Photography for Parents



“Photography is my way of bearing witness to the joy I find in seeing the extraordinary in ordinary.”
-Harold Feinstein

Photography for Parents - Advanced course

Next course starts on 30th Sept2024

 6 week Photography course designed to help further advance your photography skill and move beyond simply capturing what's in front of you. Choose this course if you are already friends with your camera but want to learn how to shoot creatively in full manual, how to go beyond the basic composition rules and start expressing yourself through photography

  • Course type: Instructor-led or self paced 
  • Course duration: 6 weeks
  • Course format: Online course with Interactive weekly live classes, personal photo feedback and support group
what you learn:

In this course we build on the key photo skills we introduce in the Fundamentals Course and learn some new ones ( although completing the Fundamentals course is not a pre-requisite) 

You will love this course if you want to keep growing your photographic eye, truly control your camera and start making your photos reflect who you are and who your family are. This is the course where your photography really picks up the pace. We will support and challenge you to help you find your own voice in photography.

  •  creative use of manual mode
  •  creating strong compositions
  •  low light shooting
  •  capturing emotions
  •  introduction to flash
  •  using colour in photography

This is the course for you if :

  • Are already familiar with your camera - but want to get better at using it in full manual - with no overwhelm or frantic guesswork
  • You want to take photographs that look more polished and that truly show you what you pictured in your head - still true to your kids and who they are  
  • You want to be able to capture true emotions and express yourself through photography
  • You want to get more creative with light and colour to elevate your images and make them shine

Next course starts on 30th Sept 2024

The bookings for this course are not open yet - request to be added to the waiting list to be offered priority booking and Early Bird prices when the course registration opens

  • 5 core course modules
  • Support Facebook group
  • Weekly online Live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images
  • BONUS:  extra module with ideas to keep your creativity flowing
  • BONUS: PDF course workbook

HERE IS WHAT YOU WILL LEARN in this course : 

This course was designed to help you grow your photography skills beyond just being able to take "nice looking photos".

You will love this course if you want to keep growing your photographic eye, truly control your camera and start making your photos reflect who you are and who your family are.

This is the course where your photography really picks up the pace. We will support and challenge you to help you find your own voice in photography.

  • How do I get FULL control of my camera? - shooting in full manual - but with clarity and purpose
  • When is the ‘correct’ exposure not the RIGHT one and why is my camera confused? And more importantly, how to fix it in camera?
  • How do you capture genuine emotion and NOT just fake smiles? No more 'smile for Mummy'
  • How to make your light AND SHADOWS work for you? and capture stunning images even if you think you have barely any light
  • What makes a ‘strong image’ and how do I begin to get them more consistently?


  • MOdule 1

  • Module 2

  • Module 3

  • Module 4

  • Module 5

  • Bonus - your creative self

Module 1: Getting started in Manual mode

First steps into shooting in full manual – understanding your exposure and metering, finding correct exposure for your subject, handling over and under exposure and adjusting your settings without even taking your camera away from your eyes.

Major Takeaways:

At the end of the module you will have gained full control of your camera - no more guessing game and unpredictable results with all the control going firmly to you. You will be able to understand your jump off points for different situations and how to adjust them to the changing light or environment

Next course starts on 30th Sept 2024

In my opinion Advanced level 2 is absolute must as it expand the knowledge from level 1 to the point, that you can take photos confidently, and knowing what you do. I did it online and my teachers were superb, passionate, helpful and very flexible. 

Aga Stefaniak

Photography for Parents Advanced

Book your space now:

Course starts : 30th Sept 2024

( 6 weeks incl 1 week break)

course cost :   £279 (payment plans available)

What’s included:

  • 6 weekly modules covering all key aspects of children’s photography,
  • weekly live online class ( also recorded) - on Wednesday evenings
  • personal feedback and advice on your images
  • private support group
  • PDF workbook

Photography for Parents ADVANCED

Photography for Parents Fundamentals

Next course starts on 19 June 2023

Ready to start clicking? There are two 2 ways to learn with us:
OPTION 1: Fully immersed : 
Where you get all the materials, all the personal support, all the bonuses. It's THE best way to learn and get the most of our course if you ask us! 

