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How well do you know your camera?

How well do you know your camera? Does your camera have no secrets from you or do you know how to make it do exactly what you want it to? Do you know your way around all your buttons and dials, or are the number appearing on your screen filling you with dread? Take our […]

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Organising your baby photos in few simple steps

If you’re like me ( and let’s face it : thousands of other parents ) – your phone, your hard drive and your Instagram account are full to the brink of your children’s photos. But can you find the ones you like easily? Are they ordered in a way you can have a clear view […]

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Feeling in a rut? Try this creative exercise:

If you flick through your photo collection, you are likely to see quite a few photos that look distinctly  like one another. We tend to find one or two angles that ‘work’ and produce satisfactory results and just limit ourselves to them. The thing is, however nice they are, they rarely tell a powerful story […]


Your camera’s best friend

Your camera’s best friend is your camera bag. It needs to do just one job – keep the camera, the lens ( or lenses) and other accessories safe and snug and resistant to bangs, bashes, drops and biscuit crumbs. And for most part, this is where the camera producers have stopped when it comes to […]