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Welcome to Week 2 of our Family Photography Challenge!

#PFPFamilyChallenge is where we capture the beauty in our everyday family lives. Here is a post that explains what we're doing and how in more detail if you're new here!

Let's dive into a roundup of this week's prompts and gather some fresh inspiration! We are posting plenty more ideas and examples daily for each prompt on our social media so make sure to follow us!


Idea: Today, let’s bring our focus indoors and gather around the heart of many homes – the sofa. In my family, it's the center of family gatherings, a cozy reading nook, an impromptu trampoline and where we long to be after a long and tiring day - a lot happens on the sofa and should be documented!

What to capture? Think about the variety of activities that the humble sofa hosts. Capture the contrasts – the stillness of a napping child and the dynamic movement of a playful pet, the softness of the cushions against the vibrant colors of a throw blanket. Picture it whole and proud, the subject of the image, or just a backdrop to your family antics. Explore the sense of softness and cosiness - or bounciness! ( that's a word, right?) Think about the story that your sofa plays a part in - is it quiet and still or crazy and active - in either case - how best can you show this? 

Remember, it's not just about the picture-perfect moments. Capture the candid, the chaotic, the quiet, and the loud. Each tells a unique story of your family’s life 

Lots of ideas on our Monday Insta reel!

Photo by Amber Parker-Wilson

Photo by Gemma Herrington

Photo by Jana Barbosa


Idea:  As much as we might want to hibernate home during these winter months ( and I do, I really do), much of family life happens #outandabout . Whether it’s a trip to the local cafe, a visit to the park or a museum, or simply traveling to and from the many family activities during the week, let’s capture the essence of what it means in our family lives.

What to capture? Focus on the diverse experiences of being in different settings. Capture the excitement of new discoveries or the comfort of familiar places. Look for interactions: the exchange of smiles with a friendly vendor, children’s awe at street performers, or the family dog eagerly leading the way. Pay attention to the backdrop – urban landscapes, nature’s tranquility, or the lively chaos of a playground. Experiment with perspective: capture the vastness of open spaces or the intimacy of small cafes. Don't forget to capture the jouney!  

Photo by Carol Bisley

Photo by Wanda Leung

Photo by Lorna Wall

Wednesday: TOY STORIES

Idea:  Today, our focus is on capturing the interactions between kids and their toys - the beloved teddy bear, a set of well-worn building blocks, or the latest tech gadget, all these toys tell stories of childhood.

What to capture? Observe and photograph the deep concentration, joy, and sometimes frustration as children engage with their toys. From the gentle hug to a stuffed animal to the intense focus while assembling a complex construction, each interaction tells a story.

Look for emotions and expressions: the gleam of excitement in their eyes when playing with their favorite toy, the furrowed brow of concentration, or the beaming smile of pride after building a tower. Notice the way they handle their toys – a gentle caress of a doll's hair, the careful alignment of toy cars, or the animated gestures during a make-believe tea party.

Capture the environment: the creative chaos of a playroom, the orderly rows of toys on shelves, or a single toy highlighted in a beam of sunlight. Experiment with different angles – get down to their level to see the world from their perspective, or take an overhead shot to show the scale of their play area compared to their tiny figures.

Photo by Kerry Anderson

Photo by Hannah Crompton

Photo by Hannah Goacher

Thursday: CHORES

Idea:  The bane of our family lives or a way of teaching our kids how to take care of themselves and their homes? From battling laundry mountains to the strategic planning required for stacking the dishwasher, today is all about finding the fun and the beauty in the mundane #chores,

What to capture?  Focus on expressions and actions: the look of concentration mixed with confusion when matching socks, the playful grimaces while scrubbing pots, or the effort when pushing a vacuum cleaner a little too big for their little hands. Don't forget the setting: the chaos of a cluttered room mid-cleanup, the array of cleaning supplies that look more like an obstacle course, or the dramatic contrast between a clean and messy space. Experiment with perspective – an up-close view of hands deep in soapy water or a wide shot of the entire family engaged in a cleaning dance-off. Think about putting yourself into the frame - a self portrait with your favourite household appliance maybe? 

Remember, #chores doesn't have to be dreary. It's about finding laughter in the ordinary, the shared family moments in tackling tasks together, and turning what could be mundane into memories filled with humor and joy. Capture these moments and let's redefine chores as a source of family fun!

Photo by Carly Court

Photo by Emma McClimont

Photo by Katie Manning

Friday: IN BED

Idea:  This prompt is about celebrating the bed as a cornerstone of family life. It's a space where stories unfold, dreams are nurtured, and the simple joys of togetherness are cherished. Through these images, we see the bed as not just furniture, but a canvas for life's small, yet significant, moments.

What to capture? What do we do in bed besides sleeping? ( oi! take your minds out of the gutter, this is a family blog! I meant as a family!! ). We read, we take a moment to recharge and cuddle, we hide under the covers, we have pillow fights and we jump our highest jumps!  Capture the bed as a makeshift fortress during playtime or as a calm island amidst the morning rush. Notice the details – the tangle of blankets, the array of stuffed animals standing guard, or the way sunlight spills across the sheets. Experiment with perspectives – take the camera under the covers, an overhead shot capturing the entire scene, or a side view highlighting a moment of solitude.

Photo by Tracy Marie Higgins

Photo by Jess Riley

Photo by Lisa Godfrey

Saturday: MEALTIME

Idea:  From the simplest of breakfasts, a leisurely lunch, all the snacks or family dinners, with this prompt I'd like to turn your gaze to all things food, but also the joy, connection, and sometimes the chaos, of family meals.

What to capture? Pick you meal - or meals - of choice and then consider what's good to notice and remember about it.  Maybe it's the early morning rush of breakfast, with steaming mugs and bowls of cereal, the midday calm of lunch - maybe out and about? -or the evening gathering around the dinner table. Or perhaps the messy face of a new eater feeding themselves broccoli by the handfuls!  Capture the preparation process, the shared laughter over a meal, or the quiet contemplation of a solo snack.

Focus on interactions and emotions: the teamwork in meal prep, the animated conversations at the table, the baby being fed their first meals. Notice the small details – hands passing dishes, the array of foods, the clink of glasses, or the satisfied expressions post-meal.

Consider the setting: the kitchen's hustle and bustle, the dining table laden with dishes, or the cozy nook for a quick bite or a late evening raid of the fridge. 

Photo by Michaela Strivens

Photo by Amie Poppy

Photo by Aoife Crawford Bonner


Idea:  I reserved this topic for Sunday, as the one day where there is the highest chance of bringing the whole family together. And yes, that means you too. I will never stop banging on about the importance of you - Mum or Dad photographer - to also be in the family photographic memory, rather than just capturing the story.

What to capture? So let's do this - sit down of a more formal together picture or just capture the interaction of you as a family. Look for scenes of shared experiences - be it a family game night, a joint cooking session in the kitchen, or simply lounging together in the living room. Capture the spontaneous laughter, the teamwork in action, or the quiet support offered in a hug or a shared glance.

How? Set your camera on a timer or an intervalometer (some cameras will have these) - that way you can be in the image too. 

Photo by Alex Headley

Photo by Ania Wilk-Lawton

Photo by Emily Eatough

For more examples, ideas and daily inspiration, follow us on instagram at @photoparents! 


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