Photography for Parents

Editing in Lightroom

AKA : how to bring your photos to life

“You don't take a photograph. You make it" - Ansel Adams

Photography for Parents - Editing in Lightroom

Next course starts 11 March 2024 

Editing is an essential skill for anyone with even just a passing interest in photography.

Much as we try, we can't always get everything right in camera and editing tools help us bring our vision to life, help correct problems and allow our images to look beautifully polished.

 We teach how to do all these things in Adobe Lightroom because it's a powerful, intuitive and affordable tool used by Pros around the world for that very reason.

  • Course type: Instructor-led
  • Course duration: 4 weeks + prep module
  • Course format: Online course with interactive edit-along live classes, feedback on your learning and support group
what you learn:

From being able to correct issues such as over/under exposure, issues with colour or graininess to bringing your vision to life, creating mood and tone to your images, knowing how to use editing software is a must. But good and purposeful editing goes way beyond just slapping on a preset or a filter - in our course we teach you all about the tools - not just what all of them do but how, and we teach you how to know what to use and when to achieve certain effects.everything you need to allow you to style your photos, confidently use the software and fix common problems.

  •  editing to correct common photo problems
  •  creating good editing workflow 
  • using powerful precision tools
  • editing to achieve beautiful skin tones
  • using light and colour creatively
  • editing to bring out a mood of a feel

This is the course for you if :

  • Love taking photos but want them to look more polished  - with colours that pop and light that's perfectly balanced
  • You want to be able to fix common issues such as under- or overexposure, white balance or colour casts so that you never need to bin an image just because it wasn't right straight out of camera
  • You want to get more creative with light and colour to make the images look just like the moment felt. Bring on the moody edits or sun soaked edits or light kissed skin tones or creative black and white conversions
  • You want to confidently use the editing techniques so you can bring your vision to life every time, without guesswork
  • You want to be able to prepare your images for print so that your walls can beam with pride at the beauty that you captured

Next Editing in Lightroom course starts 11 March 2024 

  • 4 core course modules plus prep module
  • Support Facebook group
  • Weekly edit-along live webinar
  • Practice files to learn on
  • Feedback on your images

HERE IS WHAT YOU WILL LEARN in this course : 

Our Photo Editing in Lightroom course guides you through the photo editing process in Adobe Lightroom from start to finish – from setting it up correctly, organising your collections and creating a workflow that works for you, through learning the capabilities of all the editing tools - such as adjusting exposure, colours, light or sharpening the images; all the way to printing and creating  photo books.

We’ll show you how to create specific artistic effects ( high impact Black and white, vintage, light and airy, dark and moody etc ), and how to fix common photography problems ( grainy images, underexposed images, wrong colours etc). At the end of the course you will be able to confidently manage your photo collection with Lightroom, achieve desired artistic effects and make your photos truly stand out.

  • Getting around in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic - shooting in full manual - but with clarity and purpose
  • Correcting common problems - whether your photo started too dark or too bright, your child's face was in a shade, the white balance and colours were off, the grain was heavy, the light looked dull - you can fix it all within a couple of clicks in Lightroom
  • Using Lightroom's super powerful intelligent masking tools to quickly and efficiently edit specific parts of your image - from brightening up the eyes to rescuing overblown skies
  • Enhancing and adding beautiful light - light makes images stand out, but it can be hard capturing the atmosphere it creates in camera at times. Lightroom is where you can bring light to life and make your images feel how what you saw in real life
  • Knowing how to shoot in camera so you can get the most in editing -  photographers will often purposefully under or overexpose images in camera so that they have more chance of balancing the image just they way they want in Lightroom. 


  • prep module

  • MOdule 1

  • Module 2

  • Module 3

  • Module 4

Module 0: Getting set up in Lightroom

This module is released a week before the course starts to give you a chance to fully familiarise yourself with the layout, structure and the best way of working in Lightroom Classic, including guidance of creating a smooth selection and culling process that helps you see and keep the best of your images, without getting bogged down with 100s near duplicates.

Next course starts 11 March 2024 

Absolutely, without a doubt book Editing. I was very unsure at first. My interest in photography is to capture those memories so it felt like it was 'cheating' to edit. I can honestly say it's like magic.To finish off the pictures you love and just give you complete control over the exposure, colours to make them perfect, to rescue the disasters etc. I learnt so much in those few weeks and it made the biggest difference to my photos. 

