People often assume that to get good photos you need a really expensive camera or be a born artist who will ‘just know’ how to capture a good photo. Not true.

You can capture great images with any camera – as long as you know what you’re doing with it. And you can compose beautiful photographs even if you don’t think of yourself as ‘artistic’. Learning composition fundamentals and basic photography principles will make your images better. Everyone can improve.

We know there is no such thing as ‘spare time’ with children and that you need to see the results quickly.

We’ve been there, we’re parents ourselves. So we focus on things that will make the biggest and immediate difference to your kids photos and just help you capture your children better, more naturally. We know it works, hundreds of students have transformed their family photos with us and some have even moved on to launch careers in photography themselves! ( we still keep in touch via our alumni group on Facebook!)

So the only thing left for you to do is to decide : do you want to learn with us online? Or ( if you’re in the London or Surrey area) in a group in-person workshop?


What makes our courses WORK is that unlike many other options out there, you are fully supported, always with access to your instructor and with feedback and advice tailored to YOU – to support YOUR learning

  • Learn at your best time, fitting around your kids or work
  • Access course materials on your desktop, tablet or mobile – or as a printable PDF
  • Get support via weekly live Q&A classes, dedicated support forum and a private Facebook group
  • Receive detailed feedback and advice on your photos and further growth
  • The aftercare – our Alumni group is an amazing source of support and inspiration long after the courses are finished.

You ALWAYS get help, your’re NEVER alone with your questions and EVERYONE improves!


Parents come to us at different stages of their lives, their children’s ages and also different levels of photographic knowledge and needs. There is no point making you go through the basics of you already shoot in manual. We aim to offer a really well rounded photography education – centred around children’s photography, and that includes also other photography skills – such as learning to edit your images or shoot with Flash. Whatever your level or needs, we’ve got you covered!


Our flagship course which offers a solid foundation in photography and gives you everything you need to start taking better photos of your children – from camera know how to composition and understanding light. You will be seeing a difference to your images from the very first lesson – and that’s a promise!

Choose this course if you are a beginner or and early intermediate but you’d like to solidify your knowledge. Click below to see what’s covered in the course and whether it’s right for you.


Next natural step for those taking our Fundamentals course but open to those who have basic camera knowledge ( shoot in priority modes) and would like to learn more. We put lots of emphasis on creativity, storytelling, style and light in this course – if you’re up for a challenge – this is for you!

Choose this course if you are already friends with your camera but want to learn how to shoot creatively in full manual, how to go beyond the basic composition rules and start expressing yourself through photography.


A completely vital skill for any photographer out there. We guide you through the endless possibilities that editing your images can bring – but we show you exactly how all the controls affect your images and how to achieve the effects you’re after.

This course can be taken at any level though we recommend having at least some photography knowledge, or having taken our Fundamentals course first. The course teaches you how to edit with Adobe Lightroom – the most widely used photo editing software. Click below to find out more!


Scared of Flash? Never got good results from it? Not sure how it works with your camera? Thinking it’s bound to be complicated and just for studio work? This is the course for you! We show you how to work your flash and your camera – on and off camera! to get great, natural looking results

We recommend that this course is taken once you’re able to shoot in full manual so that you can fully appreciate how the two work together and how to control it. Please note you will need a detacheable flash in order to take part in the course.

I’ve taken thousands of photos of my daughter since she was born, but this course has really changed the way I approach my photography habit. I feel like I’m able to control the camera now, and have more of an idea how to get the results I want. Wish I’d found it sooner – but I’m still glad that we got the opportunity to take part.


Absolutely fantastic courses! A great way to learn how to really improve your approach to taking better pictures of your family. The online learning is clear and easily accessible and the feedback that you get on your photos really does develop your photography in a way that is encouraging, challenging and constructive.


I have tried photography courses before but nothing which has informed, inspired me and given me confidence like the PFP courses. The content is pitched at just the right level and everyone is so friendly and helpful. The related Facebook group is also fab for keeping up practice and being inspired by others – a very friendly, supportive group. I would highly recommend.