Beautiful, natural, heart melting photos that capture our children’s beauty. We all want those.

So we snap A LOT OF PHOTOS – kids grow so quickly, and we want to catch all the smiles, frowns and important moments.

But how many of those photos are truly great? Most phone pics fail to capture the magic we see in real life. And your ‘proper’ camera photos aren’t THAT much better to justify the trouble carting it around, right?

But what if they could be great?

What if with a few tweaks, and in just a few weeks, learning online, in your own time you could transform your snaps into print-worthy photographs?

Just think – long summer days, warm weather, plenty of great light. No better time to FINALLY make use of that expensive gadget and make your summer photos amazing.

Is it for ME?

You don’t need to be a born artist, you don’t need to get bogged down in the technical side of things, you don’t need expensive equipment – you just need to learn a bit about your camera and how it does things and get a little help with understanding composition and someone to nudge you in the right direction. And we’ve got that covered.

Will I find the time?

If you’re like most of us parents, your kids ( and work and partners and pets and….) take most of your time and priority in your diary.

But this, this you CAN fit around your schedule. Digest all the info in bite size pieces – even on your phone – and practice the little pieces straight away – while at the playground with your kids, on your lunch hour or when everybody is finally in bed.

And with it being summer, you’ll probably be out with your kids anyway. Might as well get great photos of them this time!

YOU could be taking photos like these ! Photos by our students: 

It’s your kids precious moments – never to be repeated, never to happen again.

You could be ‘snapping’ them as you did before OR you could be capturing them beautifully in just a few weeks if you learn with us.

Summer Photo School starts:

Monday 17th July 2017

6 week course ( delivered over 7 weeks with 1 week break after week 3 )

Course fee: £149

Estelle Gibbs

Fantastic online course. I was dubious about whether an online course would suit me however I could not have been more wrong. It allowed me time to take in and practise the extremely well explained modules and the feed back was excellent. I was a complete beginner and now I only shoot in manual and have many photos that I am really chuffed with, all thanks to the lovely people that run these courses. I highly recommend their courses.

Estelle Gibbs

You will surprise yourself at how much you’ll pick up in a few short weeks. 

Or you could carry on as before – with just phone snaps to document your kids’ growing up.

Here are just some of the skills you’ll have learned by the end of the course:

  • how to take lovely, flattering portraits
  • creating meaningful, candid photos that truly tell the story of your kids
  • highlighting your kids little details – toes, eyelashes..
  • capturing your kids in action – hops, jumps, sprints, fun on the swings and more
  • creative  techniques such as photographing fireworks, water play, silhuettes and a lot more
  • rules of composition to apply even to your phone snaps – those will improve too!
  • making the most of your home light and finding beautiful light outside
  • plus a lot more!

You don’t have to be a ‘born artist’, you don’t have to have lots of costly props and equipment, you WILL improve.

Alex Tandy
I loved every moment of the course and waited excitedly for each module to be released! The feedback to the homework was honest, reassuring, supportive and a huge ego-boost! The PDFs were easy to read, simple to understand and fun to implement. And to top it all off, I’ve got a great selection of new images of my son and our friend’s children! So it’s a win/win course! I think the only thing left to say is ‘THANK YOU’ for your dedication. You replied promptly to my images, gave great feedback to technical glitches and basically became a cheerleader for my photography! Thank you!!!!
Alex Tandy





And after the course?

Our online course is perfectly formed to give you all you need to start taking great photos of your children. But if you’ve ‘caught the bug’ and want to push your skills further, we have just the thing.

Online_level2_upcomingWho is it for?

Those graduating from our Level 1 course and other photography enthusiasts who already have a certain degree of photographic knowledge. We expect that you will be familiar with your camera’s semi-automatic settings and have some knowledge of Aperture / Shutter/ ISO.

What do you get?

Over 6 weeks, the course builds on the elements introduced in our Level 1 course and extends the knowledge by introducing new techniques. We teach how to shoot in full manual and gain more creative control of your images. See the full module listing below:

Next Course : 

starts: Friday 14th July 2017

Course fee :£149


Module 1: Going Full Manual – the training wheels are off. We discover the reasons to switch ( at least some of the time) to shooting in full manual and the creative control it gives us. We learn how to use your camera in full manual and its applications.