Kerry White

Editing in LIGHTROOM

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Course starts : 11 March 2024 

( 4 weeks + 1 prep week)

course cost : £179 ( payment plans available ) 

What’s included:

  • 4 weekly modules with step by step illustrated tutorials and videos + prep module
  • weekly edit along class online class ( also recorded) - on Wednesday evenings
  • feedback and advice on your edits
  • private support group
  • PDF workbook and downloadable videos
  • Practice images to learn on

Join our next group to really bring life to your images and make them look sleep, polished and full of light


Lightroom or Lightroom Classic CC software installed on your computer or tablet.

RECOMENDED : Lightroom Photography Plan 25GB – a monthly subscription at approx £9pm – including Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop. This plan can also be occasionally purchased at a lower price via Amazon or Groupon if you purchase a year’s worth of subscription in one go ( average savings – around 2-4 months worth depending on the deal)

Please note that Adobe also has a Lightroom Plan with 1TB of storage – we do not recommend this plan as it restricts you to one version of software only. The increased Cloud storage can always be purchased as an add on or your plan can be switched from Photographer plan to CC only at a later stage if you prefer.

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Next course starts on 19 June 2023

Ready to start clicking? There are two 2 ways to learn with us:
OPTION 1: Fully immersed : 
Where you get all the materials, all the personal support, all the bonuses. It's THE best way to learn and get the most of our course if you ask us! 

OPTION 2: Light touch

All the core learning materials and bonus materials but excluding the interactive elements such as our live class, personal feedback on your images  - perfect for the more independent students  


Fully immersed

All the learning resources, all the community, all the support, all the personal help. Virtually failproof
  • 5 core course modules 
  • Bonus Idea Bank module
  • PDF course workbook
  • Pocket reference guide 
  • Support group 
  • Weekly online live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images
  • Access to Photography For Parents Alumni community


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Core learning resources and follow on access to  Photography for Parents community 
  • 5 core course modules 
  • Bonus Idea Bank module
  • PDF course workbook
  • Pocket reference guide 
  • Access to Photography For Parents Alumni community
  • Support group 
  • Weekly online live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images


Frequently asked questions

What pre-existing knowledge do I need to start the course?

You don't need any specific knowledge of editing, even if you've never edited any image in your life - we take you through the process step by step, from set up to more complex edits so you gradually build on the new knowledge.

Do you provide the editing software?  

No, you will need to purchase the software yourself. Lightroom is available on subscription from Adobe at a cost of approximately £9p/m, but it can often be purchased at a lower price through amazon or groupon

Do I need a computer? Can I just edit on my tablet?

Lightroom can be used on both stationary desktops, laptops and tablets and the editing tools are pretty much the same across all these devices ( bar a couple of minor exceptions). Lightroom Classic, which is available for desktops and laptops has the widest amount of tools available - going beyond simply editing - this includes photo organisation, creating photo books etc so if you want to cover these topics you will be best off with a computer. However, for the editing alone, you can do this course with the cloud version of Lightroom which is available on tablets and mobiles as well.

Are there specific tech requirements for my computer?

Yes. Your device needs to be reasonably fast to make the most of the tools available within Lightroom. Adobe provides minimum and recommended specification for your device and the most up to date recommendations can be seen here:

I don't have lightroom but have another editing software, Will this course work for me?

Although we teach a solid editing workflow and process and the types of tools you will see across different editing software packages are often similar, this course specifically focuses on how to edit using Adobe Lightroom so I wouldn't recommend signing up if you work on a different kind of software. 

Should I learn Lightroom or Photoshop? What's the difference?

Both Lightroom and Photoshop are editing tools that can transform your images, but whether you need one or the other will very much depend on how you edit. Lightroom is designed for the photographer who wants to be able to manage and enhance your image with light, exposure, colour etc and the results can be transformative, while keeping the images mostly true to their originals. Photoshop is designed to allow you to add or remove elements from your images, perform powerful transformations and give you full control over changing colours etc. Both are fantastic tools and both can be really useful for a photographe, but Photoshop's learning curve is much steeper than lightroom, so if you're making your first steps in editing, I'd recommend starting from Lightroom. Once you've mastered that, check out our Photoshop courses! 

Ready to start getting the absolute best out of your images?