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Where will I find my daily materials?

Your materials will be released to you daily - I will be giving you early access the evening before ( after 8pm) , and then I'll be catching up with you daily through the FB lives but there is not set time you need to be seeing me - I know it's hard to plan specific quiet times with kids on the go. You will find the links to all the relevant materials and information on the Featured tab in the Facebook group.

How can I get help and support?

We created a dedicated pop-up Facebook group for this course which is where I will be answering your questions and providing help. In the featured section you will also find a dedicated Q&A thread where I can answer any of your course or camera or loosely photography related questions! 

Do I need a Camera-camera or is my phone enough?

A proper camera would be best, but for a lot of what we cover in this course ( though not all) you will be able to get by with a phone camera. So here is my advice - if you have a camera - use it. If you don't have one, your phone will be fine. I'd rather you have a go taking photos, than be stopped because the camera you have is not perfect. 

How long will the materials be available for?

We normally keep the materials open for a little while after the course and this one is no exception, but there 'may' be something at the end of the course that will be available 'for keeps'. Pst, it's a secret. 

I need to learn about my camera - can you help?

Absolutely. But what you need is not this course - you need our Photography for Parents Fundamentals course instead. If you want to learn your camera and start taking consistently great photos, of the kind that tug at your heartstrings and make you smile involuntarily when you look at them - that's the course for you! 

How much is it again?

Our Summer Photography Bootcamp is Free!!