Module 2:  Exposure / Aperture and Shutter techniques in Full manual. Now that we understand how to manipulate our settings fully, we introduce a few advanced techniques for capturing motion, managing light and dealing with tricky environments.

Module 3:  Getting serious about composition. We begin to move you towards expressing yourself more with photographic composition and developing your storytelling capabilities. We introduce more advanced composition considerations and ‘rules’

Module 4: Expressing emotions and moods through your photography. We look closer at what it means to capture genuine emotions and how to use the composition, colours and styles to deliver desired results.

Module 5: Chasing the Light. We learn how to use light as a key element of your composition and introduce more advanced light techniques to help you achieve interesting effects.

Module 6:  Course summary and introspective into children’s photography artists and styles. Advice for further development and next steps on your journey.

Who is it for?

Photo editing is not just for pros – it’s for anyone who wants to take their photos further – either by fixing little mistakes ( under or over exposure), make them pop more or introduce great creative effects. Our course teaches you all this and more. You DO NOT need to have completed our photography courses to start this course.

What do you get?

4 modules covering subjects from creating a clean edit, fixing common problems, getting creative with edits and setting up an effective editing and organisation workflow. See the full module listing below:

This course  is a self-paced course, which can be started and accessed at any time.

  • course fee:  £85


How is the course structured?

Level 1 and 2 courses consists of 6 Core Modules each – the modules are interconnected so each level needs to be taken as a whole.  Additional Modules – such as Christmas Photography, are designed to be independent and can be taken at any time. Depending on the module, they may require some basic photography knowledge – please see each module description for information.

How does the Bundle option work?

Bundle Option gives you great savings when purchasing Level 1 and Level 2 at the same time. In terms of access to your modules,  you enrol at the closest Level 1 course to your booking date. For your Level 2 you can choose either the next available course or defer till later in the year – you have 12 months after your Level 1 course is finished to start your Level 2 course.

What photographic knowledge do I need to have before starting the course?

For our Level 1 course, you’ll be absolutely fine even if you’ve never picked up a camera before. If you have, but aren’t 100% comfortable with your settings, you’ll find the course will help you structure your knowledge and you will quite likely pick up a few new tricks as well.

If you’re relatively familiar with the camera’s manual settings, but want to try out new techniques and develop your composition – our Level 2 course is the one for you. If you’re not sure where your knowledge puts you, just get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

For our Photo Editing course, no prior photo knowledge is required. You will however need to have Adobe Lightroom installed on your computer.

What do I need for the course?

    For the photography courses:
  • A camera with manual controls – it doesn’t have to be an SLR, a bridge camera is absolutely fine – get in touch if you’re not sure if yours is up to the job.
  • Ability to spend approximately 2h per week ( not necessarily in one go) on your photography practice. We suggest spending at least 15min daily for best results
  • Access to the internet ( that’s a given but we had to mention it )
    For the photo-editing course:
  • Adobe Lightroom installed on your computer

Do I need to be online when the class starts?

No, the course modules are released on a weekly basis and it’s best to read them and follow the exercises on a week-by-week basis, but we keep the course forums open at least a month after the last course module is released  so you can add your contributions when you’re ready and they’ll still get seen. Each week, you‘ll be able to download the module contents in the form of a pdf ebook, for future reference.

How do I get support?

In the Full Participation option each course group is assigned a private forum which is moderated daily by on of our instructors – this is where we answer all questions on the content of the modules, photographing techniques, technical queries on your specific equipment and also where weekly home assignments are set and given feedback. You will ALWAYS get your questions answered.

Study Along students do not get access to this resource.

I booked the course, but now can’t fully attend ( due to child/my own illness). What now?

Just get in touch – we may be able to transfer you to the next available course  or suggest other alternatives. We know kids and life in general can be unpredictable so we try to be as flexible as possible.

How do the online courses compare to your stationary classes?

To make sure that you get the most out of the online course, we designed it to best suit this form of learning. In that sense, the course is different from the stationary courses, but although they may introduce the information in different order or explain it in a slightly different way, they still cover the same topics and photography areas, so whichever form of learning you choose, you’ll leave with a good grounding in photography. Talk to us if you’re not sure which one is better for you.

Got a baby and a camera? 

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