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If you already understand how the challenge works jump to the full list of week 1 prompts: 

Let's Capture the Ordinary

When it comes to family photography, it's the ordinary moments that often hold the most extraordinary memories. The way your child's face lights up over a simple breakfast, the quiet moments of concentration during play, or the chaos of getting out the door for school - these are the snapshots of life that tell your unique family story. They are the things that make up the fabric of our family lives, show your family's unique dynamic and are a truer representation of our children's growing up than those big moments when everyone's face is clean and shirts tucked in. 

So we want to challenge you, for one month, to capture the ordinary. To turn your gaze to moments we often overlook, searching for the pretty and the tidy and the 'presentable'

Photo by Aubelia Botta

Photo by Emma McClimont

Photo by Helen Roberts

Photo by Becca Geddes

Who is it for?

It doesn't matter if you have a professional camera or just your smartphone, it doesn't matter if you're a photography novice or an experienced clicker. All that matters here is that you have a desire to document and cherish the daily life of your family, capturing those small yet significant moments that often go unnoticed. If that's you - read on. 

Photo by Alannah Hebbert

Photo by Lauren Wallace

How It Works

Each day, we'll release a simple prompt on our Instagram and Facebook [@photoparents] that suggests what to capture and how. These prompts are designed to inspire and guide you in photographing your family's daily life. For those who like to plan, every Monday we'll post the prompts for the entire week on our blog, so you can get a head start! Some of the prompts will be focusing on your kids, some on the wider family, some on you - the photographer and magic maker.

Photo by Sarah Honey

Photo by Kate Ainger

Getting the Most Out of the Challenge

We understand that committing to photographing and posting every day can be daunting, but it's a great opportunity to reinvigorate your photography or set yourself a new challenge. It's only a month. If you set your mind to it, and especially if you commit to posting your photos daily, you can absolutely do it. You don't have to use the big camera for everything - use your phone too if that's what you have on you! Not every photo will be a work of art - that's OK - not every day is a highlight. Not every photo needs to be edited to within an inch of its life either. 

However if daily photo feels too much,  feel free to dip in and out as you like. Treat these prompts as friendly suggestions, guiding you to capture those precious family moments and however many you capture, however best it works for you, you'll still be better of for having captured at least some of them! 

Photo by Carly Court

Sharing Your Photos

We're eager to see and feature your amazing photos! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook [@photoparents] and use the hashtag #PFPFamilyChallenge when you post. This way, we won’t miss any of your fantastic captures. We’ll be regularly showcasing our favorite images on our stories, so keep an eye out – you might just see your work featured!

What to do now: 

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