January 6

New project – photograph a day in the life of your family – tips and planner

 January 6

by Ania

Photograph a day in the life of your family - we can help! 

A fantastic personal project that's easy to execute and high in reward! 

This personal photo project is a lot more than the sum of its parts

Capture life as it is, embrace the clutter, document a stage in your kids lives - the outcome may surprise you. 

If you thought about doing a personal project such as photo-a day, but it felt a bit too much, I have an alternative for you - a smaller but more concentrated project where you documenting a typical day in life of your family.

(Not everyday! That way madness lies!)

But pick a few days - some when seemingly nothing happens and some where lots happens, and commit to taking photos of your family consistently throughout that day. 

There are two general approaches to this project ( though a lot of people end up with a hybrid of both) : 

a) Shoot what you see :

As you go through the day, keep an eye out on everything that's going on : from brushing their teeth, to that midday nap, trip to the shops to get some milk or  the mess left after the friends have gone. It requires you to be more alert throughout the day and keep assessing what you see, but at the same time, you're less likely to miss a thing 

b) Timed

You set yourself a timer to go off at various intervals and when you hear it, you pick up that camera and capture whatever is  happening. It's a less pressured approach because you're essentially relying on the frequency of the alerts to ensure you get the day's events consistently, but you may not be able to catch all the things that the other approach might guarantee. 

Photo by Erin Rylander

Photo bu Aubelia Botta

But a little planning goes a long way with a project like this. I know the temptation is to go in blind, especially if you want to take up the 'timed' approach and we're here to help. We put together a little planner that can help you set out goals for this project. Thinking ahead to what you may want to capture, means you can prepare yourself, your camera and your space for what's to come so that you can just concentrate on capturing the action in the moment. 

Day in the life - photo prompts and planner

Free downloadable PDF planner from Photography for Parents. Instant download.



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Photo by Emily Eatough

Photo by Lisa Godfrey

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