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Simple and modern baby photos - getting started

Capturing beautiful and simple images of your baby needn't be hard and complicated and it doesn't need to include lots of fussy props. This guide is non-technical and instead focuses on simple instructions you can follow with any camera.
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5 tips for taking great photos of your children in the bluebells

Thinking of heading out to capture some beautiful bluebells? They're still in full bloom so definitely worth a trip! We've rounded up so great tips to make sure you get beautiful, varied images of your kids in bluebells. Read on!

Creativity exercise - see the bigger picture!

There is a certain trend amongst new photographer, especially when it comes to photographing children and that's to get very very close to them. It's partly because we like to see these details : the chubby little toes, the gorgeous eyelashes,…
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What to photograph when you photograph babies?

What to photograph when photographing babies? Because, well, they don’t do a lot, do they? How to capture something interesting when all they do is lie there / sleep and feed? HOLD THAT THOUGHT.

Feeling in a rut? Try this creative exercise: 3 angles

We all get in a rut, however much or little we shoot. It could be that go-to head and shoulders portrait that you already have 3000 of, the same comfortable spot you shoot or just not being able to come up with fresh ideas. You look at other…
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The most common mistake in portrait photography

The most common - and easily fixable mistake all new photographers make when taking portraits.

5 things to do to make your snow photos look great!

"Did you SEE that Mummy! We can go an build a snowman! And play snowballs and ..." Here are out 5 top things to do if you want your snow photos to look beautiful. 1. Change your White Balance to 'cloudy'  Your camera doesn't really…
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Love the look of those festive lights in the background? Here is how you get them:

I really really really love Christmas. I cheer up instantly pretty much from the 1st December or as soon as the fairy lights start going up all over the place. They're such a lovely accent among the doom and gloom of the winter, I really couldn't…

How well do you know your camera?

How well do you know your camera? Does your camera have no secrets from you or do you know how to make it do exactly what you want it to? Do you know your way around all your buttons and dials, or are the number appearing on your screen…