Looking for inspiration on how to capture your family better? Look now further - we have an idea or 10! Check out images submitted by our students and community members on the subject of spring! 

A portrait through blossom

Aim your focus carefully and take advantage of flowers in front of your subject to capture an interesting, textured image with blossom framing your subject and provising a splash of colour. 

Portrait of a girl among spring blossom

Photo by Zoe Workman

Bluebells in the background

Kids don't mind being in photos where they get to have fun! Use the flowers as backdrop for your kids adventures and let them enjoy themselves! Just make sure your shutter speed is fast enough for the action! 

Young boy on a swing among bluebells

Photo by Natasha LLoyd

Blossom lined path

If you are lucky enough to find a blossom lined path, get yourself out there with your camera. Your lens will make a difference. Shorter focal lengths ( aka little to no zoom) will give you a wider view of the trees, but they will look futher apart from one another. On the other hand, using a long lens ( lots of zoom) will help you make the blossom look more concentrated together.

Young boy on a bike on a blossom lined path

Photo by Laura Clark

Flower fields

The dazzling golden yellow carpet of rapeseed fields can look amazing in images so it may be worth seeking it out in your area. BUT these are crop fields rather than leisure space so always make sure you have permission from the field owner to be there, otherwise you are tresspassing. 

kids running through flower fields

Photo by Amber Parker Wilson

Among the flowers

If you want your subject to look surrounded by flowers, use the flowers in front of them to shoot throught. This will help create a soft blurriness in the foreground that adds to the three-dimensional feel of the image. Using a wide aperture lens will help create that softness both in the foreground and the background and still let your subject shine. 

siling girl in a tulip field

Photo by Kerry White

Point your camera up!

If your kid likes climbing trees - let them! ( SAFELY!) Colourful blossom set against the blue of the sky can look wonderful. Just try to make sure you point your camera away from the sun ( towards the north part of the sky) for most intense blue and less risk of capturing only silhouettes. 

young boy sitting in a blossom tree

Photo by Amanda Vickers

Play with multiple exposures

This image was achieved by layering up multiple exposures of the same tree, taken from multiple angles one on top of the other. It creates a slightly impressionistic looking image that nonetleless showcases the beauty of the season. 

an mpressionistic multiple exposure of a blossom tree

Photo by Morgan Wallace

Try faceless photography

Not every image needs to include a face of a person. You can celebrate the beauty of the spring by feauturing it in other ways! I loke it here incorporated into the braid and repreated in the background of the image

faceless portrait of a woman with blossom braided into her hair

Photo by Ruth Smith

Get low to the ground

Play with perspective by gettling low down to the ground . It can help capture the different textures of the grass / flowers and introduce an extra depth to the image. In the image below it really helps bring spring blossom front and central and provide context to the image. 

a boy with his dog on a a spring meadow

Photo by Dawn Creagh

Have a play with editing

If you want your photos to be more than a faithful record of the day, you could have a little fun with editing - enhancing the image and transforming it through editing can be a very creative process and produce some breathtaking digital art. 

a composite photo of a child ina tulip field with a windmill in the background

Photo by Amanda Lynch

But wait - THERE'S MORE!

We've written a Comprehensive guide to capturing your family in bluebells covering more on the subject and in more detail - 14 pages to be exact! And to make things even more convenient, so you can whip the information up on your phone as an when you need it, it even comes with a compact Pocket guide version, perfect for viewing on your phone!

And best of all, for a limited time ONLY - it's free of charge!  


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