for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Not just for professionals

If you’re interested in photography, editing is an essential skill.  And it’s not just for Pros – today’s tools such as Lightroom are affordable, intuitive to use, powerful in its capabilities and non destructive to your images – that means you can always undo a process you applied to it but they go waaaaay beyond the ‘filters’ you may be familiar with from the free photo editing apps.

What you will learn:

Our Photo Editing course guides you through the photo editing process in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC from start to finish – from setting it up correctly, organising your collections and creating a workflow that works for you, through learning the capabilities of all the editing settings such as adjusting exposure or sharpening the images; all the way to printing and creating  photo books. We’ll show you how to create specific artistic effects ( high impact Black and white, vintage, sun-filled, vibrant etc ), and how to fix common photography problems ( grainy images, underexposed images, wrong colours etc). At the end of the course you will be able to confidently manage your photo collection with Lightroom, achieve desired artistic effects and make your photos truly stand out.



  • Setting up Lightroom to suit your workflow
  • Understanding the geography of Lightroom and the key settings
  • Managing your photos in Lightroom – catalogues, collections, imports and exports
  • Working in the Library module – sample edits, batch edits, reversing edits
  • Key shortcuts for Library module


  • Introduction to the Develop module
  • Basics on non-destructive editing
  • Key editing options : Basic panel: exposure, white balance, tone adjustment, the curve tool and luminosity / colour / saturation adjustment, sharpening and reducing noise
  • Correcting under-exposure and performing a “clean edit”
  • Downloading and using presets
  • Performing batch operations


  • Adding onto your clean edit
  • Using, creating and buying presets
  • Cropping, scaling and resizing images
  • Targeted adjustments:
    • spot removal and healing
    • graduated and radial filters
    • adjustment brush
  • Creative Black and white conversions
  • Creating a portrait edits : retouching and enhancing skin
  • Creating a different looks and styles using your Lightroom tools


  • The Print Module:
    • preparing your images for print, sharpening and creating custom templates
  • The Book Module
    • Understanding key Book Module settings and creating bespoke books
  • Editing in Lightroom Mobile
    • learning tips and tricks about working in the mobile version of the software and seamlessly connecting with your other devices
  • Introduction to Photoshop


The course set up

The course can be accessed in 2 ways – either as a self-paced, self study option ( where you get access to all the learning materials at once and make your way through it at your own pace) or Instructor led version – we call it Lightroom Live – which is instructor led, with weekly webinars and a support group on top of the learning materials you get with the self-paced option.

Photo Editing with Adobe Lightroom

  • next course date:  10 Jan 2022,
  • course fee: £179

Course pre-requisites:

Lightroom ( standalone software) or Lightroom Classic CC software installed on your computer ( please talk to us if you’re not sure which version or Lightroom to get – Adobe made it a bit confusing )

Getting Lightroom:

To fully participate in the course you will need to purchase Lightroom – the editing software from Adobe. At present there are 2 main versions of the software – Lightroom Classic CC ( mainly desktop based and still the most feature-rich version) and Lightroom CC – cloud based version of the software, available on desktops, tablets and mobiles as well as via web-browsers. Our course is mainly based on the Lightroom Classic version ( as it still has the most features out of the two, though Lightroom CC has been steadily growing) but we cover Lightroom CC comparison and unique features too. You have a couple of options when it comes to purchasing your software.

RECOMENDED : Lightroom Photography Plan – a monthly subscription at approx £9pm – including Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop. This plan can also be occasionally purchased at a lower price via Amazon if you purchase a year’s worth of subscription in one go ( average savings – around 2 months worth)

Lightroom Plan – Lightroom CC only with increased cloud storage – we do not recommend this plan as it restricts you to one version of software only. The increased Cloud storage can always be purchased as an add on or your plan can be switched from Photographer plan to CC only at a later stage if you prefer.