June 25

Photography for Kids – introducing Mini Clickers

 June 25

by Ania

Our newest course - Photography for KIDS is kicking off this July!

That's right, move over Parents, this one is for the kids! Get ready for the tables to turn this summer and for your kids to take over, capturing moments from their unique perspectives with our Mini Clickers Photography Course for Kids.

Interested? Here is everything you need to know about the course:


MINI CLICKERS is an exciting photo course consisting of 20 fun photo challenges and lessons. We designed it as a 'pick-your-own adventure' rather than having to follow a set, linear curriculum which makes it ideal for kids to pick up as they go through the summer. Everything they need - all course materials are available online ( text + video) as well as in the form of Printables (to take out with them). 


Although the kids do not need to follow the course in any particular order and can go through the course without extra input, we know it's good to have access to an instructor, so they will have access to a private, online support group on our website ( no social media!) with an instructor. In the group, they will be able to share their images, ask questions, earn participation badges, join in with photo quizzes and games and have fun with photography. 


There is a big difference between an 8 year old and a 13 year old so we decided to offer this course in 2 versions : Mini Clickers Juniors ( for children aged 7-9 ) and Mini Clickers - Tweens and Teens ( for children aged 10-15). We will be covering the same topics but at an age appropriate depth and language so that all kids can get excited about photography but also challenged and stretched - no matter their age.


The course will open on Monday 22nd July and will be supported via the group for 4 weeks from that date, but all the lessons will open on the first day so the kids can do them at the pace and speed and order they're comfortable with

WHAT CAMERA do they need? 

Any camera, including phone cameras are sufficient for this course. The focus of the course is on what they see, visual storytelling and composition - things that don't require much technical know-how and are fun to play with. Where necessary, some technical information will be introduced, but still applicable to all cameras.


YOu can still ( just about) catch the tail end of our early bird discount - £64 ( instead of £99)


Learn more about the course and book your child's place by clicking the button below


We are away for a part of the course - can my child still join in?

No worries! The course is designed for flexibility. All lessons are available from day one, so kids can participate whenever they’re free.

What’s the difference between the two groups?

Both groups cover the same topics but with age-appropriate depth and language.

Will my child learn about camera settings?

The focus is on visual storytelling and composition, though basic camera concepts like shutter speed and aperture will be introduced.

Wait, does that mean my child will photograph ME?

Ah yes - that's the idea ( well some of it). They will be delighted to turn the tables on their Mamma and Papparazzis....

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