Photography for Parents

let's play

AKA : how to be unapologetically playful with your camera 
Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” - Mary Lou Cook

Photography for Parents - Let's play


This is for you if you’re bored of taking the same photo over and over again and want to try out different artistic, and creative options and fun, different photo effects!

  • Course type: Instructor-led
  • Course duration: 4 weeks 
  • Course format: Online course with live classes and support group
what you learn:

In this course we play with various light techniques, textures, and editing. We  DIYcreative setups for fun, unusual results. We are having fun, actual proper fun with photography, the way it’s meant to be, and learning new techniques every week.

It’s a course like no other - it’s not about linear progression, but more about trying new techniques each week and seeing how we like them. Some of the techniques you will already be familiar with, while others will be brand new. It’s about bringing a bit of that photography sparkle back! 

  • playing with light
  • playing with colour
  • playing with movement
  • playing with reflections
  • playing with blur
  • playing with slo-mo

This is the course for you if :

  • Love taking photos but find yourself doing the same stuff all the time  - you know your camera, you know what it does, you know what you like, but you want more! 
  • You lost your photo mojo and feel uninspired and need something to bring the joy and sparke back to your camera wielding! 
  • You love exploring new techniques and styles and try new ways to add new creative effects to your images. Get those Ah-HA  moments again! 
  • You want to to add a few new tools and toys to your photographic skillset  so that you have new creative things to enhance your usual style
  • You want to challenge yourself with new ways to edit so that you can bring new visual effects to your images 

Next Let's Play course starts on 5th Feb 2024

This is a 4 module course delivered over 6 weeks inclusive of 4 tuition weeks plus 2 practice weeks ( after Module 2 and Module 3) to allow for adequate time to practice what you learned. 

HERE IS WHAT YOU WILL LEARN in this course : 

My aim for you is that you finish it re-energised about your photography, having tried new tricks and played with new techniques. Here is a non exhaustive list of topics we cover: 

  • Playing with creative blur and freelensing - yup, the lenses come off the cameras and we learn how to create those dreamy, soft beautiful images without a lensbaby
  • Playing with prisms and reflective and refractive objects - how to add a bit of sparkle and colour and blur with a shiny trinket. Cheap, cheerful and effective! 
  • Playing with shaping your light learn how to shape your light and shadows, how to create visible light beams, how to create deliberate light flares and haze even without sunshine about
  • Playing with light painting  - we can play with the cameras even when the sun goes down. Moving beyond the  simple light graffiti you learned in Level one and creating fun light sculptures and paintings
  • Playing with overlays -  harnessing the power of Photoshop to create layered, complex images 
  • Playing with long exposures - slooooowing down to explore shooting at a slow pace to create interesting outcomes
  • Playing with ICM - intentional camera movement - if you're always trying to keep steady when taking photos, this lesson forces you to do the opposite - all for a deliberate, artistic purpose
  • Playing with editing techniques  - we introduce you to several creative techniques - Harris shutter, Pep Ventousa, Adamski effect 
  • Playing with Macro - always wanted to play with macro but didn't fancy shelling out on expensive macro lenses? we show you how you can play with macro on a budget! 
  • Playing with refractions  -  exploring the light bending qualities of water and glass to capture creative effects with your photographs

Check out a mini gallery of images taken by students on our last course! 

Let's play 

Book your space now:

Course starts : 05 Feb 2024 ( 4 tuition weeks + 2 practice weeks) 

course cost :   £179  ( payment plans available )

What’s included:

  • 4 weekly modules with step by step illustrated tutorials 
  • weekly live online class ( also recorded) 
  • private support group
  • Downloadable PDF materials

Join our next group and have a lot of fun with your camera! 


YOUR SKILLS : Ideally you are able to shoot in full manual, basic editing skills are also encouraged 

YOUR EQUIPMENT : in this course we play with a number of techniques and some of them require some additional props or equipment. As much as possible we offer household alternatives, but in some cases, in order to play with a particular technique, you will need certain things. A list of the course equipment which goes beyond the camera+lens can be found HERE.

Photography for Parents Fundamentals

Next course starts on 19 June 2023

Ready to start clicking? There are two 2 ways to learn with us:
OPTION 1: Fully immersed : 
Where you get all the materials, all the personal support, all the bonuses. It's THE best way to learn and get the most of our course if you ask us! 

OPTION 2: Light touch

All the core learning materials and bonus materials but excluding the interactive elements such as our live class, personal feedback on your images  - perfect for the more independent students  


Fully immersed

All the learning resources, all the community, all the support, all the personal help. Virtually failproof
  • 5 core course modules 
  • Bonus Idea Bank module
  • PDF course workbook
  • Pocket reference guide 
  • Support group 
  • Weekly online live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images
  • Access to Photography For Parents Alumni community


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Core learning resources and follow on access to  Photography for Parents community 
  • 5 core course modules 
  • Bonus Idea Bank module
  • PDF course workbook
  • Pocket reference guide 
  • Access to Photography For Parents Alumni community
  • Support group 
  • Weekly online live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images


Ready to start getting the absolute best out of your images?