Editing in Photoshop

AKA : how to bring magic to your photos
“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art" - Ansel Adams

Photoshop for Photographers

When you're ready to take the next step in your photo-education and learn to use Photoshop - our Photoshop for Photographers course will take you from Photoshop novice to someone who can confidently navigate it and use its super powerful tools to take your photos beyond what you thought was possible!

So if you've ever dreamt about being able to use Photoshop, maybe even got as far as opening it and quickly get overwhelmed with all that's packed inside - we've got you.

  • Course type: Instructor-led
  • Course level: 2 levels - Essential Photoshop ( L1)  and Creative Photoshop (L2)
  • Course duration: each course level consists of 4 weeks + prep module
  • Course format: Online course with step by step tutorials, instructional videos and interactive edit-along live classes, feedback on your learning and support group
what you learn:

Our Photoshop for Photographers is a 2 level course - the first one covering all the key aspects of understanding how to navigate and work in Photoshop along with its most widely used tools and techniques, the second one building on top of that to really boost the creative uses you can apply it to. 

This incredibly in-depth course has everything you need as a photographer who wants to harness this amazing tool. 

What you learn: from basic Photoshop tools to more complex photo manipulations, from playing with colour to portrait retouching, from adding light to removing any unwanted object from your photos and lots, lots more.

  •  Key photoshop tools
  •  object removal and placements - face / sky swaps
  •  Overlays & blending modes
  •  The art of adding light
  • Skin editing and retouching
  •  introduction to compositing

This is the course for you if :

  • You you already know basics of editing (in Lightroom)  but want to take them further into Photoshop ( where more fun happens) 
  • You tried using Photoshop before only to close it immediately after opening due to all the overwhelmingly unfamiliar tools and options
  • You followed youtube tutorials before but beside replicating what the person did exactly, you still don't really have a good idea of how to use Photoshop - or why you should!?
  • You want to be able to take advantage of the tools that are missing in Lightroom or do not give you sufficient control over them to do the job seamlessly - such as precise ways of removing unwanted objects in your image - Photoshop's powerful tools, such as the Content-Aware Fill and Clone Stamp enable you to remove distracting objects or people from your photos, ensuring the focus remains on the subject
  • You want to be able to manipulate or replace elements in your images - from turning your background blurry to replacing blank skies, doing face swaps and more
  • You want to be able to bring beautiful light into your images - from haze to sun rays, from   - with colours that pop and light that's perfectly balanced
  • You want to be able to take yoru portraits to a new level - remove blemishes, retouch skin,and correct imperfections, giving your images a polished and professional finish.
  • You desire to create stunning composites: With Photoshop, you can combine multiple images seamlessly to create captivating composite photos. This skill is particularly useful for photographers who want to tell stories or create imaginative and surreal images.




Pick this course if you're new to Photoshop or do not have a lot of experience in Photoshop

In this course you learn to :

  • Navigate the software and set it up for a proper, smart, non-destructive workflow
  • Discover all the essential tools and techniques that take your images way beyond what you could do in Lightroom 
  • Learn the key skills : from masks to brushes, from blending modes to selections, from cloning to canvas extensions, from face swaps to sky swaps - and more!! 


Pick this course if you're already familiar with the basic tools and ways of working in Photoshop 

In this course you take all that you learned in the Essentials course and turbo boost it for creativity. You'll learn :

  • How to play with light, colour and blur for unique creative outcomes
  • How to get more out of the familiar tools - so advanced brushes, advanced selections, advanced blending
  • More fun skills : from skin edits to retouching, from stitching photos to involved composites, from creating effects such as neon glow to turning your photos into comics  and more! 


  • 4 core modules - each with detailed step by step tutorials, downloadable videos and PDF workbooks
  • Support Facebook group
  • Weekly edit-along live webinar
  • Practice files to learn on
  • Feedback on your images


Next Essential Photoshop course starts 16 Feb 2024

The way you work in Photoshop is very different compared to Lightroom and a big learning curve for anyone who begins learning it for the first time. It's also a big reason why a lot of photographers open it for the first time, find it hard to recognise any familiar tools or make them work on the image and the give up. 

In this course we take you through it step by step. We show you around this tool and teach you how to use it in a way that's smart, non-destructive, flexible and making the most of its amazing features. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you will learn: 

  • A thorough understanding of Layers, masks and brushes - you cannot really work effectively in Photoshop if you do not know how to use these tools. An absolute must! 
  • Key Photoshop tools - Photoshop is a hugely vast tool used by lots of different creative professions and depending on what you use it for, you will be using different tools. We introduce you to the ones that are key for a photographer!
  • Working with Adjustment layers - these fantastic tools allow you to change colours, adjust tone and mood of images 
  • Removing and replacing parts of your photos -  powerful selection, healing, cloning, content aware tools and more to allow you to clean up your images of everything that's undesirable or distracting in your images
  • Simple composites ( Face swaps / Sky swaps) - while composites can be hugely complex and challenging, we show you how to get started with a few simple - but effective ones!Understanding 
  • Precision tools and filters for blurring and sharpening
  • Blending modes and their immense potential for transforming your images with the tools you already know - from working with overlays to 


Next Creative Photoshop course starts 29 April 2024

In Level 2 we build on the foundation we establish in Level 1 and start applying what you have learned more creatively - as well as learning more tools, more techniques and starting more fun projects.

