“Don’t use Flash – it will wash out your child”

“Flash will make your photos look horrible”

‘You can’t control flash – no control over what your photos will look like”

You may have heard those statements, maybe even uttered them yourself. And to a degree – they can be true – but only because, if you don’t know how to control and work any tool, it’s likely to give you terrible outcomes – remember how much poorer your photos were when you first started with your camera on full auto?

Here is how I see Flash, and what this course is about:

  • Flash lets me bring light where there would normally be not enough light available to take a well exposed photo – and let me tell you – in glorious British weather, that’s more often that I would like!
  • Flash lets me shape the light to suit my needs – I can make it moody or bright, I can even make it look like natural light ( yes really)
  • Flash lets me neutralise ugly light and make it look good ( anybody else cursed with ugly spotlight lights in their home? no? just me? )
  • Flash lets me be in control, especially in unknown venues and locations, spaces where I won’t get a chance at that second shot.
  • Flash helps me in low light and in bright light – indoors and outside

I I could go on. My point is – if you learn how to use flash, it will become your best friend. This doesn’t mean that if you love natural light you need to abandon it – merely that you get another way to help yourself out of tricky light situations and to take your photos where you want them. And that’s what this course is about.