this is the course to take! I've tried several others and this is by far the best. - Emma M.



Learn to photograph your children BEAUTIFULLY. For the memories that last.

Learn the steps and techniques to taking photos that capture your children for who they truly are. Go from snaps to photos you'll be proud to frame for your walls in a few short weeks. 

Do you know that sinking feeling...

where you see your child do something magical, with a smile that melts your soul, in the most beautiful surroundings and you quickly grab your camera and take the photo and look back at it and... it's MEH. At best. The magic is gone.

Or when you tale 27464 photos in one go, only to find that 3 are 'somewhat good and out of those, 1 missed the focus and in the other one your child has one of their eyes closed. 

Or maybe, you were getting rubbish photos, so you upgraded to a fancy camera in the hope that this would fix it, maybe even learned how to fiddle with some of the settings, but the photos are still not what you TRULY see? 

And then it seems like everyone and their dog on instagram is taking better photos than you?

Been there, done that, got the Tshirt. 

And so has pretty much any parent who comes to our courses, so you're in great company! 

Here is what I learned:

Great photos are not about the camera. . 

You need to learn to see your children through the camera like a photographer. You need to understand what the camera,  that awesome tool, does, and how to make it do what you need for your photo. You need some grounding in composition because that's how you make your vision come alive. And you need to understand light because without light, there is no photography. You need to learn not just the theory, but how these things make a difference in practice. 

  • Like how with a flick of your wrist on your lens you can make your baby look like themselves or a bit wonky ( we all have those photos!)
  • Like how changing your camera angle can make the clutter from your image disappear and your child stand out and truly grab your heart.
  • Like why when you take the photo from one side of your child, you get a flat boring picture, but stepping to the other side of them, you get sparkling light and colour and magic.

And that's before we even touched any of the confusing buttons and dials.

And if it seems like a lot, don't worry.

Our FUNDAMENTALS course takes you through it step by step, block by block, building one on top of the other with a precise order that takes you from camera know-how to the softer, composition and light and storytelling elements so that by the end, you are taking photos like these, in just 6 weeks:

*actual student photos paked as part of our Fundamentals course homework

The important thing:

In the few short weeks which take your from our first module to the last ( 6 weeks) - you will see a massive transformation of your images. We see it with every new group of students. Just have a read through our reviews to see for yourself. And you don't need mega expensive gear - most our students start with a standard, entry level DSLR or mirrorless camera.  ( check out our FAQs at the bottom of the page if you're not sure about yours )

Those photos up there - that could be you - you could be taking beautiful images of your child, capturing their spirit, their character and their beautiful smiles. 

The clue is in the name. 

This is a course created by parents, for parents. We have been teaching parents how to capture their children beautifully for 9 years now. Our instructors are consumate pros and lifestyle family and children's photography is what they specialise in. We know the challenges that come with photographing children ( our kids misbehave too and refuse to perform in front of your camera just like yours), we know the challenges of photographing kids at home ( bad light and clutter anyone? or is it just me?) , we know that often, the only time you have to yourself is when the kids are in bed ( so our live classes are scheduled in the evenings so you can still join in).

3 more reasons why:

  • You will  FINALLY learn to PROPERLY use your camera. No more being intimidated by strange buttons dials and acronyms. No more guesswork, no more of that sinking feeling when you press something accodentally and you donlt know what it did or how to undo it. Actually learn what to do to with all of them and why!
  • You will learn the strategies for capturing different types of photos - from fast action shots - when they zoom on their biles or crawl at lightning speed, to gorgeous , moody portraits and everything in between. 
  • You will learn how to notice, celebrate and document your children's big and little moments, beautifully. No external hired photographer, however good, will ever be able to see your children the way you see them, at their most tender moments and get those photos. 

Absolutely, without a doubt, the best money i have ever spent on anything kid related. I so wish i had done these courses 6 years ago, just before my 1st was born. I recommend this to anyone who has kids and likes to take photos of them, so pretty much any parent, ever! My photography has improved significantly and I’m just sad the course are over, I have loved everything about them! "– Hannah Slater

“I can’t recommend the programmes highly enough. The instructors are knowledgeable and inspiring and the course materials easy to digest. I had never picked up a proper camera beforethe course  and found I was taking better shots within days of the starting the course. If you want to create some truly beautiful photographs of your children but feel a little intimidated by anything other than your phone, this is the course for you! " – Michaela Strivens 

Here is what you get:

6 weekly course modules covering all key aspects of photography ( camera know how, composition, light and visual storytelling) with a focus on kids. Each weekly module focuses on a different key area and they all build one on top of the other to give you strategies to cover all kinds of situations and photos.

Weekly live online class ( always recorded in case you can’t join in live) to answer any additional queries, explain techniques, provide extra personal help. We schedule these for the evenings ( after 8.30pm) to allow for bedtimes. We're parents - we know! 

Personalised, constructive, uplifting feedback and advice on your photos - every week you get a home assignment to help you try out your newly learned skills and we feedback on your images in detail. That is one of the things our students value the most - just check out our testimonials! I believe words like 'the feedback alone is worth the price!' have been used there more than once! 

Private support group to cover all your questions, for daily inspiration, ad hoc tutorials and connecting with your fellow students. 

Materials accessible from your desktop or mobile devices or as a downloadable pdf - this should go without saying but being an online course, it's accessible from any device. And if you prefer to print and annotate things - there is a pdf version for that at th end of each module.

Aftercare - we don't just leave you to your own deviced after the course - you are invited to our Alumni group with loads of active members at different stages of their photography journey - from newbies to those who have made a move into professional photography, answering each other's questions, helping, supporting and inspiring each other daily. Many a genuine friendships and in-person meet-ups have been forged there!

You will surprise yourself at how much you’ll pick up in a few short weeks. 

Here are just some of the skills you’ll have learnedby the end of the Level 1 course:

  • how to take lovely, flattering portraits
  • creating meaningful, candid photos that truly tell the story of your kids
  • highlighting your kids little details – toes, eyelashes..
  • capturing your kids in action – hops, jumps, sprints, fun on the swings and more
  • creative  techniques such as photographing fireworks, water play, silhuettes and a lot more
  • rules of composition to apply even to your phone snaps – those will improve too!
  • making the most of your home light and finding beautiful light outside
  • plus a lot more!


Next Fundamentals course starts 13th Jan 2020

30 active spaces available ONLY
course cost : £229 ( payment plans available) 

Just for comparison, this is less than an average pro photographer photo session with a handful of small format photos. For a lifelong skill. And a lifetime of photos to cherish.

But what do I actually get ?

Our Fundamentals course is  6 weeks of solid, intensive learning, inclusive of 5 core modules, 1 week break to allow for additional practice and an additional bonus module with advice on follow on practice and development. 

The Key thing you get with us:  personal feedback on your photos from the tutor ( delivered in video format) , daily support and advice on our Support FB group and weekly live online class . 

I hear you have questions: 

What photographic knowledge do I need to start the course?

What do I need for the course?

What happens in the course? How does it actually work?

What camera do I need? Does it need to be a Pro camera?

Will I improve? I’m not an ‘artist’ type