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Summer Photography Course for Kids

Photography for kids - mini clickers

Dear parents, this one is not for you, it's for your kids - a chance for them to experience the joy of photographing something beautiful, seeing their vision come to life and flourish!  This is where you get to see what they see, share the joy of photography and have a summer full of happy clicks.


  • Course type: 20 self paced photo challenges and lessons spread over 4 weeks 
  • Course duration:  4 weeks - from 22 July - 21 August 
  • 1 course - 2 age levels: this course is offered in 2 versions : Mini Clickers Juniors ( for children aged 7-9 ) and Mini Clickers - Tweens and Teens ( for children aged 10-15). 
  • Equipment requirements: any camera, including phone cameras are sufficient for this course. 

how it works

1 course - 2 levels

There is a big difference between an 8 year old and a 12 year old in terms of what's fun for them, the level of complexity they can cope with and even the language they respond to. That's why our course is delivered in 2 variations - Mini Clickers Juniors ( ages 7-9) and Mini Clickers Tweens and Teens ( ages 10-15) - each adapted to the respective ages and maturity.

pick and mix

No child wants to do a 'course' over the summer. A representative sample across our PFP kids revealed as much. But what if the learning was snuck in behind fun challenges? What if they had fun picking a topic to photograph at random and inadvertently learn some key photography principles as they have fun with the camera. No worries about missing a lesson - just fun, on their terms.

any camera

To make this course as accessible for the children, we designed it so it can be followed on any camera - phone camera, point&shoot camera, DSLR or mirrorless. The photo assignments are what they see, visual storytelling and composition - things that don't require much technical know-how and are fun to play with. Where necessary, some technical information is introduced, but still applicable to all cameras. 

flexible support

While the course is non linear, and the challenges can be taken in any order, without input from anyone else, we know it's more fun to do things as a group and to have someone to ask questions to. So yes, each course group has their own secure online group ( no social media!) moderated by an instructor daily. In the group - additional photo challenges, games, quizzes and help when needed. 

Online + printables

All the materials are accessible in several formats - freeform text + video lessons on our learning site, printable pdfs, printable cheet sheets and concise mobile friendly format pocket guides. Easy to access online or print or even laminate if you wish! 

This is the course for youR CHILD if :

Your child is curious about photography: If your child shows an interest in capturing moments, exploring their surroundings, or experimenting with a camera, this course is perfect for them. 

You want to foster your child's creativity and self expression: photography has a way of allowing anyone tap into their inner creative self, and children are no exception

Your child enjoys observing the world around them:  observation is a key photography skill and teaches us to look at the world differently. 

Your child is a visual learner  Visual learners thrive when they can express themselves visually. Photography provides an exciting outlet for their unique way of understanding the world. 

You want to see the world through their eyes Photography is a powerful storytelling medium. If you want to discover your child's unique perspective - this is the course for them

Our Mini Clickers course starts on 22 July 2024

  • 20 photo challenges and tutorials
  • Support private group - no social media
  • Instructor support
  • Video, text and printable resources 
  • help when they need it

>>> What do they learn? 

Let me be clear here. This is NOT a course where they need to go from lesson 1 to lesson 2, to lesson 3 and if they skip lesson 2, things won't make sense. What child would want that - especially in their summer holidays! 

We want them to have FUN with photography first and learn something while doing it. This means they get to explore the tasks and challenges in the order they like, and grow their skills as they go. 

  • Observation – photography starts with observation. By tasking the children to notice and photograph certain things in their environment, we help them train their eye and capture things that are important to them
  • Storytelling in photos – we help them take photos that are 'about' something ( something close to their hearts ) as we introduce the concept of storytelling through photos. 
  • Composition principles - learning rules of composition helps them develop more care about how they capture things and in turn, capture better photos
  • Creative Photography - a little bit of technique learning that helps them produce fun and creative effects can be just the thing to bring a drier subject to life



Course starts : 22nd  July 2024 ( 4 weeks)

COURSE DURATION : 4 weeks ( but they keep access to the group and their materials indefinitely) 

course cost :   £99  £64 

AGE OPTIONS : Mini Clickers Juniors ( 7-9 years old); Mini Clickers - Tweens and Teens (10-15 years old)

What’s included:

  • 20 photo challenges and tutorials
  • Secure, moderated, private support group - NO social media
  • Instructor support
  • Video, text and printable resources 
  • Help when they need it

Click below to book a course for your child. You will be able to check your preferred age group on the booking page. 

Frequently asked questions

We are away for a part of the course - can my child still join in?

Part of the reason why the course progress is not linear is that we expect that the children will not be available to the same degree throughout the course and we wanted to make sure they can still benefit from the course fully. 

All the key course information is available to them in full from day 1, the group is there to provide a space for sharing images, asking questions, getting involved in additional quizzes and games etc but it's not essential to the progress. 

What's the difference between the older and younger group?

Both groups get the same course curriculum in terms of topics we cover and photography concepts we explore. The difference is in the depth of that learning and the level of difficulty of the challenge. 

My child's age falls on the cusp of the stated group ages, can I sign them up to the older / younger group?

It's more a question of maturity than a number - if you believe your child has the maturity to cope with more complex concepts and their age isn't far off the preferred group, just get in touch and we can allocate them to that group. 

Will my child actually learn about the camera settings? 

learning the camera is not really the focus of the course, although they will learn some basic concepts such as shutter speed, aperture or focus selection.

Does my child need to join the class group? Can we do this course self-paced?

They do not need to join the group if they don't want to, or if it's impractical during the summer - they will still have access to all the same core course materials

Ready to book your child in and get clicking this summer?