Not just for professionals

If you’re interested in digital photography, you cannot bypass the key skill for a digital photographer that is photo editing. Using software packages such as Photoshop, Corel or Lightroom, photographers perform the same edits they used to do in darkroom – just easier, faster and more conveniently on the computer. And it’s not just for Pros – today’s tools such as Lightroom are affordable, intuitive to use, powerful in its capabilities and non destructive to your images – that means you can always undo a process you applied to it.

What you will learn

Our Photo Editing course guides you through the photo editing process in Adobe Lightroom from start to finish – from setting it up correctly, organising your collections and creating a workflow that suits your needs, through learning the capabilities of all the editing settings such as adjusting exposure or sharpening the images; all the way to printing and creating  photo books. We’ll show you how to create specific artistic effects ( high impact Black and white, vintage, sun-filled, vibrant etc ), and how to fix common photography problems ( grainy images, underexposed images, wrong colours etc). At the end of the course you will be able to confidently manage your photo collection with Lightroom, achieve desired artistic effects and make your photos truly stand out.

The course set up

The course consists of 4 modules, released on a weekly basis. The teaching is delivered through a mixture of text, screenshots and videos demonstrating all the actions. At the end of each module you are given a home assignment to help you practice the skills introduced in the module.

The course is delivered in two participation options : Full Participation and Study Along. Full Participation students get access to all the materials, as well as our dedicated support forum where they get to interact with one of our instructors, ask questions, receive advice and feedback on their images and chat to their course mates. Study Along students get access to all the course materials, but not the support forums.

Getting Lightroom:

You can get Lightroom either as a standalone software package ( the latest version : Lightroom 6 costs around £100) or bundled in with full Photoshop as Creative Cloud Photography. This last option comes as a subscription at £8.78 per month and includes versions of the software on your phone and tablet devices. You can also get a free Lightroom trial – the trial period ranges from 7 days to 30 days – please check with Adobe. 

Photo editing course – details

Course delivery: this course is a self-paced course, which can be started and accessed at any time. It is accessible from your mobile/tablet or desktop and supported by one of our instructors via our online forum.
Course pre-requisites: Lightroom software installed on your computer ( you can purchase Lightroom either as a self-standing software package or as subscription, bundled up with Photoshop)


In October and November we are running a special edition of this editing course which will include live webinars and Q&A sessions as well as a Special Christmas bonus. Booking for this class will be opening on Wednesday 18th Oct. More details HERE


  • course fee:  £85

Photo editing course – overview

Module 1 - Setting up your workflow

  • Setting up Lightroom to suit your workflow
  • Understanding the geography of Lightroom and the key settings
  • Managing your photos in Lightroom – catalogues, collections, imports and exports
  • Working in the Library module – sample edits, batch edits, reversing edits
  • Key shortcuts for Library module

Module 2 - The Editing Process

  • Introduction to the Develop module
  • Basics on non-destructive editing
  • Key editing options : Basic panel: exposure, white balance, tone adjustment, the curve tool and luminosity / colour / saturation adjustment, sharpening and reducing noise
  • Correcting under-exposure and performing a “clean edit”
  • Downloading and using presets
  • Performing batch operations

Module 3 - Targeted and Creative Edits

  • Adding onto your clean edit
  • Using, creating and buying presets
  • Cropping, scaling and resizing images
  • Targeted adjustments:
    • spot removal and healing
    • graduated and radial filters
    • adjustment brush
  • Creative Black and white conversions
  • Creating a portrait edits : retouching and enhancing skin
  • Creating a soft, matte edit
  • Creating a sun saturated look

Module 4 - After the edits: printing and displaying

  • The Print Module:
    • preparing your images for print, sharpening and creating custom templates
  • The Book Module
    • Understanding key Book Module settings and creating bespoke books
  • The Map Module
    • working with geo coded images and adding them to the maps
  • The Slideshow Module
    • Generating and editing bespoke slideshows
  • Module Summary and end