This is where we really get to have fun with those powerful tools - we learn not just how to fix and clean up undesirable elements from the photos, but how to creatively treat them so that they reflect your creative vision and imagination. 

  • The magic of Colour and blur - adding mood and softness to images to transform the images . We use several creative techniques to completel;y transform the images
  • Adding and creating light effects in Photoshop - from light beams to sun burtsts to rainbows! 
  • Step by step skin editing and portrait retouching - from adjusting skin tones, removing unwanted colour casts, disappearing blemishes and creating highend, polished portraits that still retain healthy skin texture 
  • Using smart filters and creative adjustment layers to achieve effects such as turning your images into cartoons, watercolours or neon effects
  • Working with and creating your own custom brushes, overlays etc - the power of photoshop brushes has to be experienced to be believed - from adding light rays to 
  • Playing with composites - adding magic to your images or creating new scenes and stories from scratch

Photoshop For Photographers 

Photoshop courses - KEY INFO

Essential Photoshop ( Level 1)  - 4 week course, starts 03 June2024

Creative Photoshop ( Level 2) - 4 week course, 09 Sept 2024

Course cost:
BOOKING A SINGLE COURSE: £179 £119 ( payment plans available )
BOOKING A BUNDLE: Book Level 1 and Level 2 together :  £259 £168 (payment plans available ) 

  • Each course consists of 4 weekly modules with step by step illustrated tutorials and videos + prep module
  • weekly edit along class online class ( also recorded)
  • feedback and advice on your edits
  • private support group
  • PDF workbook and downloadable videos
  • Practice images to learn on


Adobe Photoshop software installed on your computer or tablet.This can be purchased either as a standalone Photoshop Subscription or as part of the Photography Plan which includes also access to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

Please note that you need to ensure that your computer can run Photoshop - please follow Adobe minimum system requirements guidelines

Photography for Parents Fundamentals

Next course starts on 19 June 2023

Ready to start clicking? There are two 2 ways to learn with us:
OPTION 1: Fully immersed : 
Where you get all the materials, all the personal support, all the bonuses. It's THE best way to learn and get the most of our course if you ask us! 

OPTION 2: Light touch

All the core learning materials and bonus materials but excluding the interactive elements such as our live class, personal feedback on your images  - perfect for the more independent students  


Fully immersed

All the learning resources, all the community, all the support, all the personal help. Virtually failproof
  • 5 core course modules 
  • Bonus Idea Bank module
  • PDF course workbook
  • Pocket reference guide 
  • Support group 
  • Weekly online live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images
  • Access to Photography For Parents Alumni community


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Core learning resources and follow on access to  Photography for Parents community 
  • 5 core course modules 
  • Bonus Idea Bank module
  • PDF course workbook
  • Pocket reference guide 
  • Access to Photography For Parents Alumni community
  • Support group 
  • Weekly online live class
  • Personal Feedback on your images


Frequently asked questions

What pre-existing knowledge do I need to start the course?

We recommend, although this is not a requirement - that you are familiar with basics of editing - such as editing in Lightroom, in order to make the most out of this course. You do not need any knowledge of Photoshop at all. 

Do you provide the editing software?  

No, you will need to purchase the software yourself. Photoshop is available on subscription from Adobe at a cost of approximately £9p/m, but it can often be purchased at a lower price through amazon or groupon

Do I need a computer? Can I just edit on my tablet?

Photoshop can be used on both stationary desktops, laptops as well as iPad  but the tools available on the ipad version are stripped compared to what is available on desktop / laptop. Because of that we recommend that you use the desktop version for this course. 

Are there specific tech requirements for my computer?

Yes. Your device needs to be reasonably fast to make the most of the tools available within Photoshop. Adobe provides minimum and recommended specification for your device and the most up to date recommendations can be seen here: https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/photoshop/system-requirements.html

I don't have Photoshop but have another editing software, Will this course work for me?

Although many types of tools you will see across different editing software packages are often similar, this course specifically focuses on how to edit using Adobe Photoshop so I wouldn't recommend signing up if you work on a different kind of software. 

Should I learn Lightroom or Photoshop? What's the difference?

Both Lightroom and Photoshop are editing tools that can transform your images, but whether you need one or the other will very much depend on how you edit. Lightroom is designed for the photographer who wants to be able to manage and enhance your image with light, exposure, colour etc and the results can be transformative, while keeping the images mostly true to their originals. Photoshop is designed to allow you to add or remove elements from your images, perform powerful transformations and give you full control over changing colours etc. Both are fantastic tools and both can be really useful for a photographe, but Photoshop's learning curve is much steeper than lightroom, so if you're making your first steps in editing, I'd recommend starting from Lightroom. Once you've mastered that, check out our Photoshop courses! 

Ready to start getting the absolute best out of your images?