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Welcome to our Summer Photography Project!

Over the next 5  weeks, we’ll be helping you capture your children beautifully. Every week, we’ll be sharing a new set of resources with you, each focused on a specific aspect of photographing your children and in particular - capturing your children in summer, doing all the summery thing we all love and associate with this lovely season. Some will be more technical, some less, some will require you to play with your camera more, others will be more about the process and approach to photography. But  as with all our courses, they are all designed to make you have a go - NOBODY learns photography by just watching and reading. YOU HAVE TO try these things out. 

What's in this course?

There are 3 components to this course: 

  • Weekly Learning Resources - essentially a photo lesson. This is where we introduce new material and give you a challenge task to try it out for yourself
  • Idea Bank - examples of photos connected to the weekly theme and lesson - from our past and present photo students. This part should be getting your creative juices flowing while at the same time giving you more info on how to capture them
  • BINGO - ok, this one is just for fun. Since this project is all about helping your capture MORE of your children's summer, we thought we'd give you an extra activity that you may want to attempt ( with or without your kids!). Every week, I will give you a lost of 9 photo prompts - connected to summer or your photo lesson. Capture them each week so that at the end of the summer you have a LOT of varied, summery moments to look back on!

And then there is our Facebook Group - If you're not a member yet, you really need to be. This is where we will be sharing the resources, answering your questions and - IMPORTANT!  - sharing our weekly images. 

And there is an great reason to shoot and post …

I cannot emphasise how important actually having a go at capturing photos in this course is. 

There is no substitute for it. No shortcut. You have to take a lot of terrible pictures ( with some good ones peppered in) before you start taking great ones consistently. Sorry for the bad news. The good news is – if you really have a go at this course and all the lessons we have for you here, and you post for each of the topics, you will improve. You will see a difference. But you have to try. 

Studies show that making an effort to share what you do and engaging with a community makes you much more likely to stick with a project. This is what our Facebook group is for. 

Need extra incentive?

We will be giving 1 lucky person a free place on our flagship Photography for Parents course at the end of this Summer Project.

All you have to do is actively participate. 

What does 'actively mean?

Simple - post at least 1 photo each week to our Facebook page. 

We’ll draw a winner at random from among all the people who will have posted something for each of the 5 topics at the end of the course in a live draw.

The draw will NOT be based on how good your images are – we will be rewarding effort, so don’t worry whether your photos are perfect – just get them posted. 

Wait, there is more - for every completed weekly bingo, you will get an additional entry in the draw. So that's potentially up to 5 more chances of getting that prize. 

Your camera and photography skills

We have a large diverse group starting this course so there will be a big variety of cameras and photo skills on show. What I want to say to you is – it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice with a normal camera or if you’re advanced with lots of fancy gear. You’re here because YOU want to take great pictures of YOUR family. Don’t let the fact someone may be further along in this journey take away from documenting and sharing this. Your family, your kids will love cherishing and looking back at these photos so make sure you shoot, share, ask, get help - we’re here for all of those things.

Some of you will already be further along in this journey and you may find that you already know a lot of what we’ll be covering. But even if it’s simple and you’ve done it a million times, still have a go and take that shot – you can always find a new angle and perspective on the same theme. And then go and help a newbie who might be struggling with the very same thing.

I’ll be there – helping you in that process, cheering you on and answering your questions – don’t be afraid to reach out to me! .

OK, I think I went on for long enough now, I hope you’re ready for your first lesson!!

Let’s GO!