Want to learn how to photograph your family beautifully?

To record all those precious stages in their life and capture photos that look just like the moments felt in real life? 

Just knowing what all your buttons do on the camera does not make you a good photographer. That's why our approach to photo education is a holistic one - it's about understanding how the camera works in context of photographic composition, storytelling and understanding light AND how it all applies to photographing children specifically. Our photography courses marry all these elements - so the learning is ALWAYS hands on and applicable immediately. 

But which course is right for you?

If you're NEW to photography...

If you're already FAMILIAR with your camera...


If you want to learn to use FLASH...

If you want to learn PHOTO EDITING...

If you want to take your EDITING further..

  • fundamentals

  • advanced

  • let's play

  • flash

  • editing

  • photoshop


Our flagship course which offers a solid foundation in photography and gives you everything you need to start taking better photos of your children – from camera know how to composition and understanding light.

is this the course for you? 

This is the course for you if :
  • You love taking photos of your kids but the end result doesn't feel as beautiful as the moments you saw in real life
  • You have a camera, but no idea how to use it and make the most of it to help you consistently capture your family in different environments and situations 
  • You want to get better at capturing the kind of photos that tell a story of your kids childhoods  - recording moments big and small - from first steps to those sticky jam kisses, from wild antics to quiet moments - the stuff that makes them-them.

what can you expect?

We can promise you this: 
  • This course will give you a solid camera know-how so you will learn once and for all how to use it well
  • This course helps you switch from snapping photos to using the knowledge of photographic composition to capture your kids naturally and beautifully
  • This course will give you a great base on which you can grow your passion for photography - many of our students go on to build their own photography businesses

in a nutshell:

  • Course type: Instructor-led or self paced 
  • Course duration: 6 weeks
  • Course format: Online course with Interactive weekly live classes, personal photo feedback and support group

Beautiful portraits

Capturing your kids on the move

Family storytelling

Working with tough light