OPTION 2: Light touch

All the core learning materials and bonus materials but excluding the interactive elements such as our live class, personal feedback on your images  - perfect for the more independent students  


Fully immersed

All the learning resources, all the community, all the support, all the personal help. Virtually failproof
  • 5 core course modules 
  • Bonus Idea Bank module
  • PDF course workbook
  • Pocket reference guide 
  • Support group 
  • Weekly online live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images
  • Access to Photography For Parents Alumni community


Ends Monday

15th May



Core learning resources and follow on access to  Photography for Parents community 
  • 5 core course modules 
  • Bonus Idea Bank module
  • PDF course workbook
  • Pocket reference guide 
  • Access to Photography For Parents Alumni community
  • Support group 
  • Weekly online live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images


But will it work for me? - our guarantee:


We know our course works. We have seen a few thousands of students go through our courses and really improve.

BUT, if you find that after the first couple of modules that it just doesn't work for you, you haven't learnt anything new, it's the wrong level for you, you haven't improved, or you simply don't get on or engage with it - we will simply refund you in full. Simple as that!

Frequently asked questions

What photographic knowledge do I need to start the course?

You need to be able to understand your camera's basic functions - you should be familiar with shooting in priority modes, change your focus options to suit your subject and understand your camera's metering. A basic knowledge of light and composition will also be beneficial. If in doubt, check our Fundamentals and Advanced placement quiz to check your level more thoroughly. If in doubt, just get in touch. 

Do I need to complete The fundamentals course first? 

No, you don't need to complete the Fundamentals course first. As long as your level of knowledge cover the key areas we teach in that course, you will be fine. We created a placement quiz which should help you decide which level is right for you. Download it here:

What do I need for the course?

  • A camera with manual controls – it doesn’t have to be an SLR, a mirrorless or a bridge camera are absolutely fine – get in touch if you’re not sure if yours is up to the job. These days, most cameras beyond the simplest of point-and-shoot ones ( does anyone even buy these anymore?) tend to do just fine. 
  • Ability to spend approximately 2-4h per week ( not necessarily in one go) on your photography practice. We suggest spending at least 15min daily for best results
  • Access to the internet ( that’s a given but we had to mention it )
  • A child / children you can practice your photography on
  • What happens in the course? How does it actually work?

    The course consists of 6 modules, each focusing on a different aspect of photography - 5 core modules and a bonus last module : Idea Bank with advice on follow on practice and development. 

    New materials release

    Every Monday morning, we will release the module's core materials for you to access and read at your leisure. You don't have to be online when they are released - when you log into your learning space, the materials will be waiting for you. The modules include little 'Try it now' exercises which you can follow to immediately put in practice what we explain in the materials.

    Home assignments

    On top of that, you get given weekly homework - nothing strenuous, we usually ask for a few photos which illustrate the skills we teach in that module. Usually, our students tend to spend weekdays on the module and the little practice exercises and do the home assignememt at the weekend. We give you personal, detailed video feedback on those homework photos. Our students often say that this feedback is one of the absolute best things about our course.  Please note that we do not provide feedback in our Light Touch version of the course. 

    Live webinar

    Every week, typically on Wednesday or Thursday evening, we run a live webinar class, during which we cover and expand on all the key elements of that module, we answer your questions, we provide additional explanations and illustrations. These sessions are scheduled in the evening and always recorded, so that even if you couldn't join live, you can always relay them.  Please note that this element os not available to our Light Touch students.

    Support group

    Finally, there is also our private group - for the students of your course only. The group ia a great opportunity to share your images, ask questions, chat to your fellow course mates. It's also where we post any additional materials and info and / or run little additional video demonstrations when needed. 

    Each course is run by an experienced instructor - professional children's photographer who is your main point of contact to answer your questions, provide your feedback and talk to in your FB group and in webinars. They're there to help and nurture and cheer you on in your photo journey. 

    What camera do I need? Does it need to be a Pro camera?

    No. You DO need A camera. And your camera needs to allow you to make changes to some of the manual settings ( going beyond the ‘landscape’. ‘portrait’, ‘fireworks’ modes). You’ll often be able to tell if your camera has those just by looking at it - if it has a wheel with letters M, A, S, P or M, Av, Tv, P on it you’re good to go. Some modern cameras do not have that though, but still let you change those settings, so just drop us a line with your camera’s make and model and we’ll happily advise. We even have a few cameras for rental if you need. 

    How big a step up is it from Level 1? I'm not sure if I grasped everything from that course

    If you're relatively familiar with most of the technical topics we cover in Level 2, you will be absolutely fine. We packed A LOT into Level 1 course. Frankly, we expect that some of the things will take longer to sink in so if you're not able to recall from memory everything we covered, you're absolutely fine. It'll come. Actually building up on them in Level 2 often helps to get it all established.

    Ready to start making friends with your camera?