Ready to take the next step in your photo-education and learn to use Photoshop? We've got something JUST for you. A brand new, two level course - all about Photoshop. So if you've ever dreamt about being able to use Photoshop, maybe even got as far as opening it and quickly get overwhelmed with all that's packed inside - we've got you. 

Following a pilot of the course we run earlier this year, we present you a two level approach that will help you: 

  • get a strong understanding of HOW to work in Photoshop - NON-DESTRUCTIVELY
  • learn how to use the essential tools and techniques ( in level 1) and then refine and push them further ( in Level 2) 
  • be able to transform your images beyond what you could ever do in Lightroom - we're talking adding elements in, stitching multiple photos, replacing elements and more!


  • 2 course levels 
    • Introduction to Photoshop ( Level 1) 
    • Creative Photoshop ( Level 2) 
  • Each course level consisting of 4 modules, delivered over 4 weeks
  • Text and video lesson content - all techniques demonstrated on video ( video and pdf files downloadable) 
  • Weekly Live Edit-Along webinar class ( Wednesday evenings, after 8.00pm)


  • We HIGHLY recommend a good working knowledge of Lightroom - there are elements of the course which depend on that knowledge
  • Photoshop downloaded onto your computer ( if you have Adobe Photography Plan subscription, Photoshop course will be included) 
  • Computer which fulfils at least the minimum system requirements as specified by Adobe HERE ( we recommend doubling the minimum RAM to what Adobe describes as 'recommended' level) - please note that you may be able to simply purchase more RAM storage for your computer which is the most cost effective option. 

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? - Introduction to Photoshop ( Level 1)  

In Level 1 we lay foundations to working on Photoshop - from understanding and confidently moving around in Photoshop, through learning the key processes and techniques, to exploring fundamental tools in Photoshop and beginning to transform your images using the tools available to you.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you will learn: 

  • A thorough understanding of Layers, masks and brushes
  • Working with Adjustment layers
  • Key Photoshop tools
  • Making and refining selections
  • Simple composites ( Face swaps / Sky swaps)
  • Healing and cloning
  • Precision tools and filters for blurring and sharpening
  • Adjusting and replacing colours

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? - Creative Photoshop ( Level 2) 

In Level 2 we build on the foundation we establish in Level 1 and start applying what you have learned more creatively - as well as learning more tools, more techniques and starting more fun projects. 

Here is what you will be learning in our Level 2 Photoshop: 

  • Understanding Blending modes and their immense potential for transforming your images with the tools you already know
  • The magic of light and blur - adding light and softness to images to create different moods 
  • Creating your own custom brushes, overlays etc
  • Advanced selections
  • A guide to skin editing and retouching
  • Using smart filters and creative adjustment layers
  • More elaborate composites

Photoshop courses - KEY INFO

    Upcoming Course dates:

  • Introduction to Photoshop ( Level 1)  - 4 week course starts 10th Jan2022
  • Creative Photoshop ( Level 2) - 4 week course starts 8th Nov 2021 & 14th March 2022

    Course cost:

    BOOKING A BUNDLE: Book Level 1 and Level 2 together : £259