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Welcome to Christmas Photography Bootcamp 2021!

Have you noticed how good Christmas photos sparkle and shimmer and literally oooze that special kind of warmth? They're unmistakable and they're a joy to behold. Or at least they can be. But it's easy to miss the mark and end up with photos that aren't quite showing the magic you see. But tweak a few simple things, learn to see through your viewfinder a bit differently and your photos can improve - FAST

We're here to help:

Over the next 5 days we will be teaching you how to capture the Christmas sparkle in your photos - in several creative ways! We will be learning how to capture the beauty of your Christmas tree and learning to incorporate Christmas in your photo storytelling - we will guide you, one day at a time, towards ending the week with a bumper of gorgeous photos, really celebrating the season.

Some of our lessons will be more technical, some less, some will require you to play with your camera more, others will be more about the process and approach to photography. You can join in with your camera or with your phone and while not all the techniques will be applicable to all devices, you can get something out of each and every lesson.

The key thing is to have a go - we promised you BOOTCAMP, and that's all about doing!

How will it work?

In photography, there is no better way to learn than just DO. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or already ‘dabble’ in photography – what we want you to do is to get your camera out EVERY DAY out of those 5 days an capture something. To help you, each day will bring a new lesson focusing on one particular aspect of photography, and each lesson will be coming with a challenge – bite size, specific and achievable!

And it's those challenge photos that we want you to share to our Facebook group - and at the end of the week there may even be something in Santa's bag for you if you do! 


One lucky person will be winning a Photography for Parents course of their choice - and all you need to do is to join the Facebook group, be active in it ( post images or comment and like)  and be on our live call when I call out your name. It has never been simpler! 

And then there is Christmas Bingo! 

12 Christmas themed photo prompts to help you capture even more of the season and truly do this season justice. Just for fun and to encourage your kids to get involved too ( we know this can be a battle!) the prompts come in form of a Bingo sheet you can 'tick off' with your kids. And at the end you'll have a varied bunch of images that show how your family enjoyed this season! 

You can download your copy from the next page. 

VERY VERY IMPORTANT : Your camera and photography skills

We have a large diverse group starting this bootcamp so there will be a big variety of cameras and photo skills on show - we know a number of our own students and grads are joining too so we know we will be seeing some crackers.

What I want to say to you is – it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice with a normal camera or if you’re advanced with lots of fancy gear.

You’re here because YOU want to take great pictures of YOUR family Christmas. Don’t let the fact someone may be further along in this journey take away from documenting and sharing your Christmas. Your family, your kids will love cherishing and looking back at these photos. So make sure you shoot, share, ask, get help - we’re here for all of those things. We have been in the business of teaching photography for over 10 years now - we know that it can be both intimidating and inspiring to see others work and we want you to focus on the 'inspiring' part. 

We’ll do our best to – whenever possible – include auto camera setting suggestions along manual and semi automatic settings so that everyone can have a go at the options suggested. I say 'whenever possible' – as there will be a couple where the knowledge of your camera will definitely be of help. However most can be achieved on auto or even on your phone.

Been there, done that?

Some of you will already be further along in this journey and you may find that you already know a lot of what we’ll be covering - if you have done this bootcamp with us before, you will be seeing familiar lessons. To you I want to stress the BOOTCAMP part again – knowing how something is done doesn’t equate actually doing it. So even if it’s simple and you’ve done it a million times, still have a go and take that shot – you can always find a new angle and perspective on the same theme. And then go and help a newbie who might be struggling with the very same thing – spread a little Christmas cheer!

I’ll be there along with one of our instructors - Lisa Friday  – helping you in that process, cheering you on and answering your questions – don’t be afraid to reach out to us! .

Let’s ho ho ho GO!

Ania x